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Chapter 551: Breakthrough to God Realm


Bloody lines emerged on Huang Xiaolong’s skin akin multiple blood dragons etched on his flesh, a ghastly sight that would make anyone palpitate.

But, just as these dragon-like blood streaks emerged, a myriad of golden light shone through the cracks of his skin from the inside.

Bit by bit, the red lines disappeared as his body mended.

Before one could breathe in relief, in the next second, his skin split once more.

And so it repeated, crack, mend, crack, mend, for three whole days!

Three days!

In these three days, the pain he experienced was akin to his soul having bad cramps.

This hurt a million times more than the time his body exploded and was rebuilt by the Dragon Pearl.

One couldn't imagine the excruciating pain of his body hanging on the verge of blowing up every second, yet this damn torturous pain repeated time and again with no end in sight.

At one point, when Huang Xiaolong felt like he could barely endure another second, as if he’d lose his mind from the pain, his overdrawn True Dragon Physique finally stopped cracking.

From then on, regardless of how fiercely the innate spiritual embryo’s awareness struggled and resisted, crashing its spiritual energy against Huang Xiaolong body, his True Dragon Physique remained stable as a rock.

As the Treasure Dragon Protective Shield Art diagram formation swallowed abundant spiritual energy, strands of space and time laws were also absorbed by it, transferring them to Huang Xiaolong.

Above Huang Xiaolong’s soul sea, gleaming lights filled every corner.

Time and space laws swayed like fine threads, growing stronger and longer with each glimmer.

In the beginning, these time and space law thread were like fine, delicate wool threads measuring two to three centimeters, but as time passed, these time and space law threads grew thicker, growing longer.

After half a year had passed, those time and space law threads were thick as a red thread[1] and ten centimeters long.

Half a year refining the innate spiritual embryo brought unimaginable transformations to Huang Xiaolong’s Qi Sea and dantian.

The battle qi in Qi Sea was now a golden liquid of high viscosity, vibrant and potent, even his Qi Sea seemed to shake as if it was holding a bright sun that was about to explode.

And within the space of his dantian, ten glossy beads formed from his true essence energy glittered, the primordial divine dragon inside each bead looked like they were about to break free from the bead.

The innate spiritual embryo’s resistance had stopped altogether by now.

Suddenly, a rippling sound came from Huang Xiaolong’s body as he sat motionless in a cross-legged position at the center of the Xumi Temple, followed by dazzling crepuscular rays.

He quivered visibly, feeling as if the battle qi within his Qi Sea had broken through a giant dam, rushing into a mysterious meridian.

Simultaneously, the ten divine dragons inside the ten beads within his dantian flew out, the beads disappeared.

On the outside, Huang Xiaolong’s True Dragon Physique glowed like lustrous jade stone, refracting light.

God Realm!

After half a year of nonstop refinement of the innate spiritual embryo’s spiritual energy, Huang Xiaolong finally broke through from peak half-step God Realm to God Realm!

God Realm masters in the Black Tortoise Galaxy were like a pseudo-deity existence! In the vast galaxy, below the God Realm all were mortals.

Regardless of world surface, in any family or clan, a God Realm master had a high standing.

However, even after breaking into the God Realm, Huang Xiaolong did not stop.

Instead, suppressing the jubilance in his heart, he continued to refine and absorb the spiritual embryo.

Eight months turned into nine months.

One year passed.

Not only did Huang Xiaolong solidify his recent breakthrough to God Realm, his strength continued to rise, advancing through the orders.

Early First Order God Realm, peak early First Order, mid-First Order, peak mid-First Order!

Two years passed.

One day, the figure sitting in the middle of the Ten Buddha Formation opened his eyes.

This simple action was enough to cause the airflow to rumble like thunder.

Huang Xiaolong stood up, his eyes shining brightly sensing the tremendous power surging through him.

Two years of closed-door practice, not only had he succeeded to break through to God Realm, he even advanced to peak late-First Order God Realm.

Just a little bit more and he could step into Second Order God Realm!

In his initial estimation, after refining the innate spiritual embryo, he would at most be able to reach late-First Order, reaching peak late-First Order was an unexpected pleasant surprise.

Late and peak First-order couldn't be mentioned in the same breath, for the gap in strength was incomparable.

His spiritual force delved into his own body, carefully noting the condition of his body.

Each vein and meridian resembled a coiling primordial divine dragon, his viscera and six bowels were like clear crystals, as if they had transformed from flesh and blood to jadestone form.

Honestly, this gave Huang Xiaolong a fright.

Recovering quickly, he immediately noticed that his True Dragon Physique’s defense and power had increased by at least tenfold.

If his True Dragon Physique was said to be perversely strong prior to reaching God  Realm, now it would be a super perverse physique.

Huang Xiaolong believed that he could crumble an ancient divine mountain with a mere punch.

Going further down into his dantian, Huang Xiaolong found something new: there were strands of immortal spirit force circulating within.

That’s right, immortal spirit force! His true essence had fully evolved, turning into immortal spirit force!

Whereas in his soul sea, the threads of time and space had grown thumb-sized thick, one meter in length each, adding up to thirteen thousand, six hundred and fifty-two threads! 

Thirteen thousand, six hundred and fifty-two threads!

Generally speaking, rare geniuses from super forces could form about a hundred of these time and space law threads in their soul sea, usually as thick as a red thread and no more than a dozen centimeters long.

Second Order God Realm masters could accumulate up to over one thousand, even a peak late-Second Order God Realm barely had more than ten thousand time and space law threads.

On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong hadn’t even advanced to Second Order God Realm, yet he already formed more than thirteen thousand time and space law threads!

If this matter was made known, people would be shocked to their core!

The difference between a strong and weak God Realm master, other than their physical attributes, battle skills, and cultivation technique, the time and space law threads within their soul sea also played a crucial role.

The more time and space threads they formed in their soul sea, the more powerful their attack would be, and the bigger the individual’s potential was.

“Zeze, thirteen thousand six hundred and fifty-two threads!” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s envious voice sounded.

“Moreover, each one is thumb-sized thick and one meter long.

Little brat Huang, aren’t you too perverse Even some Third Order God Realm masters’ time and space threads cannot compare to yours.”

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi was speaking the truth.

Indeed, the majority of Third Order God Realm masters’ time and space law threads were severely lacking compared to Huang Xiaolong’s.

Huang Xiaolong flashed a sheepish smile, “Really”

“Realer than a pearl[2].” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi subsequently added, “But, what ability did you get after refining the innate spiritual embryo”

Of course a peerless treasure such as the innate spiritual embryo had other benefits other than simple enhancement of cultivation and strength.

Huang Xiaolong became excitement being reminded of this, his hand extended up like he was gathering something from the void.

Before the astonished Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, ample pure spiritual energy sprung vigorously from the void, condensing into a piece of spirit stone!

Spirit stone!

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi went totally blank!

This! What was this This little rascal could draw the spiritual energy hidden in the deep void, condensing them into spirit stones!

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi felt like fainting, wishing he could faint right there and then. ‘Isn’t this too much Doesn’t this mean this rascal’s future is radiant and gleaming with an infinite amount of spirit stones that he’ll never see the bottom of!’




 The red thread/string refers the Chinese God of Matchmaking & Marriage, Yue Lao, that connected fated couples through a red thread.

So, assuming to secure two people’s love life, the thread/string must be thick and strong.

Pic: Japanese anime ref  Chinese ref: 

2. A play on word between “zhen” (real) and “zhen zhu” (pearl)


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