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Chapter 552: Summoning The Gates of Hell


Yes, after refining the innate spiritual embryo, the ability Huang Xiaolong obtained was transforming the pure spiritual energy within the void into spirit stones!

Huang Xiaolong looked at the spirit stone hovering in the air.

His hand moved, a gentle force pulled the spirit stone to his palm.

Spiritual energy flowed with vigor, plentiful and vibrant.

However, Huang Xiaolong was still slightly disappointed because the spirit stone in his hand was merely a grade two spirit stone.

Although a grade two spirit stone was valuable in a small world surface like the Martial Spirit World, in the Black Tortoise Galaxy only grade one spirit stones and above had value.

“Sweat, I say little Huang rascal, you actually don’t know contentment!” Sensing Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi fumed, “This is the first time you’re using this ability and already you can condense a grade two spirit stone.

As this ability of yours continues to grow stronger along with your strength, condensing a grade one spirit stone is only a matter of time.”

The cloud of disappointment instantly vanished from Huang Xiaolong’s face.

That’s right, that was just his first time testing this ability, he easily condensed a grade two spirit stone from the void just like that.

As he practiced more in the future, this ability would grow stronger.

Condensing a grade one spirit stone was only a matter of time.

Not restricted to grade one spirit stones, there was the possibility of condensing saint grade, even divine grade spirit stones, he’d be able to do it!

Huang Xiaolong once again extended his palm to the void, instantly attracting abundant spiritual energy rushing toward his palm, spiraling, condensing, becoming more compact until a second spirit stone was formed.

This piece of spirit stone contained much ampler spiritual energy than the first one, and the flow of spiritual energy inside was much more stable.

Despite that, it was still a grade two spirit stone.

Adamant, he condensed one after another, tirelessly gathering, tirelessly transforming.

Whorls of pure spiritual energy kept surging in the void, being turned into spirit stones one after another.

One hour, two hours… three hours passed.

Huang Xiaolong swallowed a divine grade spirit pellet and initiated his martial spirit ability Instant Recovery, rapidly replenishing his depleted battle qi.

Despite seemingly easy for him to condense spiritual energy into spirit stone, the amount of battle qi required in the process was a terrifying amount.

If it weren’t for the fact that Huang Xiaolong had broken through to peak late-First Order God Realm, this endless creation of spirit stones would have probably devoured all the battle qi in his Qi Sea in half an hour’s time.

Having recovered his battle qi, Huang Xiaolong continued to condense more spirit stones.

Soon, the day had passed.

Huang Xiaolong’s speed of gathering and condensing spiritual energy became faster.

The first piece of spiritual stone took him a dozen breaths’ time, but now, a day later, he merely needed two to three breaths’ time to condense one spirit stone as he grew apter and more familiar with controlling the ability.

A day later, despite the spirit stones remaining grade two, they upgraded from low to medium grade two spirit stones.

Though it was only a small improvement, Huang Xiaolong was thrilled.

At this rate, the day he’ll be able to condense low grade one spirit stone was not far away.

Time flowed, taking away another half a month with it.

The spirits stones he condensed improved from low grade to medium, and now they had reached high grade two spirit stones.

Not to mention, the time it took had greatly reduced as well—one breath’s time.

Huang Xiaolong merely needed one breath’s time to churn out a piece of high grade two spirit stone.

One month later.

The spirit stones’ quality continued to improve, reaching top grade two spirit stones.

Above top grade two spirit stone was grade one spirit stone!

In this one month, every time Huang Xiaolong’s battle qi was depleted, he would stop to recover, then start again the moment his battle qi recovered.

He noticed that through this continuous cycle of depletion, the liquid form battle qi in his Qi Sea actually increased.

Moreover, he noticed that this one month’s practice actually fine-tuned his control over battle qi.

Two months passed.

Huang Xiaolong grasped at the void.

In a flash, three spirit stones fell from the air.

By now, within a breath’s time, he could condense three spirit stones.

However, Huang Xiaolong’s brows furrowed deeply looking at that three spirit stones.

Two months had passed, but he was still unable to condense grade one spirit stones.

Regardless of how much he tried to compact the spiritual energy when gathering it, the highest grade he managed to achieve until now was top second grade spirit stone.

“The fact that you can already condense top grade two spirit stones in just two months is already admirable.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi spoke, “As for grade one spirit stones, it is not something that can be rushed, if it was that easy, then it wouldn't be so valuable.”

Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply, nodding at Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s words.

Then he turned over, looking at the large piece of jade stone that protected the innate spiritual embryo previously.

This was a material that surpassed divine grade spirit stone in value.

An idea flashed through his mind as he looked at the huge piece of jade stone.

It was after refining the spiritual embryo that he obtained this ability, perhaps this jade stone that nurtured the embryo could help him condense grade one spirit stones.

With that one mind, his spiritual force slowly submerged into the jade stone, arriving at a grayish space, almost like Chaos.

Huang Xiaolong quivered; that’s right, space!

It was space!

Spirit stones grade one and above all has an independent space within!

As a God Realm master that was able to manipulate the time and space laws, creating an independent space could be done with a point of his finger.

Retrieving his spiritual force out from the jade stone, Huang Xiaolong immediately tried it out, hand grasping at the air.

From the deep void, pure spiritual energy rushed out, turning into a spirit stone in a bright flash.

This spirit stone was clearly different than the ones before. 

The flowing spiritual energy contained inside the spirit stone could be felt even on the outside, plentiful, vigorous, and stable.

Not so much as a hair strand of spiritual energy leaked out as it hovered in midair.

Like a clear crystal, emitting an alluring light.

“Grade one spirit stone!” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi blurted out in shock when he saw this latest spirit stone.

Just moments ago, he advised Huang Xiaolong that it couldn't be rushed and in the next moment he already condensed a grade one spirit stone.

Huang Xiaolong stretched open his palm, a force wrapped around the spirit stone and flew into his palm.

Turning the spirit stone in his hand, he chuckled in a silly manner. Finally, he succeeded in condensing a grade one spirit stone.

Even more delightful was that this grade one spirit stone in his hand was close to a medium grade one. 

Immersed in his joy, Huang Xiaolong tried another time.

After bright flashes, pieces of grade one spirit stone fell from midair.

However, after two months passed, Huang Xiaolong noticed that regardless of how he tried, the best he was able to achieve was medium grade one spirit stone.

“It’s most likely related to the time and space law manipulation that you refined.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi spoke after contemplating the matter, “The stronger your comprehension in the two laws, the steadier the space you create inside a spirit stone will be, hence the purer the spiritual energy.

Only then will the grade of spirit stone increase.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded in agreement.

For now, it seems he would have to wait until he broke through to Second Order God Realm if he wanted to condense a high grade one spirit stone.

Finding the crux of the problem, Huang Xiaolong finally stopped.

There were still five months to the outer disciple assessment, thus Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry to exit.

“Oh right, my Asura Tactics has reached the tenth layer, I can probably summon the Gates of Hell to cross over!” Huang Xiaolong was instantly excited.

Hell, a high level upper world surface comparable to the Divine World.

Entering a place like that, absorbing the spiritual energy from a high level surface for his cultivation would bring unimaginable benefits to Huang Xiaolong.


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