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Chapter 565: Buying A Manor


Huang Xiaolong watched with a sneer as the other inner disciples, as well as Li Dufeng, left.

He was sure that Li Dufeng would not let this matter slide, however, this only made things livelier.

Although he couldn't really kill the opponent within the Black Warrior Institute grounds, next time it definitely wouldn't be as simple as two broken arms.

The news that one of the inner disciples’ Great Ten, Li Dufeng, was sent flying by Huang Xiaolong with a single move, and on top of that had both arms broken by Huang Xiaolong and gave a thousand kowtow at the end spread like wildfire.

Not only in the ranks of inner disciples, it spread throughout the whole Black Warrior Institute, raising waves of shock.

The impact of this news was larger than Huang Xiaolong defeating Wang Biaoyuan in a single strike during the outer disciple assessment, it was even more shocking, rousing the hot blood of both inner and outer disciples.

After all, Wang Biaoyuan was merely a late-Second Order God Realm.

Who was Li Dufeng A late-Third Order God Realm master! Moreover, he wasn’t any average late-Third Order inner disciple.

Huang Xiaolong, at early Second Order God Realm, defeated a late-Third Order God Realm master in one move.

This was the shocking point.

When the two outer disciples who challenged Huang Xiaolong during the outer disciple assessment, Xie Ning, and Luo Kai, heard this news, they only felt their limbs go cold, half frightened to death.

Institute Principal Feng Yang, who was cultivating in his manor, was stunned for half a day when he heard this piece of news.

Then, he erupted, laughing madly with happiness.

Being able to receive such a disciple, what more could he ask for

The Huang Xiaolong who could defeat a late-Second Order God Realm Wang Biaoyuan in one move had made all those super forces high experts’ eyeballs nearly pop out of their sockets and their jaws fall to the floor.

But now he truly felt the extent of his fourth disciple’s genius.

Inside one of the cultivation courtyards at the mid-mountain area, Gudu Leng stood with his hands behind his back.

His face a myriad of wonderful expressions.

Of course he heard about Huang Xiaolong defeating Li Dufeng.

Recalling his hesitation on challenging Huang Xiaolong during the outer disciple assessment, the muscles on Gudu Leng’s face involuntarily twitched.

This was the first time in his life feeling powerless and frustrated.

Not even when Huang Xiaolong took the first place in the outer disciple assessment had he felt like this.

Originally, after being promoted to an inner disciple, he had thought that he could defeat Huang Xiaolong during the inner disciple assessment.

However, this idea was now vanquished.

In the past, he had always considered himself a monstrous genius, no other person could rival his talent.

But now, he finally realized what a genuine monstrous genius was.

His talent before Huang Xiaolong was less than a fart.

A few days ago, when he was promoted to an inner disciple, the institute also arranged a mountain peak cultivation courtyard for him, however, he himself ‘tactfully’ conceded it, moving to the mid-mountain area on his own accord.

He knew full well the extent of his strength.

Perhaps after another two hundred years of cultivation he would obtain the qualification to move up to the peak.

Inside Yard No.1, Huang Xiaolong cared not how intense the rumors outside were, talking about how he defeated Li Dufeng with one strike.

He cultivated wholeheartedly, and also spared some time to strengthen the array around the courtyard.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong ended his practice.

Both hands grabbed in front of him and pure spiritual energy from deep in the void surged, gathered, and condensed, turning into three pieces of spirit stones.

Spiritual energy continued to swirl around the spirit stones, not dissipating, vibrant and dense—high grade one spirit stones! Yes, high grade one spirit stones!

Before breaking into Second Order God Realm, no matter what method he tried, he failed to condense high grade one spirit stones.

The highest he ever managed was mid grade one spirit stone.

After he stepped into Second Order God Realm, the time and space laws inside his soul sea greatly enhanced, enabling him to condense high grade spirit stones.

Currently, the number of time and space law threads in Huang Xiaolong’s soul sea had more than doubled, reaching close to twenty-one thousand.

Furthermore, each thread was two meters long and twice the thickness of a thumb.

On average, a Second Order God Realm master had around two thousand time and space treads in their soul sea.

Huang Xiaolong’s had exactly ten times their amount.

Consequently, Huang Xiaolong’s battle power was not as simple as ten times stronger than them. 

Even some more powerful late-Third Order God Realm experts’ time and space law threads barely reached twenty thousand, not to mention the fact that their length and thickness couldn't be compared to Huang Xiaolong’s threads.

Huang Xiaolong continued to gather more spiritual energy, condensing it into high grade one spirit stones.

Very quickly, one hour passed.

In front of Huang Xiaolong laid a pile of spirits stones.

In fact, there were ten thousand pieces in total.

According to the market price, one high grade spirit stone could be exchanged for a little more than one thousand Xuanwu coins.

Therefore, ten thousand spirit stones brought Huang Xiaolong’s new wealth close to ten million Xuanwu coins.

With Huang Xiaolong’s condensing speed, twenty-four hours in one day, he could condense more than two hundred thousand pieces, bringing him more than two hundred million!

Two hundred million ah!

That time, when he auctioned a piece of high divine grade spirit stone, it was only eighty-three million!

“Now, you kid can be considered as a bottomless, inexhaustible spirit stone mountain,” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi spoke.

“If those old monsters found out that you have such an ability, they’d be fighting all over themselves to have their granddaughter marry you.”

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “Even if I didn't have this ability, those old monsters are already fighting to have their granddaughters marry me.” Although Huang Xiaolong was joking with Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, indeed there were many top forces’ Ancestors and Patriarchs trying to have their granddaughters or daughters linked with Huang Xiaolong through marriage.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi couldn’t resist laughing, “A pity.

Your Master Feng Yang, that old man, doesn’t have a daughter, otherwise he’d probably betroth his daughter to you.”

Huang Xiaolong merely smiled.

“What are you planning to do with so many high grade one spirit stones” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi asked.

“Of course it’s for buying a manor.” Huang Xiaolong rolled his eyes, explaining, “I decided to take a trip back to the Martial Spirit World in a few days and bring my family over to the Cloudsea Mainland.”

Only after bringing his family over to the Cloudsea Mainland would they be safe enough.

Only then would Huang Xiaolong feel reassured.

A manor in the Cloudsea Mainland didn't come cheap, even a manor in small cities required over a hundred million.

Since Huang Xiaolong was planning to migrate the Huang Family over to the Cloudsea Mainland, he needed to purchase a bigger manor.

By his estimation, he needed to prepare at least one billion Xuanwu coins.

One billion Xuanwu coins was a difficult sum to a lot of people, even the young lords from some super forces might not be able to take out this amount.

To Huang Xiaolong, however, it was a matter of five days’ time.

Five days, selling off his five days effort, he’d have one billion.

In the subsequent five days, Huang Xiaolong tirelessly gathered and condensed spiritual energy from the void, turning them into spirit stones.

Five days later, Huang Xiaolong’s Asura Ring was filled to the brim with more than a million high grade one spirit stones.

At the end of the fifth day, Huang Xiaolong exhaled heavily.

Five full days of condensing spirit stones had really tired him out.

‘It seems like we need to look for some materials to reforge the Asura Ring.’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

The space inside the Asura Ring seemed a little small now, prompting Huang Xiaolong to reforge it in order to increase the space within.

Being a God Realm master with the ability to manipulate the time and space laws to construct an independent space, reforging a spatial ring wasn't a difficult task.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to step out from his yard to head to the Cloudsea Mainland to buy a manor, a young man appeared outside his courtyard.

“He Can is here to pay brother Huang Xiaolong a visit.” The young man spoke loudly from outside.

He Can Huang Xiaolong’s interest piqued.


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