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Chapter 571: Talked For An Entire Night


Accompanying two people’s shrill shrieks were crackling sounds similar to broken eggshells.

The fat old man and the lean young man both clutched their injured groin, and after the first note, pain stole their voices away.

Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother Liu Yun and the other males around tightened their legs by reflex.

But Huang Xiaolong was not done yet.

Before they could catch their breaths, Huang Xiaolong sent another kick, aimed right at their stomachs.

Another two distinctive but miserable wolf howls rang in the mountain.

This kick sent the fat old man and the lean young man down like falling meteors, landing with their heads buried in the ground.

Huang Xiaolong arrived on the ground in a flicker and launched another bout of successive rapid kicks aimed at their groins.

This time it was no longer the sound of breaking eggs, but that of their pelvic bones breaking. 

Huang Xiaohai, Guo Xiaofan, and the others knew without looking that these two people’s tool in the middle was completely broken.

However, both men were God Realm masters, even if every bone in their bodies was broke by Huang Xiaolong, they wouldn’t die, but the excruciating pain was enough to make them hover between life and death.

With each hand grabbing them, Huang Xiaolong easily pulled both of them out from their half-buried condition.

“Huang, Huang Xiaolong, w-we, we won't forget this!” The fat old man glowered vicious hatred as he uttered the words through gritted teeth.

But, due to his pain, the words did not come out clearly.

“You, kill us, kill us, Ying Family will def-definitely avenge us!” The young man’s scarlet eyes were fixed on Huang Xiaolong as if he wanted nothing more than to devour Huang Xiaolong’s flesh and blood.

Huang Xiaolong’s expression remained unperturbed, “Is that so” Without waiting for another word from their mouths, both of his fists punched out, striking their chests where the Qi Sea was located.

The Asura qi contained in the attack instantly destroyed the two men’s Qi Seas.

Ear-splitting screams reverberated. 

“Don’t worry, I won’t let the two of you die so easily.” Huang Xiaolong’s icy voice sounded in their ears.

He then sealed both of their meridians and threw them into the Linglong Treasure Pagoda.

He would slowly torture them later.

For Huang Xiaolong, the most important thing now was to heal the Huang Family’s injuries.

Although their injuries were caused by shockwaves and it heavily affected their consciousness, with Huang Xiaolong, Liu Yun, and Qi Wen’s aid, very soon their injuries stabilized.

Then Huang Xiaolong went to check on Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu’s injuries.

Both men were gravely injured, their breathing barely discernible from the surface.

Every second, it seemed like there would not be another breath going in.

When Huang Xiaolong uprooted the Deities Templar, he found quite a few sets of Divine Dragon armor, and he gave both Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu each a set.

If it weren’t for the Divine Dragon Armor’s protection, it would have been instant death for them.

Fortunately, inside Huang Xiaolong’s Asura Ring, there were many hundred thousand year old elixirs that the super forces’ Ancestors and first rank forces’ Patriarchs sent as congratulatory gifts during the apprenticeship ceremony.

After a series of treatment and healing, Huang Xiaolong barely managed to keep Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu alive.

Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu were very important to Huang Xiaolong, just like family.

Even if there was only the slimmest hope, he would do everything to save both of them.

As for the three hundred Saint realm warriors guarding Huang Clan Manor, a large number of them were dead, leaving only about a dozen of them that survived due to luck.

Huang Xiaolong ordered the rest of the guards to clean up the place.

Night gradually descended.

After a day of fear, fright, and suspense, the Huang Clan Manor regained most of its usual atmosphere by nightfall.

The heavy blood scent in the air had dissipated, and all destroyed areas that could be repaired were repaired.

Huang Xiaolong was standing on the mountain peak behind the Huang Clan Manor, looking outward at the great sea.

Bright moonlight shone down on him, elongating his shadow on the ground.

Recalling the situation during the day, he still felt fearful.

If he returned a step too late, his parents, sister, brother, Shi Xiaofei, and the rest…!

The possibility of the worst outcome sent a cold shiver in Huang Xiaolong’s heart.

His hands clenched into tight fists—Ying Family!

A day will come when he would personally uproot the Ying Family! As well as Peace Emperor World’s Zhao and Xie Families!

And this day wasn't too far away!

At this time, a soft rustle sounded behind him.

Huang Xiaolong turned around and saw Shi Xiaofei’s alluring face.

Six years had passed, but there weren’t many changes to her face.

Two people looked at each other just like this, in silence, crossing time and space.

Everything around them seemed to melt into the background.

Without warning, Shi Xiaofei lunged into Huang Xiaolong’s arms, holding him tight as if she wanted to incorporate these six years of longing and thoughts into this one embrace.

Huang Xiaolong’s arms wrapped around her shoulders, his voice tender, “Have you been well in these six years”

Have you been well

Shi Xiaofei looked up, her big eyes widened in bewilderment and then she broke out in laughter akin a hundred flowers in bloom that would make even fishes forget how to swim.

Huang Xiaolong was reduced to a silly and dazed young man watching her laugh.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong’s reaction, she flashed a sweet smile at him.

Huang Xiaolong’s dazed expression was so silly, but it was much better than the fury he had shown during the day when he shattered the two Ying Family masters’ balls with a kick.

Recalling Huang Xiaolong’s valor as he carried out the act, Shi Xiaofei blushed, dusting charm over her alluring features.

Huang Xiaolong suddenly lowered his head and his lips pressed down on Shi Xiaofei’s dainty, cherry-red lips, causing Shi Xiaofei to shiver and her mind to go totally blank.

Gently parting her lips, his tongue seized the opened gap and snaked in to plunder.

Shi Xiaofei stiffened for a few moments before adapting, gradually responding to Huang Xiaolong.

Her breath grew heavy as time lengthened.

He had tasted excellent wine of a hundred thousand years, yet it did not compare to the taste of her lips.

A long time later both of them finally separated.

Shi Xiaofei was slightly panting, her face so red that she lowered her head, not daring to look at Huang Xiaolong.

That pitiful expression stirred Huang Xiaolong and he went in for a second round.

Shi Xiaofei let out a muffled scream of surprise having her lips sealed once again.

When they separated for the second time, Huang Xiaolong pulled Shi Xiaofei down to sit beside him, telling each other the events that had taken place in the last six years.

When Shi Xiaofei heard that Huang Xiaolong won first place in the new disciple selection assessment, how he was received as the Black Warrior Institute Principal’s personal disciple, how he once again gained the first place during outer disciples’ assessment, she was extremely happy for Huang Xiaolong.

Compared to Huang Xiaolong’s eventful six years, Shi Xiaofei’s life was much simpler.

During these six years, other than the time spent cultivating, she spent most of the time here in the Huang Clan Manor together with the Huang Family.

Unknowingly, the night receded.

On the horizon, the morning sun was slowly rising, casting a fiery red glow on the sea surface.

When Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei returned to the Huang Clan Manor from the back mountain, they ran into Liu Yun and Qi Wen.

“Fourth Junior-Apprentice brother, the two of you didn’t come back for the entire night ah” Liu Yun teased, deliberately extending the words ‘entire night’ lacing with double innuendo.

Shi Xiaofei made out the teasing tone in Liu Yun’s words, and a bright red blush instantly colored her face. 

Huang Xiaolong cleared his throat awkwardly saying, “We were just talking at the back mountain.”

“You talked for an entire night” Liu Yun laughed knowingly, “I understand, I understand.”

Shi Xiaofei turned even redder still.

“Enough already, Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother, you’re already old but still behave so flippantly.

Fourth Junior-Apprentice brother is not dirty-minded like you.” Qi Wen shot a glare at Liu Yun before turning to Huang Xiaolong, “Fourth Junior-Apprentice brother, do you want us to make a trip over to the Twin Celestial World now and annihilate the Ying Family”

Although the Ying Family was not small, with both Liu Yun and Qi Wen, uprooting a single Ying Family wouldn't be that difficult.


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