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Chapter 574: Sacred Grade Immortal Spirit Stone


Despite the spacious land area of the Divine Fort Residence, it only had no more than thirty rooms.

After allocating the rooms to his parents, sister, brother, nephew, Shi Xiaofei, Blessed Buddha Emperor, Duanren Emperor, Guo Family Ancestor, his best buddy Xie Puti, Xie Family Ancestor, Purple Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey Huang Xiaoyong, Heaven Swallowing Beast Lil’ Tian, Zhao Shu, and Zhang Fu, there weren’t that many rooms remaining.

Amongst those Saint realm experts that were willing to follow Huang Xiaolong here to the Cloudsea Mainland were the Tiger Tribe Patriarch Chuck, Snake Tribe Patriarch Danny, the Nine Dragons Temple’s nine Ao brothers, Violent Lion Temple’s Lei Ge, Elf Queen Kelly, and Elf Grand Elder Celine.

Even if he made the likes of Chuck and Danny live four men in a room, the number of rooms were far from enough.

There was a garden area at the back of the Divine Fort Residence that could be converted into more rooms, but it was a lot of work.

Hence, the easiest and quickest way was to purchase all the properties surrounding the Divine Fort Residence, expanding its area.

When Huang Xiaolong mentioned this thought to Fang Qunzheng, the latter was stunned.

Subsequently, he began looking at Huang Xiaolong with a strange expression.

The gaze in his eyes was exactly like someone staring at a mountain of treasures.

The properties surrounding the Divine Fort Residence, although slightly smaller in land area, could fetch a price of 2 billion and above each.

“Although the properties around the Divine Fort Residence initially belonged to our firm, they have been sold out to others.” Fang Qunzheng recovered from his gaffe, a wry smile hanging on his mouth as he went on, “Generally, once these people bought them, they wouldn’t sell it unless someone was able to offer a much higher than the one they paid.”

Huang Xiaolong: “The price is not an issue.”

Fang Qunzheng nodded, half expecting this answer.

“Since brother said so, I shall make an attempt to discuss with the owners.” Under normal circumstances, these owners were very unlikely to sell, but given the right price, Fang Qunzheng believed there would be some buyers.

Following that, he arranged for the furniture to be sent to the Divine Fort Residence.

Each piece of furniture was of top quality.

Included within was a kind of bed called Warm Winter Jade Bed, which was made specifically from a scarce spiritual warm jade.

Sleeping or meditating on the bed could clear the mind and temper the body.

Fang Qunzheng sent over a hundred beds of this kind.

Huang Xiaolong’s Supreme guest card entitled him to a ten percent discount on his purchases from the Azure Sea Firm.

Deducting the price of the Divine Fort Residence and the beds from the 2.6 billion that Huang Xiaolong paid, there was quite a huge ‘change’ remaining.

Thus, after inquiring Huang Xiaolong’s opinion, Fang Qunzheng made a selection of furniture accordingly.

Spending more than 200 million Xuanwu coins just on furniture, even someone like Fang Qunzheng couldn’t resist muttering a few words inwardly.

When the furniture arrived, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu instructed Chuck and the rest, arranging them accordingly.

Even though 200 million bought a lot of furniture, with more than two hundred people working together, it didn’t take long for everyone to settle down in the new place.

On the same night, Huang Xiaolong lit a big bonfire in the Divine Fort Residence’s garden for a barbecue!

Hearing that there was roast meat for the night, Lil’ Tian was drooling all over, jumping high with excitement.

On this night, everyone was in a merry mood.

Shi Xiaofei sat beside Huang Xiaolong, looking at him with loving warm affection.

Happiness could be seen on everyone’s faces.

The night passed in merrymaking.

After everything was done, Huang Xiaolong left the Divine Fort Residence, returning to the Black Warrior Institute through the transmission array inside the Black Warrior City.

Before leaving, Huang Xiaolong left 100 million Xuanwu coins each for Huang Peng and Su Yan, whereas his sister, brother, Shi Xiaofei, Blessed Buddha Emperor, Duanren Emperor, his best buddy Xie Puti, and the others were given 20 million each.

Huang Xiaolong told his parents to buy anything they wanted, and if it wasn't enough, just ask him again later.

He was able to condense an endless amount of spirit stones anytime he wanted, he did not mind these mere amounts as long as his parents could live comfortably.

Back in the Black Warrior Institute, Huang Xiaolong went to see his Master Feng Yang, inquiring when he had time so that he could arrange his parents and siblings over to resolve the problem of their limited innate talent to break through to the Xiantian realm.

After finding out that his Master was free in the coming days, on the same day itself Huang Xiaolong returned to the Divine Fort Residence to bring his family to see his Master Feng Yang.

Not long after that, Huang Peng, Su Yan, and the others advanced to the Xiantian realm with Feng Yang’s help.

Huang Xiaolong was happier than his parents seeing that they finally broke through to Xiantian.

He strongly believed that with the elixirs and medicinal pills he had, it was sufficient to ensure that his parents would live well over three hundred years old.

Having his parents’ lifespans extended for another two hundred years, he had enough time to search for a safe method that would allow his parents to break through to Saint realm.

At that time, their vitality and lifespans would greatly increase again, allowing them to live for a few thousand years more.

As for Shi Xiaofei, Huang Xiaolong also asked his Master about the reason for her inability to awaken the potential of her Pure Luminance Enlightened Buddha Physique.

What disappointed Huang Xiaolong was that even his Master Feng Yang shook his head and said that he had no way of doing it.

Although Feng Yang was unable to help Shi Xiaofei awaken her unique physique potential, he did give many valuable first meeting gifts to her.

At the end, Feng Yang even teased his disciple, “You kid are truly blessed ah, Miss Xiaofei a very good girl, you must treat her well in the future, if not, Master will personally uphold justice on her behalf!”

Huang Xiaolong was stupefied.

Smiling helplessly, he assured: “Master can rest assured.” He shot a glance at Shi Xiaofei beside him as he was saying this, and saw her face was as red as a ripe apple.

He felt an impulse to take a big bite.

“I have no way of solving Miss Xiaofei’s problem, but there is one person who may be able to help.” Feng Yang suddenly remembered something and spoke.

Both Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei’s ears perked up with delight.

“Who is this person Master is referring to” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Actually, even I don’t know this person’s name.

I only know that this person has a nickname ‘Crazy Lady’, a powerful master.

Around one thousand years ago, Master fought this Crazy Lady once.” Feng Yang fell into recollection as he continued, “We exchanged more than a thousand moves, but in the end, I only won by a stroke of luck, and I’ve never seen her since then.

The cultivation technique she cultivates is called Moon Summoning Rhyme.

What’s special about this cultivation technique is the fact that it can awaken the potential residing in one’s body.”

Huang Xiaolong was secretly shocked, this woman nicknamed Crazy Lady was able to fight his Master up to a thousand moves, not to mention the fact that his Master only won by a stroke of luck.

One could imagine this Crazy Lady’s strength.

“Like I said, I haven’t seen her since that time,” Feng Yang sighed, “Her whereabouts are hard to predict, not staying for long in any location.

Wanting to find her is very difficult!”

The joy that Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei felt earlier deflated slightly.

How were they to find one person in the vast galaxy This was harder than trying to fish a needle out of the sea.

“Master, is there no other method” Huang Xiaolong was a little reluctant to give up just like that.

If Shi Xiaofei was unable to awaken the potential of her Pure Luminance Enlightened Buddha Physique, who knows how long it would take her to break through to God Realm.

“There’s a way to find this Crazy Lady.” Feng Yang said, but then he shook his head in the next moment, “It’s just that, this way…”

“Master, what method is it” Huang Xiaolong was excited.

“I know she was looking for a sacred grade immortal spirit stone.” Feng Yang said, “If there is a sacred grade immortal spirit stone, she will probably appear herself.

It’s just that this sacred grade immortal spirit stone is hard to come by in a million years, even I, your Master, don’t have one.”

Above top divine grade spirit stones were the sacred grade immortal spirit stones!

Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts drifted to a particular stone.


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