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Chapter 577: Only Break Your Arms


‘Xiang Mingzhi, Azure Dragon Institute Principal’s personal disciple.’ Huang Xiaolong uttered the phrase inwardly like a mantra.

Reaching Fourth Order God Realm in less than a hundred years of cultivation was indeed an awe-inspiring talent.

He himself couldn't say with certainty that he could reach Fourth Order God Realm within a hundred years of cultivation without the ability to summon the Gates of Hell to cross over to practice in a higher realm environment.

“Moreover, this Xiang Mingzhi has always kept a low profile, Fourth Order God Realm could be only what he’s willing to show on the surface, his real strength might have already reached the Fifth Order God Realm.” Liu Yun added.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

“Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother, do you know if our institute has a female disciple named Li Lu” Huang Xiaolong suddenly asked.

These years, Huang Xiaolong no longer forced matters related to Li Lu, which was why he did not actively seek news about her.

For the past twenty odd years, Li Lu had been a beautiful memory in his heart, and that was all there was to it now, a beautiful memory.

“Li Lu” Liu Yun thought for a moment, then shook his head in reply, “Never heard of her.”

Huang Xiaolong frowned, even Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother didn't know If Li Lu was really here in the Black Warrior Institute, with her talent, it seemed impossible for Liu Yun not to have heard of her.

Could it be that the information Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu received was false That Li Lu was not in the Black Warrior Institute

Pondering the matter briefly, Huang Xiaolong asked again, “Then does Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother know if any of our Grand Elders received a personal female disciple in the last few years”

Liu Yun shook his head, “No.” Then he added as an afterthought, “The Wang Na couple took in an adopted daughter four years ago, but her name isn’t Li Lu.”

“Not Li Lu” Huang Xiaolong mused.

“Right, her name is Chen Ying.” Liu Yun said.

Chen Ying… Huang Xiaolong was puzzled, repeating the name to himself.

Half a day later, Huang Xiaolong left Liu Yun’s Peerless Peak, heading toward the Supreme Harmony Hall.

In the Black Warrior Institute, regardless of outer disciples or inner disciples, they were given a monthly allowance of Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets and some spirit stones.

In the few years he was here, Huang Xiaolong had never come to collect his.

Huang Xiaolong might not be lacking in money, however, the Huang Family did need the Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets.

Every month, Huang Xiaolong could take a hundred Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets.

Now, four years had passed, there were close to four thousand pellets he could take.

With these four thousand Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets, he could greatly increase the Huang Family’s strength in the short term.

When Huang Xiaolong was flying toward the Supreme Harmony Hall, a golden sphere of light was also heading in the same direction at incredible speed.

This golden sphere of light was extremely eye-catching, beneath the sunlight, it was like a second golden sun that suddenly descended down in the Supreme Harmony Hall.

Before the dazzling golden sphere of light even arrived, the air surrounding the Supreme Harmony Hall was surging with muffled blasts.

The disciples around the Supreme Harmony Hall were still in a daze, but the golden sphere of light already ‘crashed’ into the hall in a resounding boom.

When the golden light dissipated, it revealed a tall silhouette within.

It was a young man! Both of his arms were bare and exposed, with a golden cloak secured around his shoulders.

Arrogant, condescending, and domineering.

On the young man’s left cheek was a faint blade scar that seemed to add a rough masculine charm.

“It’s Senior Brother Jiang Bi!”

“Senior brother Jiang Bi is back!” 

“I heard that Senior Brother Jiang Bi took a task half a year ago, to kill the Six Blueface Ghosts in the Ghost Abyss, I wonder if he succeeded!”

When the disciples around saw who the young man was, they were shocked and excited.

That young man that made a grand entrance was none other than the leader of the inner disciples’ Great Ten, Jiang Bi!

Jiang Bi ignored all the buzz around him, walking straight into the hall.

An invisible whelming murderous aura spread from his body, causing the outer disciples and inner disciples near him to give way in apprehension.

When he came toward the task counter, he removed six bodies out from his spatial ring, flinging them onto the counter.

All six bodies exuded strong ghostly aura.

“It’s the Six Blueface Ghosts! Senior Brother Jiang Bi really succeeded in killing those Six Blueface Ghosts!”

“According to rumors, each of the Six Blueface Ghost has the strength of a late-Fourth Order God Realm, Senior Brother Jiang Bi actually managed kill all six of them.

Senior Brother Jiang Bi’s strength is high to such a degree!” The surrounding disciples were shocked and thrilled, making noise in the hall.

Before the large gathered crowd, Jiang Bi smoothly collected the reward for this task.

Just when Jiang Bi was about to turn and leave, several silhouettes were flying toward him from the right, whistling through the wind.

In the blink of an eye, the group had descended down in the Supreme Harmony Hall.

When the group of people saw Jiang Bi, all of them looked stunned.

“Big brother Jiang Bi, you’re back!” The person in front of the group exclaimed in delight, quickening his steps toward Jiang Bi.

This person was Li Dufeng.

Jiang Bi nodded and his eyes swept over Li Dufeng’s arms.

He had already heard about Li Dufeng’s arms being broken by Huang Xiaolong almost the second he returned.

“Big brother Jiang Bi, this time you definitely must help me.

That Huang Xiaolong actually broke my arms in public, he’s being wildly arrogant and not putting anyone in his eyes, that damn bastard!” Li Dufeng complained the instant he arrived next to Jiang Bi, “I can’t swallow this humiliation!”

Jiang Bi nodded, “I’ve heard of this matter just as I’ve returned.

Don’t you worry, this foul breath, I’ll help you deal with it.

Since he broke your arms, then I’ll break his arms in front of you!”

Joy flooded to Li Dufeng’s face hearing this, “Many thanks, Big brother Jiang Bi!”

“With Big Brother Jiang Bi acting, that Huang Xiaolong’s dead for sure! But, merely breaking his two arms is too cheap for him, I say he must also give Senior Brother Li ten thousand kowtows!”

“Right, that time, he made Senior Brother Li kowtow a thousand times, we shall make him kowtow ten thousand times!”

The several disciples that arrived with Li Dufeng began to clamor with vigor.

Right at this time, a cold aloof voice rang in the air, “Is that so”

Everyone was stunned.

Following the direction of the voice, they saw a lone silhouette flying toward the hall, and in the next moment, he was standing in front of them.

“Huang Xiaolong!” When he saw the person’s face, Li Dufeng’s hatred exploded, blood-red veins turned his eyes scarlet. 

The disciples around broke out in another commotion, for none of them expected Huang Xiaolong to appear in the Supreme Harmony Hall at this time.

Jiang Bi gave Huang Xiaolong a once-over from top to bottom, “Peak mid-Second Order God Realm You’re Huang Xiaolong”

“Correct.” Huang Xiaolong was indifferent as usual as his gaze swept over to Li Dufeng standing beside Jiang Bi, then back again at Jiang Bi, “You’re Jiang Bi”

Jiang Bi did not answer the question, but said, “Half a year ago, you broke both of Li Dufeng’s arms and made him kowtow a thousand times,” pausing slightly, he added, “However, seeing that you’re the Institute Principal’s personal disciple, I will break your arms in a moment, as for the one thousand kowtows, it’s not necessary.

Do you have anything to say” His words were moderate, neither fast nor slow, as if he was talking about something unimportant.

Huang Xiaolong was not angered in the slightest, “Just you alone” 

Jiang Bi clearly heard the derisive tone in Huang Xiaolong’s words, a sharp gleam flitted in his eyes as he sneered, “Just me.” He didn't think one bit that Huang Xiaolong’s strength would be higher than the Six Blueface Ghosts that he had killed.

A dazzling golden light surged out from Jiang Bi’s body as spheres of golden light appeared behind him.

Within the golden spheres sat little miniatures golden arhat images in meditative poses.

They were the legendary arhats, just a little blurry.

Feeling the overwhelming momentum bursting from Jiang Bi’s body, all the other disciples scrambled to retreat to safety.


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