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Chapter 582: No Hurry


“Huang Xiaolong, w-what are you trying to do!” Zhao Rui watched warily as Huang Xiaolong got closer, his face white without a hint of blood.

Tried as he did, Zhao Rui couldn’t keep the trembling out of his voice.

It was too much for him to accept that Huang Xiaolong had such overbearing strength with less than a hundred years of cultivation! 

Those who were able to break through to God Realm all possessed high talent.

Zhao Rui himself was a Zhao Family genius, however, to break through to mid-Fourth Order God Realm, he had spent more than eight thousand years!

“What am I trying to do” Huang Xiaolong stopped in front of Zhao Rui, flashing a brilliant, chilling smile, “Nothing much, just now I’ve shattered your Qi Sea; now, I want to break every meridian in your body.

Oh right, at the end, I will damage your soul, turning you into an idiot!”

These were the things that Zhao Rui and the others planned to do to Huang Xiaolong, he was merely paying back in kind.

Fear filled Zhao Rui’s face, but just as he was about to speak, the Mulberry Sword in Huang Xiaolong’s hand swung, followed by a tragic howl from Zhao Rui’s throat.

Zhao Chen, Xie Hui, and the rest watched with dread as blood flowed endlessly from Zhao Rui’s body.

That single slash from Huang Xiaolong had cut off all the meridians in his body.

“Huang Xiaolong, you won’t end well!” Zhao Rui screamed in pain, “The Zhao Family definitely won’t spare you!”

Huang Xiaolong snickered as he raised his hand, slamming down his palm right at the center of Zhao Rui’s forehead.

Sounds of shattered bones entered everyone’s ears, and in that instant, Zhao Rui no longer screamed.

His pupils were out of focus and saliva started flowing out from the corner of his mouth.

“No, I don’t want to turn into a wastrel! I don’t want to become an idiot!” Zhao Chen’s terrified shrieks rang out, stammering in fear, “Huang Xiaolong, spare me, let me go! If you let me go, I promise to do anything you want.

I beg you, don’t turn me into an idiot!”

Thinking that he would be turned into a second Zhao Rui, his soul suffering irrecoverable damage with one palm strike from Huang Xiaolong, being turned into an idiot and living the remaining of his life in this world like that, Zhao Chen’s will collapsed.

Xie Hui was also crying for mercy.

So did the others from both the Zhao and Xie Families.

Huang Xiaolong turned around, taking a few steps toward Zhao Chen and Xie Hui.

These two could be considered old associates.

Of course Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t forget the fact that Zhao Chen hunted him down when he had just arrived in the Bedlam Lands so long ago.

He also wouldn't forget Xie Hui kidnapping Shi Xiaofei, wanting to force her hand in marriage, causing him to break into Cosmos God City alone to rescue her.

Events of the past flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s mind. ‘Everything ends here.’

The Mulberry Sword gripped in Huang Xiaolong’s hand slashed down.

A sheet of bright sword lights flashed by and both Zhao Chen and Xie Hui’s veins and meridians were cut off.

Then, with an additional strike from Huang Xiaolong’s palms, their Qi Seas shattered.

Lastly, another strike on their foreheads damaged Zhao Chen and Xie Hui’s souls.

Before long, all present Zhao and Xie Family members were crippled and turned into drooling fools by Huang Xiaolong.

When everything was done, Huang Xiaolong had lost the mood to drink.

Buying all the remaining Hailstone Wine available from the inn owner, Huang Xiaolong left the inn, walking toward a shop selling armors.

Despite the confidence he had in his own strength, the frigid coldness in the deeper parts of the Hailstone Mainland was not something to sneeze at, having a fire element armor was better than nothing.

After all, Huang Xiaolong did not lack money.

Due to the unique environment of the Hailstone Mainland, armor shops were in abundance.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong came to a street filled with shops selling armors.

He saw as much as thirty to forty shops.

Picking one of the biggest shops at random, Huang Xiaolong went inside.

When Huang Xiaolong entered, there were already more than a  dozen people inside the shop, from the looks of things, everyone had the same purpose.

Noticing a new customer walking in wearing the Black Warrior Institute’s inner disciple robe, the shop worker’s eyes lit up as he hastened to greet Huang Xiaolong in quick steps.

After knowing that Huang Xiaolong was looking to buy an armor, the shop worker enthusiastically introduced their shop’s many different goods.

The four interior walls of the shop were hung with rows of various different kinds of armors, they had different colors, styles, and different sizes from large to small.

In a quick glance, there were more than a hundred of them on display.

The majority of them were fire element armors, but there were also earth element, metal element, water element, so on and so forth.

The many choices bedazzled the eyes.

Depending on the armor, the price ranged from a hundred thousand to millions.

But Huang Xiaolong secretly shook his head looking at them.

Although these armors were not bad, they were still too weak in his eyes.

Some were worse than the Divine Dragon Armor that Deities Templar had.

“Do you have something even better” Huang Xiaolong asked.

The shop worker was stunned at first, then his face bloomed into a wide smile, “We have a few pieces that are the shop’s treasures, it’s just that the price is a little high, the lowest one is priced at one hundred million.”

“Money is not an issue.” Huang Xiaolong replied nonchalantly.

A hundred million The amount of Xuanwu coins inside his Asura Ring could buy this entire shop if he so desired.

Noting the extravagant air in Huang Xiaolong’s tone and words, the shop worker beamed as he led Huang Xiaolong to a small hall in the back.

Politely asking Huang Xiaolong to wait for a moment, the shop worker turned around and left in search of his boss.

It didn’t take long for the shop worker to return with the shop owner in tow.

The shop owner was a middle-aged man with coarse facial features, even more so with the long scar across his face.

His body emitted a strong ferocity that belied his identity as the shop owner, a bandit was more like it.

On the other side, surprise flickered in the shop owner’s eyes when he saw Huang Xiaolong, but just as quickly he put on his best smile and uttered a few perfunctory words before taking out the six most expensive armors with the best attributes for Huang Xiaolong to see.

Among the six suits of armors, three of them were fire element armors in three different colors; snow white, copper yellow, and dark black.

At first glance, Huang Xiaolong was taken with the white armor, pure like a white snowflake.

This was also the most expensive armor among the three fire element armors.

A piece of armor selling at three hundred fifty million, this price would leave anyone staggering in shock.

When the shop owner, He Liuhua, heard that Huang Xiaolong wanted the white armor, he chuckled and explained, “This little brother’s eyesight is really good! This divine armor was forged by an ancient fire element master using several hundred different pieces of magma essence iron, aptly named White Flame Divine Armor.

 There is even the ancient formation, Nine-nine Blazing Sun Formation, carved on it.

After wearing this White Flame Divine Armor, even to the depths of the Hailstone Mainland, you’d have no trouble resisting even the frigid coldness from the polar ice.”

The highest grade of ice in the lower world was called polar ice, even if a high-level God Realm master accidentally touched this polar ice, they would be turned into an ice sculpture.

Hearing the shop owner bragging that this White Flame Divine Armor could resist the extreme coldness from polar ice, Huang Xiaolong merely smiled and did not refute.

He, of course, didn't believe that this White Flame Divine Armor could resist the frigid coldness from polar ice, otherwise, this armor would be worth much more than just three hundred fifty million.

Subsequently, the shop owner explained to Huang Xiaolong the various attributes of the armor.

The White Flame Divine Armor had many other uses than merely resisting the cold.

After activating the Nine-nine Blazing Sun Formation, it could even withstand attacks from a Seventh Order God Realm. 

Huang Xiaolong did not bother to negotiate for the price, he paid the full price and bought the white armor.

After buying the White Flame Divine Armor, Huang Xiaolong exited the Hailstone City, flying toward the deeper parts of the mainland without further dallying about.

Shop owner He Liuha watched Huang Xiaolong’s disappearing silhouette on the horizon, chuckling to himself, “Hehe, I didn’t expect that after more than a decade’s waiting, another big fish came!”

“Big boss, when do we move” The shop worker stood behind He Liuhua asked.

“No hurry, this kid won’t be able to run away.” He Liuhua’s eyes narrowed, causing the scar on his face to stretch taut, “This kid is a Black Warrior Institute inner disciple, it would be a lot of trouble if someone found out we killed him.

Wait till he enters the Hailstone Forest, we’ll make our move then.”


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