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Chapter 584: In the Depths of Hailstone Forest


Huang Xiaolong smiled kindly at He Liuhua instead of showing anger hearing those words, “You think you lot are capable of killing me”

He Liuhua’s eyebrow rose as he watched the young man opposite him that didn't seem nervous at all.

Doubt rose in his heart, did this kid possess some hidden trump card This kid’s biggest trump card was probably the White Flame Divine Armor he sold to him, right

‘If this kid is able to activate the White Flame Divine Armor’s Nine-nine Blazing Sun Formation, it can temporarily block a Seventh Order God Realm’s attack.’

He Liuhua snickered to himself thinking of this.

“You punk, if I were you, I would just obediently hand over all the valuables, spatial rings, treasures and whatnot, then you should get down on your knees to lick our toes, hugging our big thighs while begging us sincerely not to kill you.” The shop worker couldn’t resist chiming in, “Instead of putting on a brave act here, when in truth you’re cowering inside, pretending to be calm.”

When no one expected it, Huang Xiaolong made his move.

The Mulberry Sword under his feet flew out.

Sword lights cut toward the opponents as if they were agile snakes.

“Look out!” He Liuhua shouted, and at the same time, his wrist turned, sending out a palm strike whistling through the air to scatter the torrent of sword lights.

However, the miserable cry that rang told him that he was too late.

Three of the subordinates that came with him had their throats and foreheads pierced through, resulting in their lifeless bodies plummeting to the forest below.

All these three subordinates were early Fourth Order God Realm warriors.

Seeing this, He Liuhua couldn’t contain his fury, “Damn punk, I had intended to let you die more comfortably at first, but now you’ll die without an intact corpse!” His fingers extended and a giant ringed-knife appeared in his hand.

“Howling Wolf Fang Knife!”

He Liuhua aimed the giant ringed-knife at Huang Xiaolong with both of his hands, making a vertical slash down.

Countless shadows of ferocious wolves pounced through the air, while the knife qi transformed into sharp spikes resembling wolf fangs that locked onto Huang Xiaolong’s body from all directions, cutting off all routes of escape.

The rest of his subordinates also awakened from their shock, and each of them mustered their strongest attack, releasing it on Huang Xiaolong.

Before any of their attacks even got close, a snow-white armor emerged on Huang Xiaolong’s body, the White Flame Divine Armor.

A layer of white flames danced on the armor’s surface, and simultaneously, nine bright fireballs flew out, hovering around Huang Xiaolong from top to bottom.

When He Liuhua and his subordinates’ attacks reached Huang Xiaolong, all of them were negated, the powerful energies dissipated into nothingness.

“White Flame Divine Armor!”He Liuhua was startled, but it quickly turned into elation.

This damn kid really activated the Nine-nine Blazing Sun Formation on the White Flame Divine Armor!

Although the White Flame Divine Armor’s Nine-nine Blazing Sun Formation could withstand a Seventh Order God Realm master’s attack, the formation itself required divine grade spirit stone to activate.

What did this mean It meant there were divine grade spirit stones in this kid’s possession!

He Liuhua’s eyes twinkled brightly like stars and his hands stopped attacking, merely looking at Huang Xiaolong with a mysterious grin on his face, “Heh, damn kid, you still don’t realize, do you That I placed a ban on the White Flame Divine Armor.

As long as I activate this ban, you will receive a backlash from the White Flame Divine Armor and be split into pieces by the armor itself.

You will suffer excruciating pain, so much that you’ll wish you were dead.”

Huang Xiaolong issued a cold snort in reply.

He arrived in front of the armor shop worker in a flicker, slashing out with the Mulberry Sword.

“White Phoenix Cut!” 

Numerous rays of sword qi gathered, cutting down from high altitude.

That shop worker was petrified with fear, but he still thrust the long spear in his hand toward Huang Xiaolong in an attempt to block the falling sword.

He Liuhua was even more enraged watching this.

He didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong to continue attacking recklessly knowing about the ban on the White Flame Divine Armor.

Did this punk think he was bluffing!

“Courting death!” He Liuhua began to move both his hands, forming some strange obscure signs and flicking out a mysterious shining symbol.

Right at this moment, Huang Xiaolong’s sword had sliced the shop worker’s long spear in half, and continued down, splitting the shop worker into halves starting from the middle of his head.

A thin red blood line emerged to the surface of the shop worker’s skin from his forehead all the way down to his groin area.

In the next instant, the shop worker’s corpse exploded into pieces, genuinely dying without an intact corpse.

“You, you’re still fine” He Liuhua dumbly looked at Huang Xiaolong, he had just activated the ban that he placed on the White Flame Divine Armor, why didn’t the kid suffer a backlash

Huang Xiaolong looked over his shoulder at He Liuhua like he was looking an idiot: “What do you think”

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze drove He Liuhua crazy, he felt a maddening impulse to tear Huang Xiaolong into pieces with his bare hands.

His eyes spat fire, yet he really did not understand how Huang Xiaolong could’ve erased the ban on the White Flame Divine Armor.

This was something impossible with Huang Xiaolong’s Second Order God Realm strength.

Could it be… there were other masters at his side However, they had been following Huang Xiaolong for some time before appearing, He Liuhua was sure there were no other masters with Huang Xiaolong.

Then again, whether there was any master by this kid’s side was no longer important.

The ban on the White Flame Divine Armor was erased, and the kid was in possession of divine grade spirit stones, enabling him to activate the Nine-nine Blazing Sun Formation, a defense he had no way of breaking!

The question now was, should he withdraw or not

In the short span of time where He Liuhua struggled to decide, Huang Xiaolong’s figure flickered to his front.

In the next moment, a giant divine dragon enlarged in He Liuhua’s pupils, emitting a dragon might that dimmed heaven and earth.

Enveloped by this overwhelming pressure, He Liuhua felt his breathing stop in an instant, to the point where he couldn’t even utilize the time and space laws.

Fear filled his eyes, all of his attention was on the enormous five-clawed golden dragon right in front of him. ‘This, this… a Highgod Realm master! There was actually a Highgod Realm master by this kid’s side!’

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi glowered icily at He Liuhua, and one of his claws extended out.

Before He Liuhua could react, he was already caged between Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s powerful claws.

With a slight pressure, He Liuhua’s body burst into pieces.

His tragic wail jarred the rest to their senses as fear pierced through their hearts.

He Liuhua’s subordinates screamed, turned around, and fled for their lives.

Unfortunately, just as they turned around, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi spat out dragon flames from his mouth, drowning these people in a sea of flames, incinerating them into embers before they could even issue a scream.

At the end of everything, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s jaw opened in a big yawn, smacking his dragon mouth, “No fun at all, this kind of small shrimps also need to trouble this old man, too degrading for my status.”

Huang Xiaolong was speechless.

On the other hand, what Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said was the truth.

As a Highgod Realm master, coming out to kill several Fourth Order, Fifth Order and a Seventh Order God Realm warrior was indeed degrading for his status.

After resolving He Liuhua and his subordinates, Huang Xiaolong continued flying into the deeper part of the Hailstone Forest.

The deeper he ventured, the more extreme the frigid cold became.

Two days later, when he was almost at the center of the Hailstone Forest, he had no choice but to use the White Flame Divine Armor to resist the cold energy.

One month later, Huang Xiaolong finally reached the center of the Hailstone Forest.

The snow at the center of the Hailstone Forest was no longer pure white but whitish with a tinge of green that seemed to turn violet at the edge.

At the center of the forest, one couldn't even hear the sound of wind!

That’s right, not even the sound of a gentle breeze existed.

It wasn't that there was no breeze or wind, but reaching up to this point, the wind itself was frozen in place by the coldness.

Not only that, Huang Xiaolong keenly sensed that in the center of this Hailstone Mainland, even time seemed to move much slower.

A coldness that could even affect the time flow, one could imagine the terror of this frigid cold.

After entering the center area of Hailstone Mainland, Huang Xiaolong raised his vigilance even higher and took extra care with every step.

Prior to entering this area, he had already come across several Eighth Order and Ninth Order God Realm demonic beasts.

If it weren’t for Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, he would have breathed his last early on.

According to Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, the location of the treasure was close by.

However, not long after Huang Xiaolong entered the center area, noises of people flying at high speed and talking reached his ears.

There were actually people who entered this deep into the Hailstone Forest

Barely a second after Huang Xiaolong concealed himself, six figures arrived where Huang Xiaolong stood.

Seeing these people’s clothing, Huang Xiaolong was slightly surprised, for three of them were garbed in the Black Warrior Institute’s Grand Elder robes, while the other three had the emblem of an azure dragon.

“They’re from the Azure Dragon Institute.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi cautioned.


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