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Chapter 585: Highgod Advancement Tournament


Azure Dragon Institute!

Hearing Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s reminder, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed to thin slits.

Never did he imagine that he would run into people from the Azure Dragon Institute here, moreover, they were together with people from the Black Warrior Institute as well.

What were the Black Warrior Institute’s Grand Elders doing with people from the Azure Dragon in this deep part of the Hailstone Forest

While these thoughts raced passed Huang Xiaolong’s mind, the six figures flew far away, disappearing in the hazy snowing sky.

Only then did Huang Xiaolong emerge from his concealment.

“These six people’s strength is not bad,” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi commented.

“That tall thin one from the Azure Dragon Institute is the strongest one amongst them, infinitely close to the Highgod Realm.”

“Infinitely close to a Highgod Realm!” Huang Xiaolong was astonished.

Although he had guessed that all six people were very strong, he didn’t expect the tall thin man from the Azure Dragon Institute to be so powerful.

Close to a Highgod Realm That meant peak late-Tenth Order God Realm.

Then a thought occurred to Huang Xiaolong, “How does my Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother’s strength compare to this person”

“Your Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother is also a peak late-Tenth Order God Realm, however, even among them, there is a distinction between strong and weak.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi continued, “This person’s strength is slightly higher than your Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother.”

This judgment was a little hard for Huang Xiaolong to accept; this person was stronger than his Eldest Senior-Apprentice brother

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi went on, “Black Tortoise, Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and White Tiger.

Amongst these four galaxies, the Azure Dragon is the strongest of all.

In every Highgod Advancement Tournament, it has always been the Azure Dragon Institute that held first place, moreover, among the names of the top ten, half of them would be Azure Dragon Institute disciples.”

“What Highgod Advancement Tournament” Huang Xiaolong was a little confused.

This was the first time he had heard of this Highgod Advancement Tournament.

“It’s normal that you’ve never heard of it.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi explained, “Every one thousand years, the Vientiane Divine World Surface would conduct a Highgod Advancement Tournament in the lower world surface as a form of selecting and cultivating great talents from the Black Tortoise, Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, and White Tiger galaxies.

There are rewards for the first one thousand places, the enormity of the rewards is not something you can imagine.”

A glimmer of light flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, this was news to him.

He didn’t know that the Vientiane Divine World Surface held a Highgod Advancement Tournament every thousand years.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi continued saying, “From the first place to the tenth place, they are rewarded with divine grade spirit stones, divine armor, and divine artifacts.

The divine armor is much more durable than the ones you’ve seen, definitely not the fart of a White Flame Divine Armor that you are wearing right now.

The second place and third place also have these rewards, but other than these, there are many higher grade rewards.”

Huang Xiaolong was listening attentively when Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi suddenly stopped speaking, prompting Huang Xiaolong to ask, “What other rewards”

“Take a guess.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi deliberately left Huang Xiaolong’s curiosity hanging.

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly, “How would I be able to guess”

Satisfied, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi continued, “The first place, second place, and third place could have a powerful Vientiane Divine World Surface’s master direct infusion of Godforce into them!”

“Direct infusion of Godforce!” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes widened in shock.

“That’s right,” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi nodded, “Eight out of ten peak late-Tenth Order God Realm warriors can directly break through to Highgod Realm after the infusion of Godforce!”

Direct breakthrough to Highgod Realm! Huang Xiaolong’s breathing grew heavy.

This was too terrifying.

How many monstrous geniuses existed in the lower world galaxies How many great talents were stuck at peak late-Tenth Order God Realm, unable to make a breakthrough to Highgod Realm But, if they could get a spot within the top three in the Highgod Advancement Tournament, they had an eighty percent chance of breaking into Highgod Realm after the Godforce infusion.

“Needless to say, a Highgod Realm master does not have the ability to infuse Godforce into another person, therefore the ‘God master’ from Vientiane Divine World Surface performing the inculcation would definitely be someone with a cultivation higher than the Highgod Realm.

As for what realm they might be at, that I do not know.

Other than that, the first place winner has a high chance of being granted by the same ‘God master’ a divine law of their own comprehension!”

Divine law! Huang Xiaolong was flabbergasted.

“Correct, after advancing to Highgod Realm, the time and space laws will evolve to become a higher grade ‘divine law’.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi explained, “If one can be bestowed a divine law by the ‘God master’ it would greatly benefit their future cultivation in a way they never imagine.

This is thousand, a million times better than Godforce infusion, divine armor, divine artifact, or divine grade spirit stones.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded silently in agreement, great waves of shock roaring in his heart.

Highgod Advancement Tournament!

First place!

A short while later, his eyes shone with firm determination.

No matter what, he had to win this Highgod Advancement Tournament's first place.

Whether it was for his parents, family, or himself, he absolutely must win first place!

Only then would he have an eighth-tenth chance of breaking into the Highgod Realm and receive that powerful God master’s divine law, reaching higher and further in his cultivation path.

“So, kid, are you tempted” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi needled Huang Xiaolong: “Do you want to win the first place”

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “Of course! Who doesn’t wants to win the first place”

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said, “Not that I underestimate you, although your talent is indeed excellent, your chances of winning the first place in the Highgod Advancement Tournament are not very high.

In every tournament, the number of disciples taking part from all four galaxies surpass a billion, each and every person is a strong and talented genius in their own right, the weakest cultivation would be Ninth Order God Realm, even that can only be considered cannon fodder!”

A Ninth Order God Realm was just cannon fodder! Huang Xiaolong had a bitter expression on his face.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi wasn’t done.

“In the four galaxies, regardless of their status and identity, one would have two chances to participate in the Highgod Advancement Tournament.

During my first participation at peak late-Ninth Order God Realm, I didn’t even reach the top one hundred.

My second participation was at mid-Tenth Order God Realm, and I barely managed to squeeze into the last hundredth spot.”

Huang Xiaolong’s bitter smile seemed plastered to his face.

Even with Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s freak of a five-clawed golden dragon true body, at mid-Tenth Order God Realm he only just managed to squeeze into the last spot of the top one hundred 

“The monstrous geniuses within the four galaxies, their strength is not as simple as you think.

Some have been enduring for a long time, until the time for the Highgod Advancement Tournament arrives, before revealing their shocking strength in front of everyone.

You have great talent and a powerful True Dragon Physique, but there are geniuses that do not lose to you in terms of talent.

If you really want to win the first place, at the very least, you must be a late Tenth Order God Realm.”

“If I was a late-Tenth Order God Realm, what would be the chances of me winning” Huang Xiaolong was curious to know.

“About half.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi added, “If you can breakthrough to peak late-Tenth Order God Realm, the chances would increase to eighty percent.”

Late-Tenth Order God Realm only had half a chance

Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded, asking, “When will the next Highgod Advancement Tournament be held”

“It is held once every one thousand years, estimating the time according to the second time I participated, the next tournament is approximately two hundred and thirty years later.” He shook his head saying this, “Two hundred and thirty years, no matter how you cultivate, there is no way you can reach Tenth Order God Realm by then.

I advise you to give up on this thought, it would be better if you wait another thousand years for the next tournament.” Huang Xiaolong frowned.

Merely two hundred and thirty years! The time was truly a little tight.

Even if he could summon the Gates of Hell to cultivate in a superior environment, it was still impossible for him to breakthrough to Tenth Order God Realm in a little more than two hundred years.

Was there really no other way other than the one Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi spoke of, to wait for another thousand years before participating But Huang Xiaolong was unwilling to wait an additional thousand years.

“Let’s not think about the tournament for now,” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s voice cut through Huang Xiaolong’s thoughts, “first find that treasure.

For you, the Highgod Advancement Tournament is still far away.

Set your sights on how to deal with the inner disciple assessment five years later.

I feel that the purpose behind the three Black Warrior Institute Grand Elders working together with the Azure Dragon Institute isn't so simple.

Who knows, they might be targeting the same treasure we are.”


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