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Chapter 589: Opening the Hailstone Treasure


When the five people heard Lu Cong say that Huang Xiaolong wouldn't be able to leave unless he knew the secret method of opening the restriction, their tension slightly eased.

“We’ll split up and search, we must absolutely dig out that damn punk!” The Black Warrior Institute Grand Elder Nie Yu hissed through his teeth, a grim expression on his face.

Zhao Lufei and the rest nodded their heads in agreement, flying off in different directions without another word, while Lu Cong’s silhouette appeared above the mountain where the Hailstone Treasure used to be in a flicker.

His eyes were chillingly cold.

How did that Black Warrior Institute inner disciple hide himself from their spiritual sense detection and entered this Hailstone space Most importantly, how did he find the Hailstone Treasure

What baffled him even more was how that inner disciple blocked Zhao Lufei’s attack.

Despite being the weaker one amongst the six of them, Zhao Lufei was still a genuine peak mid-Tenth Order God Ream.

Lu Cong and the rest split up to search for Huang Xiaolong, adamant to find him even if they had to dig six feet under.

Meanwhile, out on the other side in the Hailstone Forest, a soft light glimmered, revealing Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette.

Huang Xiaolong breathed out in relief having fled from the Hailstone Treasure space.

All six on the other side were formidable Tenth Order God Realm masters, and although Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi was a Highgod Realm master, being bound to the Dragon Pearl, there was no guarantee he’d be able to kill all six people.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong heeded Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s advice.

Leaving the Hailstone Treasure space and finding a safe place to break the restrictions on the treasure vault was more important than anything else.

“The six people inside are probably close to going berserk by now.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi chuckled, “The Hailstone Treasure was right in front of them, but in the end, it was taken away by an unknown swift-footed Black Warrior Institute inner disciple.”

Huang Xiaolong flashed a sheepish smile, “Let’s leave the Hailstone Mainland first.” If those six people realized that Huang Xiaolong had actually left the Hailstone Treasure space, they’d probably keep a hawk’s eye on the Hailstone Mainland’s transmission array.

At that time, it would be much more troublesome to leave.

Controlling the Godly Mt Xumi, Huang Xiaolong made his way back to the Hailstone Mainland’s transmission array.

When his feet once again touched the Cloudsea Mainland’s soil, the last shred of worry finally disappeared from his mind.

Changing back his facial features, Huang Xiaolong made a trip to Changzhi City’s Divine Fort Residence to visit his family before returning to his Yard No.1 in the Black Warrior Institute’s Misty Rain Mountain Range to enter closed-door practice.

After contemplating the matter over several times, Huang Xiaolong decided against telling his Master Feng Yang about Grand Elder Nie Yu and other two Grand Elders’ secret collusion with the Azure Dragon Institute.

If that matter was revealed, the news of him getting the Hailstone Treasure would also be exposed.

At that time, Nie Yu and the others would definitely lock on to him.

Though they might not do anything on the surface, arrows released from the dark were hard to avoid, especially when they came one after another.

After all, they knew Huang Xiaolong by another face, thus he wasn’t afraid that their investigation would lead to him in any way.

The restrictions placed around the Hailstone treasure vault far exceeded Huang Xiaolong’s current ability to break, however, with Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi around, it was a different matter.

Then again, it still took Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi a full month before he managed to successfully break all the restrictions placed on it.

The moment the treasure vault was opened, Huang Xiaolong came face to face with mountains of divine grade spirit pellets that saw no end, winding mountains of Xuanwu coins, peaks after peaks of piled up divine and saint grade spirit stones, he was dumbstruck.

Endless mountains of spirit pellets, an inexhaustible amount of Xuanwu coins, countless spirit stones and elixirs.

“Haha, cat got your tongue, right” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi laughed proudly, “From the outside, the Hailstone treasure vault doesn’t seem big, but in fact, this Hailstone Treasure vault’s space was expanded many times over by Highgod Realm masters using their divine law.

The Hailstone Holy Sect was a prominent sect tens of thousands of years ago, how could its treasure vault be any less than this”

Huang Xiaolong swallowed audibly.

Although he could condense spirit stones and he did not lack money, he was still shocked by the richness displayed in front of his eyes.

Staring at the piles and piles of Xuanwu coins that stretched for miles, his eyes widened.

How many were there exactly This amount could no longer be summed up using billions, was it a trillion Or ten trillion Perhaps, a hundred trillion

And those divine grade pellets, there were probably no less than a trillion pellets The mountains of saint grade spirit stones, another trillion

On another side, there were armors and weapons piled into several hundred small hills.

Despite having yet to determine the durability of these armors, he could tell at a glance that these were no common stuff.

At the very least, they reached divine grade.

Some were even better than the White Flame Divine Armor that he bought.

Huang Xiaolong’s breathing inevitably quickened.

“If any of the super forces or families got their hands on the Hailstone Treasure, their strength as a whole would increase at least twofold.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said, “If it was a first rank force, they could develop into a new super force within a few hundred years’ time.

Little Huang brat, with this Hailstone Treasure, you can even raise your own army and squander as you like.”

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “What use do I have in raising an army However, one thing is right, with so many Xuanwu coins, I can squander them as I please.” Forget buying a few properties, he could now afford to buy an entire city in the Cloudsea Mainland.

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong arrived above one of the divine grade spirit pellet mountains.

Taking a quick glance, he headed toward a pile of spirit pellets that were white as snow.

Huang Xiaolong had seen his fair share of divine grade spirit pellets, but this was his first time seeing ones white as snow.

“These are the Hailstone Holy Sect’s Hailstone Divine Pills, their effect is several times greater than the institute’s Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets,” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi added, “You can give them to your family, but I must say, although its effect is several times better, it is still not a sacred grade divine pellet.

But that pile up ahead is.”

Huang Xiaolong raised his head to look, flying toward it with a light tap of his foot.

“Three Revolutions Golden Pill.” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi clucked his tongue, “These Three Revolutions Golden Pills are valuable even amongst sacred grade divine pellets, they were extremely sought-after during the ancient primordial era.

Kid, you’ve struck the jackpot!”

“The quantity is a bit low.” Huang Xiaolong commented.

There was only a small pile of Three Revolutions Golden Pills, about fifty to sixty thousand pellets.

“Little” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi was rendered speechless, “You think the sacred grade divine pellets in this world can simply be refined when half asleep This pile of fifty to sixty thousand Three Revolutions Golden Pills are priceless, just like the sacred grade immortal spirit stones, they aren't something you can buy with money.”

Other than the Three Revolutions Golden Pills, the rest were divine grade spirit pellets.

Although delighted, Huang Xiaolong was also a bit disappointed at the same time.

At the edge of these mountains of divine grade spirit pellets, Huang Xiaolong found eleven Highgod Realm divine dragon beast cores and quite a number of Tenth Order God Realm beast cores.

“Even though your True Dragon Physique is very tough, a Highgod Realm divine dragon beast core’s demonic essence energy might prove to be too much to bear.

I’d advise you to refine these Tenth Order God Realm beast cores first.

Wait till you break through to Fourth Order God Realm, it won't be too late to refine these Highgod Realm divine dragon beast cores then.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, taking Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s advice, and began refining the Tenth Order God Realm beast cores.


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