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Chapter 593: A Life For A Life


When he heard Huang Xiaolong say that he would first kill him, Jiang Wei’en’s deranged shouting about Huang Xiaolong’s impending tragic death halted abruptly as his pupils dilated in fear, his remaining arm clutched at his left shoulder.

Jiang Wei’en was trembling: “Don’t!”

Huang Xiaolong raised his Mulberry Sword, a gentle tilt and Jiang Wei’en’s right arm fell to the ground from his shoulder.

“I’ll make sure you die tragically, horribly.” Huang Xiaolong spoke softly as if he was speaking of an inconsequential matter.

The Mulberry Sword in his hand glinted again as it sliced off one of Jiang Wei’en’s legs.

The people spectating were stupefied, perturbed, and lastly, resigned to shaking their heads.

A mere Black Warrior Institute inner disciple actually dared to kill a direct lineage grandson of the Jiang Family’s Patriarch!

They could already foresee the tragic ending that this Black Warrior Institute inner disciple would suffer when the Jiang Family masters arrived, there was no way the institute would offend the Jiang Family for just one inner disciple.

Changzhi City’s Castellan, Jiang Yongheng, was currently seated in the Castellan Manor’s main hall, accompanying the Wang Family’s Grand Elder, Wang Jingyuan, when a manor guard dashed inside in panic, “Lord Castellan, Young Master Jiang Wei’en’s Qi Sea has been crippled by someone in Changzhi City!”

“What!” Jiang Yongheng’s face was stretched taut, jumping to his feet, he was already barraging: “Who is that person”

The Wang Family’s Grand Elder Wang Jingyuan was just as nonplussed by the mishap, what kind of person was so bold, daring to cripple Jiang Wei’en, a Jiang Family’s core disciple’s Qi Sea

“It is a Black Warrior Institute’s inner disciple.” The guard replied in a tense voice, “Not only did he cripple Young Master Jiang Wei’en’s Qi Sea, he, he even cut off all of Young Master Jiang Wei’en’s meridians.”

Killing intent erupted from Jiang Yongheng’s body, “What bold dog’s guts! A little Black Warrior Institute inner disciple actually disregarded the Cloudsea Mainland’s ironclad law, ignoring Changzhi City’s rules, daring to cripple my Jiang Family core disciple’s Qi Sea and meridians! Damn him to hell!” With that said, he made brief work excusing himself from the Wang Family’s Grand Elder Wang Jingyuan, storming out of the main hall to lead a group of Castellan Manor’s masters over to the Riding Wind Carrier Workshop at the fastest speed.

This matter had roused Grand Elder Wang Jingyuan’s curiosity, hence he followed from the back, heading toward the Riding Wind Carrier Workshop.

He had a vague feeling that the matter wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

In front of the Riding Wind Carrier Workshop, Huang Xiaolong looked without any ripple of emotion at Jiang Wei’en, who had lost all four limbs.

A murderous gleam flickered in his eyes as the Mulberry Sword in his hand was preparing to swing down.

“Stop!” At this point, an angry roar thundered from the horizon, rumbling mightily in the air.


However, the action of Huang Xiaolong’s Mulberry Sword did not hesitate, sending a string of blood pearls to the air.

Jiang Wei’en’s head flew out at an arch before falling on the street.

The people standing there jumped back shrieking in avoidance.

Jiang Yongheng descended on the street moments later, staring dazedly at his nephew’s head rolling on the ground.

He then turned around, his bloodshot eyes glaring viciously at Huang Xiaolong, spitting out each syllable through gritted teeth, “Today, no one can save you, no matter who, no one!!” The last few of his words sounded hoarse and strained as if the last shred of his sanity was melted away.

Never had he imagined that after personally commanding the other to stop, this bastard Black Warrior Institute inner disciple still dared to swing his sword, killing his nephew.

Jiang Wei’en, how many resources had the family spent to nurture this core disciple! He was actually killed inside the walls of Changzhi City, his territory, in broad daylight!

This was shame!

The greatest humiliation of his life!

By this time, Grand Elder Wang Jingyuan and the rest of the Castellan Manor guards finally arrived.

All of them gasped inwardly seeing Jiang Wei’en’s head lying on the street.


Jiang Yongheng slowly approached Huang Xiaolong, the momentum surging from his body grew increasingly overwhelming.

As Changzhi City’s Castellan, one of Jiang Family’s Grand Elders, Jiang Yongheng was undoubtedly no weakling—a Tenth Order God Realm.


Although he was only an early Tenth Order God Realm, he was stronger than any average mid-Tenth Order God Realm.

The crowd once again retreated away in fear.

“DIE—!” Jiang Yongheng’s fist punched out at Huang Xiaolong, bearing intense killing intent.

Wherever his fist passed, space warped and shattered inch by inch.

Watching as the force of his fist was about to hit Huang Xiaolong, turning him and those behind him into a sea of blood mist, suddenly, from afar, a sharp sword light pierced through the air.

The whole group of Changzhi City’s masters seemed to hear the faint roar of a dragon accompanying that sharp sword light.

The piercing sword light shattered Jiang Yongheng’s fist force in the most tyrannical way, completely cutting off its connection from the space Huang Xiaolong was standing.

Obviously, Huang Xiaolong was standing right in front, yet his attack couldn't even move the edges of Huang Xiaolong’s robe, whereas Jiang Yongheng himself staggered backward several steps.

The people on the street paled; such terrifying sword qi! It actually pushed back an early Tenth Order God Realm Jiang Yongheng!

“Who! Roll out here for me!” Jiang Yongheng bellowed.

There was actually someone who dared to obstruct him from killing this Black Warrior Institute’s inner disciple!

“Roll out here Castellan Jiang is so imposing, mouthing words with such a big tone.” A languid voice sounded, and in the next moment, a bright glow flickered in the air as a figure appeared in front of everyone.

Jiang Yongheng’s rage turned into shock when he saw the person’s face, a deep frown appearing on his forehead: “Liu Yun.”

Grand Elder Wang Jingyuan was just as shocked, the new arrival was actually the Black Warrior Institute Principal’s eldest disciple, Liu Yun.

Jiang Yongheng looked fixedly at Liu Yun, speaking in a less than welcoming tone, “ Liu Yun, this Black Warrior Institute inner disciple of yours killed a core disciple of my Jiang Family, a sin deserving ten thousand deaths! I advise you not to meddle in this matter.

There’s only death for this inner disciple today!”

Liu Yun snickered, “Sin deserving ten thousand deaths What if I insist on… meddling” Without waiting for an answer, Liu Yun looked toward Huang Xiaolong,  “Junior Apprentice-brother, are you alright”

“Eldest Apprentice-brother, I’m fine.” Huang Xiaolong replied with a faint smile.

Earlier, when Zhao Shu mentioned that Changzhi City’s Castellan was Jiang Wei’en’s uncle, Huang Xiaolong already predicted that this Jiang Yongheng would appear, therefore he had crushed the jade talisman, informing his Eldest Apprentice-brother Liu Yun about the situation.

“Junior Apprentice-brother!” Jiang Yongheng, as well as the people around were astounded.

This Black Warrior Institute inner disciple was Liu Yun’s Junior Apprentice-brother, then… he was! Institute Principal Feng Yang’s fourth personal disciple, Huang Xiaolong!

When Jiang Yongheng once again looked at Huang Xiaolong, it was with a different gaze.

He didn’t expect this Black Warrior Institute inner disciple that he could easily squash would be the Institute Principal’s personal disciple!

His eyes flickered.

“Liu Yun, according to the Cloudsea Mainland’s law, a life for a life.

Even if he is your Junior Apprentice-brother and the Black Warrior Institute Principal’s personal disciple, he still has to die just the same!” Jiang Yongheng snorted coldly, “Don’t tell me he can brazenly kill my Jiang Family’s core disciples on the Cloudsea Mainland relying on his status as the Institute Principal’s personal disciple”

“He was the one who attacked first!” Huang Xiaohai stepped forward, pointing at Jiang Wei’en’s corpse, “He was the one relying on status and attacked us first, crippling our Qi Seas, my Big brother only retaliated because of this!”

Liu Yun patted Huang Xiaolong’s shoulder, grinning: “Junior Apprentice-brother, you’ve killed a good one!” 

Jiang Yongheng was stifled to the point of vomiting blood, but a cold light still flickered in his eyes, “I don’t care for the reason, the fact is that Huang Xiaolong killed my Jiang Family’s core disciple.

Today, he must pay for it with his life!” In the next moment, his figure arrived behind Huang Xiaolong, gripping a blood red large knife in his hand, chopping down on Huang Xiaolong.

But, another sword light was faster than Jiang Yongheng.

A sharp light flashed before Jiang Yongheng’s eyes, then a sudden sharp pain traveled from his knife-wielding hand, causing him to jump back in retreat.

Looking down, his hand was now merely a stump, all five fingers had been cut off.

“Jiang Yongheng, try and make another move if you dare.” Liu Yun sneered “But let me warn you in advance, the next time, it won’t be as simple as losing five fingers.”


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