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Chapter 599: Fourth Order God Realm


“Yes.” Shi Xiaofei nodded in agreement.

Being able to worship a Highgod Realm as Master, how many people dreamed of this kind of opportunity This kind of pie falling from heaven, of course she wasn’t one to refuse.

Thus, witnessed by Feng Yang and Huang Xiaolong, Shi Xiaofei respectfully went through the customs of worshipping under a Master.

However, what stumped Huang Xiaolong subsequently was Crazy Lady Yang Yi saying that in order to cultivate her Moon Summoning Rhyme, the first three stages must be cultivated on a land of the new moon.

Therefore, she had to take Shi Xiaofei to cultivate in the land of the new moon.

In the Black Tortoise Galaxy, only one place had such a land, and that was one of the colder world surfaces in the remote northern part of the Black Tortoise Galaxy called Wintry North World.

A tiny frown made its way across Huang Xiaolong’s brows.

If this was the case, then until Shi Xiaofei mastered the first three stages of the Moon Summoning Rhyme, she could only stay in the Wintry North World — the two of them would be separated for a period of time.

“Big brother Huang, don’t worry, I will cultivate hard and strive to advance to the third stage as soon as possible.” Watching Huang Xiaolong’s obvious reluctance, Shi Xiaofei comforted in return.

Crazy Lady Yang Yi added, “With Xiaofei’s talent, she can advance to the third stage of the Moon Summoning Rhyme in thirty years’ time, moreover, you can always come see her in Wintry North World.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, there was naught but this way.

“By the time Xiaofei reaches the third stage of Moon Summoning Rhyme, it's very likely that her Pure Luminance Enlightened Buddha Physique’s potential would be fully awakened.

After that, within a hundred years, she’d be able to break through God Realm.” Crazy Lady Yang Yo added, “With me around, rest assured, nothing will happen to her.” In fact, for the last several hundred years, she had been searching for a successor but had yet to find a suitable candidate.

Although the main reason she accepted Shi Xiaofei was due to the sacred grade immortal spirit stone, Shi Xiaofei’s talent was indeed excellent.

She was a most fitting successor to carry on her mantle, moreover, this disciple’s temperament was to her liking.

On the whole, she liked this disciple very much.

The next morning, Shi Xiaofei followed Crazy Lady Yang Yi, leaving the Black Warrior City, departing toward the Wintry North World’s land of the new moon to begin her new cultivation.

On the other hand, his younger sister and brother, Huang Xiaohai and Huang Min, as well as the rest, under Feng Yang’s Godforce nurturing, their Qi Seas and meridians were healed as good as new in a short period of time.

Five days after the auction, Huang Xiaolong returned to Yard No.1 and began his closed-door practice.

This time around, he was resolute to break through Fourth Order God Realm, otherwise, he wouldn't step out of Yard No.1.

However, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t anxious to refine the True Dragon King’s beast cores that he got from the auction, instead, he continued refining the remaining hundreds of Tenth Order God Realm beast cores from the Hailstone Treasure vault.

After stepping into Third Order God Realm, Huang Xiaolong’s speed in refining the beast cores had increased again.

Previously, to refine one early Tenth Order God Realm beast core would take him half a month’s time, whereas now, refining a mid and peak mid-Tenth Order God Realm beast core merely took him five to six days.

One month, two months, three months quickly passed, and Huang Xiaolong’s strength grew with each passing day.

By the end of the fourth month, he had advanced to peak early-Third Order God Realm, just half a step more to advance to mid-Third Order God Realm.

While Huang Xiaolong entered into closed-door practice, the Jiang Family that had been clamoring noisily for Huang Xiaolong to pay a life for a life went quiet, as if all of them had forgotten about Jiang Wei’en being murdered by Huang Xiaolong in Changzhi City.

The entire matter seemed to have subsided into the background.

Whereas the matter about the Azure Dragon Institute Principal’s personal disciple, Xiang Mingzhi, blocking Huang Xiaolong’s path after the auction and saying that he will personally be killing Huang Xiaolong four years later during the inner disciples’ assessment spread out.

Half a year passed.

Not only did the matter did not die down, it became even more heated and exaggerated.

In fact, all of the super forces, most first rank forces, as well as the several higher ranked worlds’ forces in the Black Tortoise Galaxy knew about this.

In an instant, almost all influential forces in the Black Tortoise Galaxy waited with anticipation toward the coming Black Warrior Institute’s inner disciples assessment.

Needless to say, there were many of those who gloated with glee hearing this news, such as the Wang and the Jiang Families.

Gudu Leng stood in his cultivation yard, midway up the Misty Rain Mountain Range, looking up toward the peak.

Standing beside him was none other than Wang Biaoyuan.

“That Huang Xiaolong actually hid himself inside the yard in cultivation the moment the auction ended, not taking one step out from there to date.” Wang Biayuan sneered, “Closed-door practice No matter how crazy he cultivates, he won’t last one move in front of that Xiang Mingzhi.”

“Say, what level can his strength grow to until the day of the inner disciples’ assessment” Gudu Leng suddenly asked.

Wang Biaoyuan was at first taken aback by Gudu Leng’s question, but he solemnly answered, “Slightly over a year ago at the outer disciples’ assessment, he was an early Second Order God Realm.

Give him five years’ time, as much of a freak as he is, he could at most advance to Third Order… probably” In the end, Wang Biaoyuan’s words faltered from lack of certainty.

Gudu Leng spoke, “If I was an early Second Order God Realm, in five years’ time, the highest I can reach is peak late-Second Order God Realm.

But for Huang Xiaolong, Third Order God Realm is not necessary his highest limit.”

Wang Biaoyuan frowned at Gudu Leng’s words before breaking into a sneer, “Then, according to you, he can break through till late-Third Order Perhaps, even Fourth Order God Realm Do you really think that’s possible That’s simply ridiculous! From what I heard, the reason why he was able to breakthrough from half-step God Realm to early Second Order God Realm was because he found a treasure comparable to the pure metal essence that I found.

As for what it was, I don’t know, but I don’t believe he’d be so lucky as to run into a treasure like that a second time!”

Gudu Leng nodded, “Even if he really did have some fortuitous encounter, allowing him to break through to Fourth Order God Realm, he would still end up dying.

With that Xiang Mingzhi’s talent and strength, he could probably defeat a Sixth Order God Realm easily.”

Huang Xiaolong was totally ignorant of the outside world’s opinions.

 Time continued to flow, and in the blink of an eye, one year had passed.

Sitting cross-legged at the center of the Ten Buddha Formation within the Xumi Temple, multiple strands of gold, black, and red light circled around Huang Xiaolong’s body, blending in and out of view.

The black and blue twin dragons hovered above him, their dragon roars echoed in the air.

All of a sudden, Huang Xiaolong trembled from head to toe.

A dazzling light covered him entirely as a clear crisp sound came from inside his body.

Following that, his aura exploded and continued to climb higher.

Terrifying pressure spread out like a hurricane, causing cracks in the surrounding space.

Opening his eyes, it was clear that Huang Xiaolong was in a great mood.

Fourth Order God Realm! After seventeen months of closed-door practice, he finally, he was finally a Fourth Order God Realm!

Initially, Huang Xiaolong had assumed that he would need at least two years, but who knew that even before a year and a half passed, he would be able to have a breakthrough.

Huang Xiaolong’s consciousness submerged internally, checking the condition of his body.

His meridians had widened twice their previous size.

These meridians were connected to each other, resembling a primordial divine dragon in slumber.

In his dantian, his immortal essence force was extremely viscous and thick, at least five to six times of what it used to be.

His battle qi roared happily like the waves in the large ocean.

The time and space law strands in Huang Xiaolong’s soul sea had already reached a staggering three hundred thousand in number, and each of them was at least thirty meters long.

Three hundred thousand time and space law strands, this had never happened before! Even for an average Fifth Order God Realm master, their time and space law strands only numbered about thirty thousand.

Huang Xiaolong stood up, immediately causing the space to tremble from pressure.

Sensing the vigorous energy inside his body, he had a feeling that he was able to shatter a world with one punch.

He finally broke through to Fourth Order God Realm!

‘I wonder if Father, Mother, and the rest are doing well.’ Thinking to himself, he exited Yard No.1, heading toward the Black Warrior Institute’s transmission array.


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