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Chapter 616: 'Soft Eggs' Can Never Be More Than Soft Eggs


After hearing Huang Xiaolong’s words, the Azure Dragon Vice-Principal gave a hearty laugh, “Rules Our Azure Dragon Institute’s words are the rules! Huang Xiaolong, if I allow you to kill Xiang Mingzhi, would you even dare to kill” His voice was thick with irony.

A ruthless light glinted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, and his foot was already stomping down on Xiang Mingzhi, swift and merciless.

If his foot struck, Xiang Mingzhi’s head would be crushed without a doubt!

“Insolent! Courting death!” Seeing that Huang Xiaolong still dared to attack, Jia Xiangtian bellowed with fury.

His figure had already leaped out, aiming a lethal punch at Huang Xiaolong.

In an instant, the earth groaned and fissured and the sky darkened, issuing thunderous rumbles.

Space rifts appeared, growing bigger, and the chaotic space force rushed in like a vengeful storm.

The crowd was aghast, was this the strength of a Highgod Realm master

Before Jia Xiangtian’s attack even arrived, the entire Rising Dragon Arena was shaking violently, as if it was going to crumble in the next moment.

“Presumptuous!” At this time, a reprimanding voice boomed, jarring everyone’s minds with a buzzing noise.

A figure appeared right in front of Jia Xiangtian a split second later.

“F*ck off for this old man!” A dim-black fist imprint howled through the air, casting a shadow over the sky while carrying a momentum that surpassed Jia Xiangtian by a few degrees.

A rumble resounded in the sky above and Jia Xiangtian’s figure staggered but was still forced down to the ground, leaving more than a dozen deep footprints on the floor in order to diffuse the collision impact before steadying his posture.

The Black Warrior Institute Principal Feng Yang descended gracefully on the Rising Dragon Arena.

Clearly, the person who blocked Jia Xiangtian just now was none other than Feng Yang.

With the terrifying collision of energy from the two great Highgod Realm masters’ exchange spreading out, Huang Xiaolong could only give up on Xiang Mingzhi temporarily, retreating to safety in a flicker.

At the same time, a bright Buddhism luminance shrouded his body, negating the shockwaves coming at him.

Even so, Huang Xiaolong still felt a numbing pain all over as he retreated as far and as fast as he could.

If it weren’t for his True Dragon Physique, he’d have been injured quite gravely just from the shockwaves blasting out.

On the other hand, Xiang Mingzhi was much less fortunate, his weakened body rolled and tossed around.

At some point, blood started flowing from his head.

In a few short rolls and tosses, he finally fell over the edge of the Rising Dragon Arena.

Jia Xiangtian was glowering viciously, both furious and apprehensive, for Feng Yang’s strength had exceeded his estimation. 

Feng Yang coldly looked at the other side, “The words of your Azure Dragon Institute are the rules In my Black Warrior Institute, your Azure Dragon Institute’s words are farts!”

Farts! This triggered a string of laughter from the spectating crowd.

The ones present were mostly super forces and families with roots in the Black Tortoise Galaxy and had always been dissatisfied with the Azure Dragon Institute’s overboard arrogance.

“Fine!” Jia Xiangtian’s eyes were spitting fire, “Feng Yang, I hope you won’t ever step inside the Azure Dragon Galaxy!” This was a blatant threat.

Feng Yang laughed obnoxiously at Jia Xiangtian’s face, “This old man goes wherever he pleases, can a soft egg like you even block my way What If you’re not satisfied, I can spar with you now, let’s see if you’re a soft egg or not.”

‘Soft egg!’

Jia Xiangtian’s fists clenched until his knuckles turned white, but in the end, he still repressed the killing intent and fury in his heart, “Feng Yang, today’s matter, I will remember.

We’re leaving!” He turned around, arriving beside Xiang Mingzhi in a flash, and left in a streak of light; bringing Xiang Mingzhi with him.

The remaining people from the Azure Dragon Institute quickly chased up.

Compared to their lofty arrival, their leaving postures painted an embarrassing picture.

“A soft egg can never harden up!” Watching the awkward leaving backs of Jia Xiangtian and his group, Feng Yang’s irrepressible laughter rang out once more, clearly traveling into the leaving Azure Dragon Institute people’s ears. 

Jia Xiangtian nearly gave into his impulse of turning around and having a life and death battle with Feng Yang, but he still reined himself with much effort.

Shortly after, the Azure Dragon Institute group disappeared from view.

Feng Yang didn’t have the intention of stopping them from the beginning.

The many masters of various forces remaining in the arena sighed silently in their hearts at the Azure Dragon Institute’s end.

In the end, in this term’s Black Warrior Institute inner disciples’ assessment, Huang Xiaolong won first place, contrary to general expectation! Huang Xiaolong’s display of talent and strength not only stunned the institute’s upper echelon, it also stunned the various forces of the Black Tortoise Galaxy.

Everyone present believed that it wouldn't take long before the entire Black Tortoise Galaxy’s super forces and first rank forces would come to know what took place today.

No doubt, the Azure Dragon Institute, White Tiger Institute, and also the Vermillion Bird Institute had taken notice of this Black Warrior Institute’s disciple named Huang Xiaolong.

When Huang Xiaolong went to receive his first place reward, Feng Yang personally handed out the reward to his youngest disciple, ceaselessly patting his shoulder, crying ‘good’ without end!

The appreciation and happiness in Feng Yang’s eyes were all contained in that singular word.

This disciple had once again given him a great surprise.

Initially, his highest expectation toward Huang Xiaolong was winning over Jiang Bi, he hardly dared to imagine that even the Azure Dragon Institute Xiang Mingzhi’s little birdie would be wounded from his disciple’s kick.

In the end, before everyone dispersed, Feng Yang laughed as he encouraged Huang Xiaolong, saying that he needn’t be polite the next time he came across anyone from the Azure Dragon Institute, he could go ahead and burst all their little birdies with a kick.

Huang Xiaolong, as well as the Black Warrior Institute's masters, sweated profusely at his ‘permission.’

After the top ten rewards were given, the masters belonging to various forces bid their farewells, leaving the Rising Dragon Arena with lingering astonishment still pounding in their hearts.

Feng Yang was in an awfully good mood and he decided to hold a last-minute celebration banquet in his manor to celebrate his disciple Huang Xiaolong’s glorious victory.

During the banquet, Grand Elder Bao Xinrui and Chan Yu time and again raised their cups, toasting to Feng Yang and Huang Xiaolong.

The banquet went on until late into the night before dispersing.

Liu Yun, Chen Yang, Qi Wen, and Huang Xiaolong also excused themselves from their Master and left, each of them returning to their own courtyards.

Huang Xiaolong made his way back to his Yard No.1 on the Misty Rain Mountain Range.

In the privacy of his own yard, Huang Xiaolong took out the Five-colored Energy Gathering Divine Banner, Innumerable Fortune Kasaya, and the rest of the twenty-five ancient heaven-defying treasures.

Dense spiritual energy instantly filled every corner of the yard as Buddha luminance lit up the surroundings.

Every pore on Huang Xiaolong’s body opened as if he was bathing inside a spiritual pool of the Divine World.

An indescribably comfortable feeling spread through him.

Looking at the Five-colored Energy Gathering Divine Banner, Innumerable Fortune Kasaya, and the other twenty-three ancient treasures laid out before him, an irresistible laughter gurgled up from Huang Xiaolong’s throat.

He didn’t expect to reap such a great harvest from the inner disciples’ assessment.

In the future, after employing this Five-colored Energy Gathering Divine Banner, his Huang Family would be able to enhance their cultivation at an even faster rate.

Huang Xiaolong believed that his parents would be able to advance to peak half-Saint realm very soon.

Combined with the divine grade spirit pellets that he would refine for them, it would greatly increase their chances of stepping into the Saint realm.

Perhaps, in less than ten years’ time, this wish could be realized.

Once his parents broke through to Saint realm, their longevity would exceed a thousand years.

“This time, that Xiang Mingzhi will definitely vomit blood.” Huang Xiaolong smirked.

What a pity though that he wasn’t able to off him on the spot.

Then again, Huang Xiaolong was aware that killing Xiang Mingzhi in public was close to impossible.

After all, he was the Azure Dragon Institute Principal’s personal disciple.

Huang Xiaolong put away the Five-colored Energy Gathering Divine Banner, Innumerable Fortune Kasaya, and all the other treasures.

He chose not to cultivate at this time, instead, he sat on in a meditative posture on the cold bed, swallowed a Hailstone Divine Pellet, and adjusted his breathing.

By the time Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes again, the sky was already bright.

Exiting his yard, he headed toward the Supreme Harmony Hall.

This time, winning first place in the inner disciples’ assessment, coupled with his cultivation breakthrough to Fifth Order God Realm, he was eligible to be promoted to an elite disciple.

Going to the Supreme Harmony Hall was merely to complete the official procedures as well as collect his robe and new identity token.

Having a Black Warrior Institute’s elite disciple status, it would bring much convenience to him, such as buying a residence in the Black Warrior City, such as having an entire peak solely belonging to him in the Black Warrior Institute, his very own cultivation dwelling.


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