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Chapter 619: Will Not Let It Slide At That


Between the resounding wild laughter of that All Dragons League elite disciple, two fists met in a powerful collision.

Almost instantly, that All Dragons League elite disciple’s face twisted with horror, and in the next second a series of bone breaking noises sounded as the flesh on that disciple’s hand was pulverized into mincemeat, his white bones could be seen shattering and ricocheting inch by inch, then his entire person was blasted off into the distance like a falling meteor.


Violent tremors traveled through the ground, rupturing the boulders and land.

For a second, Chen Gaoming and his group of All Dragons League members were dazed on the spot.

One of the All Dragons League members rubbed his eyes, confirming that there was nothing wrong with them and everything he saw was sharp and clear.

Then, what happened just now was all real

A little further in the back, Yang Feiyue’s eyeballs were already protruding out of their sockets watching this shocking scene.

The surrounding atmosphere came to a strange standstill.

Some time passed before the All Dragons League disciples reacted.

Chen Goaming looked especially incensed, “Little brat, you actually dared to raise a hand at a disciple of our All Dragons League”

Huang Xiaolong nearly chortled out loud, “All Dragons League disciple Isn’t this the Black Warrior Institute Give me a reason why I wouldn’t dare.” Gradually, a bloodthirsty aura began to seep into Huang Xiaolong’s voice.

Seeing his reaction made Chen Gaoming and the All Dragons League members angrier still.

“Unforgivable punk, initially, this matter would have been settled by breaking your arms and tossing you into the snake pit for a month, but now, however, you’re getting your four limbs broken and a hundred years in the snake pit!” The cruel light in Chen Gaoming’s eyes flickered brightly as he yelled, “I want you to hover between life and death inside the snake pit, so you understand the meaning of hell on earth!”

Although the higher echelons of the Black Warrior Institute held the stance of not interfering in conflicts amongst disciples, the disciples would still think thrice before going too far.

Most of all, they couldn't easily kill any disciples of the same institute, especially an elite disciple like Huang Xiaolong.

In the usual fights and scuffles, the higher echelons would close one eye, lettings things slide, however, it was a different circumstance if the loss of life was involved.

Moreover, having their arms and legs broken, Qi Sea sealed, and subsequently thrown into the snake pit to experience endless suffering, this treatment was many times more painful than directly killing them.

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong’s voice frosty in retort.

His figure blurred, appearing beside Chen Gaoming in the next instant.

Chen Gaoming was startled, swiftly swinging both of his fists in attack: “Raging Storm Fist of Fury!”

The sky darkened and the wind howled, thunder and lightning rumbled and flashed, and hot flames roared.

The Raging Storm Fist of Fury was a profound battle technique of the Black Warrior Institute, extreme Yang in attribute and hardline in nature.

Upon cultivating it to major completion, one punch would influence the wind, thunder, and fire elements in the surroundings to attack the enemy.

However, only elite disciples and above were allowed to learn a technique of this level of profoundness.

Indifferent like always, Huang Xiaolong reciprocated with his two fists as well.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong’s action, a brutal light glinted in Chen Gaoming’s eyes, a mad grin on his face, “Little punk, let’s see how strong a newly promoted elite disciple like you can get!”

In general, most newly promoted elite disciples’ strength would be around Fourth Order God Realm.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong defeating the earlier Fifth Order God Realm All Dragons League disciple was enough to shock them.

Then again, Chen Gaoming refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong could be a peak late-Fifth Order God Realm master.


Yet, Chen Gaoming’s expression quickly showed otherwise.

Just like that All Dragons League disciple before him, the flesh on both of his arms exploded, pieces of shattered bones shot out in all directions.

Feeling like a great giant boulder slammed against him, Chen Gaoming’s upper body penetrated into the soil below, leaving only half his ass jutted out in the air.

Chen Gaoming’s posture was too comical, rendering the astounded Yang Feiyue spurting out a laughter.

However, the rest of the All Dragons League disciples weren’t in the mood to laugh at all.

Their faces showed deep fear, looking at Huang Xiaolong as if they were looking at the devil, this fella was really someone who had just been promoted to an elite disciple

Burying a peak late-Fifth Order God Realm Chen Gaoming into the ground with a single punch.

This level of strength, although it couldn't compare to the Great Five elite disciples, it could definitely rank within the top eight among the elite disciples.

They believed that many early Sixth Order God Realm elite disciples wouldn’t be able to send Chen Gaoming flying with one punch.

“You-you, you actually offended us All Dragons League disciples, you’re dead for sure!” An All Dragons League disciple put on an act of false bravado while inwardly being shocked and terrified, yelling with indignance at Huang Xiaolong.

Ever since Jiang Yu established the All Dragons League, there had never been a disciple who dared to offend them.

This was the first time!

Huang Xiaolong sneered, “Then I should first break all of your dog legs first!” Before the last note fell, Huang Xiaolong had already disappeared from sight, moving like a swift tempest, revolving around these All Dragons League disciples.

With every turn he made, there would be an All Dragons League disciple letting out a tragic scream, hair-raising like animals being slaughtered.

Soon after, these elite disciples were slammed down to the ground one by one, their two legs broken and their hands clutching their groin.

Ever since Huang Xiaolong burst Xiang Mingzhi’s little birdie with a kick, he noticed that this trick felt exhilarating every time it was executed.

“F*ck off!” Huang Xiaolong coldly snorted: “Scram back and tell Jiang Yu that if any All Dragons League disciples dare to come here again, I’ll  burst their little birdie with one kick!”

Huang Xiaolong’s voice was like a cry from hell that was filled with thick and cold killing intent, sending a chilling shiver down the All Dragons League disciples’ spines.

Too frightened to care about their ‘cracked eggs’, the group of All Dragons League disciples fled as fast as they could in a sorry state.

Of course, before they made off, they did not forget to carry along Chen Gaoming.

Watching Chen Gaoming fleeing in disgrace while the other All Dragons League disciples fled in disarray, it wasn’t until their figures vanished from sight that Yang Feiyue came to his senses.

But his heart was far from calm.

The scenes he had just witness moments ago were too shocking.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong again, there was shock and respect in his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong smiled at him, “You weren't bad just now.”

Though Yang Feiyue did not step up to help, he did caution Huang Xiaolong and did not run away.

Just these two points were already rare.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong’s ‘praise’, Yang Feiyue felt overly flattered, he took a few hasty steps forward while nodding his head, “It’s something given, nothing to it.

I didn’t expect brother to actually be so strong, it is I who have been worried unnecessarily.”

Huang Xiaolong casually waved his hand, unconcerned: “It’s them that were too weak.”

Despite that Chen Gaoming being a peak late-Fifth Order God Realm, his strength was truly much worse than Xiang Mingzhi’s.

Although he was only a late-Fifth Order God Realm, Xiang Mingzhi possessed the Extreme Lightning Destruction Physique, improving his attack power, enabling him to kill even an early Sixth Order God Realm.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong say that it was Chen Gaoming who was too weak, Yang Feiyue felt his face twitching. ‘It’s you who's too much of a freak.’ Yang Feiyue muttered in his heart; of course, this was the most he could do.

“Brother, this time Chen Gaoming and those people might be gone, but it doesn’t mean the All Dragons League will let this matter slide.” Yang Feiyue continued, “Who knows, in the next second, it might even be an All Dragons League Enforcer knocking on your doors, it’s still better if you can avoid them!”

Huang Xiaolong merely smiled, “That would be best, I can practice the ultimate move of bursting little birdies with one kick.”

Yang Feiyue was rendered totally speechless, in this kind of situation, this brother in front of him was still in the mood for jokes.

Regardless how Yang Feiyue tried to persuade Huang Xiaolong, it was futile.

Huang Xiaolong continued what he was doing earlier before, taking out all the iron and ores and putting them into the Hailstone Cauldron, beginning to refine his cultivation cave ‘palace.’

At this time, the miserable fleeing Chen Gaoming and the group of All Dragons League disciples made it back to their headquarters, the All Dragons League Peak.

Inside the great hall of the All Dragons League’s Peak, all six All Dragons League’s big shot Enforcers were seated.

Seeing the sorry state of Chen Gaoming’s group, all of them were greatly enraged.


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