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Chapter 620: Beauty Dengs Brilliant Plan


“What happened Who was the one who injured you all!” A man, burly and rough in appearance, resembling an enormous iron hill just like his name, Jin Tieshan, roared in fury.

Jin Tieshan, one of the All Dragons League’s six main Enforcers, was violent and short-tempered.

A character that made other elite disciples ashen just by hearing his name.

“It-it’s a newly promoted elite disciple!” Chen Gaoming answered while enduring the throbbing pain in his body.

It was probably the pain that caused the pitch of his voice to sound skewed.

“What! A newly promoted elite disciple Are you guys sure!” Jin Tieshan, as well as the other five Enforcers,  looked genuinely shocked.

Their earlier anger slightly diminished.

“He should be a newly promoted elite disciple.” Chen Gaoming hesitated briefly before adding, “If he was an old disciple, I’d have recognized him.

Moreover, he doesn’t seem to know that twenty mountain peaks were delineated by our All Dragons League.

Even as we’re speaking now, he’s opening his cultivation cave in one of the twenty peaks.”

“That’s right, Six Enforcers, there’s no limit to that brat’s arrogance! We went to stop that brat, telling him that those twenty peaks belong to our All Dragons League, but he didn’t even spare us a glance.

Totally not putting our All Dragons Leagues in his eyes!” One of the returned All Dragons League disciple’s voice faltered in hesitation: “He also said, also said…”

“What else did he say!” Jin Tieshan barked with impatience.

“He even said that he’ll burst our League Leader’s little birdie with a kick!” That All Dragons League disciple stammered nervously.

“Absurd! He’s really seeking death!” Jin Tieshan’s palm heavily slapped down, pulverizing the chair beside him into dust.

The sole female amongst the six Enforcers, Deng Xuan, giggled coquettishly, “Burst other people’s little birdie with one kick, moreover, a newly promoted elite disciple.

It seems like he must be that person!”

Another member of the six Enforcers, resembling a fair looking scholar, Lin Tong, slightly wrinkled his elegant brows, asking, “You know who he is”

Deng Xuan secretly rolled her eyes, “You bunch do nothing all day but lock yourselves in closed-door practice, rarely taking a step out of your own cultivation cave, it’s no wonder that none of you know.

Yesterday, during our Black Warrior Institute inner disciples’ assessment, that Huang Xiaolong burst Xiang Mingzhi’s little birdie with one kick.

Now, that Huang Xiaolong’s name is known throughout the entire galaxy.”

“Huang Xiaolong!” Everyone was flabbergasted.

Especially Chen Gaoming and those disciples that fled back in a sorry state.

“You’re saying he's the personal disciple that the Black Warrior Institute Principal received several years ago, the same Huang Xiaolong” Another Enforcer, Ceng Leng, asked doubtfully.

He had been in death seclusion for the last several years and was unclear of the current situation outside.

However, he was aware that their Black Warrior Institute Principal Feng Yang took in a personal disciple a few years back, but at that time, wasn't it said that Huang Xiaolong wasn’t even a half-step God Realm How was it possible that he was promoted to the ranks of elite disciples within a few years’ time To the extent that Chen Gaoming wasn’t his opponent!

“That's not possible, right That personal disciple that the Black Warrior Institute Principal received a few years back, Huang Xiaolong Not even a decade, has passed, his strength… How can it be!” Enforcer Han Fayu exclaimed with certainty and disbelief were written all over his face.

All the other five of the six Enforcers from Ji Tieshan to Lin Tong, Ceng Leng and the rest clearly portrayed their doubt about what Deng Xuan claimed.

Deng Xuan heavily sighed, “Forget about you guys, even I don’t believe it.

It isn't only us here that don't believe it, not a single person belonging to the Black Tortoise Galaxy’s top forces believes it, but this is the truth.

Yesterday, right on the Rising Dragon Arena, in front of many forces’ masters, Huang Xiaolong defeated that Xiang Mingzhi.

You all know who Xiang Mingzhi is right He’s the Azure Dragon Institute Principal’s personal disciple, lauded as the Azure Dragon Institute's number one talent, a late-Fifth Order God Realm.

On top of that, he had reached the sixth stage of the Nine Palace of Divine Lightning Technique, yet he was still defeated by Huang Xiaolong!”

Inwardly, Jin Tieshan, Lin Tong, Ceng Leng, and the others were truly shocked.

Yet, despite Deng Xuan’s repeated emphasis that this was the truth, there were still remnants of disbelief in these Enforcers’ eyes.

The Azure Dragon Institute Principal’s personal disciples Xiang Mingzhi, who cultivated the Nine Palace of Divine Lightning Technique until the sixth stage, lost to Huang Xiaolong!

How long had that Huang Xiaolong been cultivating Forty years

“No, no, impossible! That Huang Xiaolong has barely been cultivating for forty years, how can he be such a monster!” Jin Tieshan shook his head in vehement denial as he spoke.

Deng Xuan sneered, “There are many impossible things in this world.

That Huang Xiaolong also got his hands on the Hailstone Treasure!”

“W-what! The Hailstone Treasure! The treasure from the ancient Hailstone Holy Sect!” Jin Tieshan, Ling Tong, Ceng Leng, and the other two Enforcers’ eyes widened with burning greed.

Deng Xuan nodded, “You heard me right, that ancient Hailstone Holy Sect’s Treasure Vault! Yesterday during the inner disciples’ assessment, when that Xiang Mingzhi challenged Huang Xiaolong, each of them took out stakes for their side gamble.

Xiang Mingzhi took out twenty-five amazing ancient treasures, staking them against Huang Xiaolong’s Hailstone Treasure.

This is already a known fact among the galaxies’ top forces.”

Jin Tieshan suddenly jumped to his feet: “Come, we’re heading over there immediately!” That Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation was able to improve so fast, it definitely had to be due to the Hailstone Treasure in his hands! If they were able to get their hands on that treasure, their cultivation would improve by leaps and bounds, just like Huang Xiaolong.

“Wait!” Deng Xuan cried out to stop him.

Jin Tieshan’s brows scrunched up in dissatisfaction, staring sternly at Deng Xuan: “What is the meaning of this!”

Deng Xuan sneered coldly, “A pig brain can never change.

That Huang Xiaolong is the Black Warrior Institute Principal’s personal disciple.

Do you dare run over to snatch his Hailstone Treasure in broad daylight If that method would work, all the Grand Elders and Elders would have already made their move.

Would that big treasure still be sitting there waiting for you to act!”

Jin Tieshan's initial indignant expression wavered.

But he understood that what Deng Xuan said was correct and stabs at the heart of the matter, if he dared to go over and snatch the treasure from Huang Xiaolong, he’d probably end up dying without an intact corpse.

Huang Xiaolong was the Black Warrior Institute Principal’s personal disciple after all.

What was the identity of their Institute Principal He was the strongest person in the entire Black Tortoise Galaxy! Even their League Leader Jiang Yu’s Master, Vice-Principal Wang Na, had never been able to gain an advantage over Feng Yang.

“What do we do then Don’t say we’re just going to forget about it!” Jin Tieshan shouted.

Deng Xuan flashed a bone-chilling smile, “Of course we won’t forget it just like that after he injured our All Dragons League’s people.

We cannot snatch the Hailstone Treasure from Huang Xiaolong’s hands, but after injuring our people he should compensate us, right If not, we can only break his arms and burst his little birdie! At that time, even the Black Warrior Institute Principal won't say anything, since it was his personal disciple that had injured our people in the first place!”

“Wonderful!”Jin Tieshan laughed happily, “It is still Beauty Deng Xuan that's more brilliant!”

“What are we waiting for, let’s go over now!”


“Should we report this matter to the League Leader first” Lin Tong hesitated.

Deng Xuan issued a charming sound of laughter, “The League Leader is in death seclusion, it’s better not to disturb him.

Moreover, as strong as that Huang Xiaolong may be, could he fight against our entire All Dragons League According to my estimation, his current attack power is only comparable to a Sixth Order God Realm, any one of us All Dragons League’s Six Enforcer could take care of him with ease!”

Hence, under Deng Xuan, Ling, Tong and the rest’s lead, all the top masters of the All Dragons League departed grandly toward Huang Xiaolong.

The All Dragons League moving out in full force immediately alerted the other elite disciples.

While Deng Xuan and the other five Enforcers were leading over a large group of masters, Huang Xiaolong’s hands were waving in the air, controlling his immortal essence fire to melt iron and ores from the Divine World.

According to the chant taught by Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, he began to give shape to his future cultivation cave.


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