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Chapter 624: Collecting Gambling Wins


Soon after passing through the transmission array, Huang Xiaolong reached the Luo Tong Residence in the Black Warrior City, however, he immediately noticed that the atmosphere inside the residence was somewhat depressed, even a little dreary.

Only now did Huang Xiaolong find out that even though not even two days had passed since the inner disciples’ assessment ended until now, the Luo Tong Residence had suffered more than ten attacks!

Fortunately, there were the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger, Strongarm Water-fire Apes, and the other demonic beasts’ protection.

Prior to this, Huang Xiaolong made a request to his Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother Liu Yun to have the Black Warrior City guards pay extra attention to the safety around the Luo Tong Residence.

Despite so, the Luo Tong Residence still suffered a heavy loss, both injured and deaths.

From the over three hundred Saint realm subordinates that Huang Xiaolong brought over from the Martial Spirit World, more than sixty had died!

It could be counted as a small blessing that his parents and siblings, nephew Guo Xiaofan, Xie Puti, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, Blessed Buddha Emperor, Duanren Emperor, and some others were safe.

Anger blazed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

He turned around, asking Zhao Shu, “Did you find out which families sent them”

Zhao Shu shook his head, “Black Warrior Institute disciples from the Black Warrior City and Cloudsea Mainland’s Enforcer teams have been investigating to no avail.”

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes gleamed with sharpness.

Although the investigation bore no results, the probability of it being the Jiang Family was the highest.

Other than the Jiang Family, there were also the Gudu Family and Wang Family.

In fact, most of the super forces may have had a hand in it.

As for those first and second rank forces, they didn't yet have the courage to ignore the Black Warrior City or the Cloudsea Mainland’s rules, risking everything.

As tempting as the Hailstone Treasure itself was, one needed to be alive to actually enjoy it after all.

Without delay, Huang Xiaolong told his parents and ordered everyone else to pack up their things and follow him to the Golden Dragon Peak.

When the Huang Family, Blessed Buddha Emperor, Duanren Emperor, and everyone else reached the Golden Dragon Peak, all of them were struck dumb and speechless at the horrifying amount of spiritual energy and the Palace of Nine Halls Bagua Trigrams Formation. 

Toward this Golden Dragon Peak that was filled with scenery resembling a blessed immortal land, the majestic corners of the eighty-one palaces, Huang Peng, Su Yan, and the rest couldn’t be happier.

His sister Huang Min was the first to rush in after seeing the eighty-one palaces, cheering like a young maiden.

Following that, everyone cheerfully went to pick the residence they liked, with the Huang Family choosing the centermost palace, the one closest to the Nine Yang Holy Water Jade Lake.

In each of the eighty-one palaces, there were more than ten independent courtyards, and apart from that, there was also an alchemy room, a main hall, and so on.

Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, Blessed Buddha Emperor Shi Fantian, Duanren Emperor, the Guo Family Ancestor, Xie Puti, and a few others collectively picked the same palace structure, right beside the Huang Family.

At the current point of time, Huang Xiaolong’s subordinates numbered at two hundred and sixty-eight, hence, only twenty or so palaces were occupied, while the rest were left empty.

As for the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger, Strongarms  Water-fire Apes, and the rest of the horde of demonic beasts, they were left to roam outside the Palace of Nine Halls Bagua Trigrams Formation’s main entrance.

After settling the Huang Family, Huang Xiaolong left the Palace of Nine Halls, but just as he was passing through the main entrance, his footsteps halted.

A moment later, he took out the Blades of Asura, clearing the area in front of the main door.

Then he brought out the Hailstone Holy Cauldron once more, as well as several hundred pieces of Divine World iron and ores, refining them into pavement covering the front area of the main entrance.

Using the Divine World’s iron and ores to lay the pavement, this kind of extravagant behavior, probably only Huang Xiaolong could do something like this.

When this was done, Huang Xiaolong took out the spiritual trees, spiritual grass, and spiritual flowers from the Hailstone Treasure, giving them to his subordinates so they could plant them around the Palace of Nine Halls’ empty areas.

Huang Xiaolong also moved the nameless fire tree inside the Xumi Temple to the Palace of Nine Halls, planting it not far away from the Nine Yang Holy Water Lake.

He discovered this nameless fire tree long ago when he was exploring the outer area of Eminent Holiness’ ancient dwelling, close to an extremely cold spring.

So many years had passed since then, it had grown over a dozen zhang in height, with thick foliage and bark glittering like fiery red like crystal.

At night, the entire tree was a blazing red, as if it was on fire.

Even Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi didn't know the origins of this fire tree, he merely speculated that it most probably was a tree from the Divine World.

Two days quickly came and went.

In these two days, Huang Xiaolong spent the day with parents, guiding their cultivation among other things, and when night arrived, he would consume some Three Revolutions Golden Pills, concentrating on his own cultivation.

What baffled Huang Xiaolong was that Jiang Yu of the All Dragons League actually did not run over to his Golden Dragon Peak looking for trouble… Could that brat just swallow his anger down to his stomach

On the third day after the Huang Family moved in, Yang Feiyue and several other elite disciples arrived at the Golden Dragon Peak to pay Huang Xiaolong a visit.

Needless to say, paying a visit was only a surface excuse for their fawning.

When Yang Feiyue and the five other elite disciples he came over with saw the dense spiritual energy circling the Golden Dragon Peak and the beautifully connected Palace of the Nine Halls Bagua Trigrams Formation, they couldn’t contain the amazement from showing on their faces.

From Yang Feiyue and his group, Huang Xiaolong found out that Jiang Yu was actually in death seclusion, cultivating an ancient cultivation technique called Life and Death Reincarnation Cycle.

“Life and Death Reincarnation Cycle” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi frowned when he heard this, speaking to Huang Xiaolong, “This cultivation technique is truly a sinister one.

Little Huang brat, you need to watch out for Jiang Yu.”

Huang Xiaolong was initially stunned at Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s reminder, but he nodded solemnly, noting the matter down in his heart.

If it could make Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi say so, this cultivation technique probably wasn’t weak.

It was several hours later when Yang Feiyue and his group bid farewell and left Huang Xiaolong’s Golden Dragon Peak.

Watching the six people’s departing figures, a light glimmered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

According to the information garnered from them, the next time Jiang Yu emerged from his death seclusion, where he was cultivating the Life and Death Reincarnation Cycle, he most likely will have broken through to the Seventh Order God Realm.

If that Jiang Yu really came out of his death seclusion after breaking into Seventh Order God Realm, that did spell a small trouble for Huang Xiaolong.

Of course, it was just a small little problem.

Huang Xiaolong’s current strength was comparable to a peak late-Sixth Order God Realm.

There was a certain gap before a Seventh Order God Realm master, but even so, it wouldn't be that easy and smooth breaking past the barrier to the Seventh Order God Realm that Jiang Yu could just waltz through it.

Seventh Order God Realm was the second crucial dividing line.

In ten thousand peak late-Sixth Order God Realm masters, it was hard to have one successfully cross the line.

If that Jiang Yu could be the one with the highest probability in ten thousand, it would only be a matter of a few years.

Moreover, in a few years, Huang Xiaolong’s strength wouldn't be standing still at peak early-Fifth Order God Realm either.

“Well, it’s time to go collect my winnings.” Shortly after Yang Feiyue’s group of six left, Huang Xiaolong took out a receipt.

This gambling receipt was the one for the twenty billion bet that Huang Xiaolong placed before the inner disciples’ assessment in the gambling house jointly opened by the Jiang Family, Wang Family, and Gudu Family.

“Twenty billion, calculated according to the paying odds, it would be slightly over three hundred billion!

“It has been four days since the inner disciples’ assessment ended, those people must be anxious from waiting.” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

Because of the twenty billion bet he placed, the masters of all three families were surely just waiting for him to appear to claim his winnings.

Of course, if it was a person with little background, they really wouldn’t be able to collect the winnings from the Jiang, Wang, and Gudu Families, however, he was Huang Xiaolong!

After informing his parents, Huang Xiaolong left the Golden Dragon Peak, heading toward his Master Feng Yang’s manor.

With his Master Feng Yang appearing together with him, could the Jiang, Wang, and Gudu Families play ignorant

As Huang Xiaolong made his way toward his Master’s place, inside the Black Warrior City, Jiang Wuhuang, Wang Dingyi, and Gudu Ye were gathered at one point, sipping on some spiritual tea.

“Three days have passed, that brat who placed the twenty billion bet has yet to come and collect his winnings.” Wang Dingyi asked solemnly as he placed his cup down.

Jiang Wuhuang laughed, “Brother Wang is worrying in vain, if that brat really dares to show up to collect his winnings, he might not be able to return alive!”

Gudu Ye was also laughing, “I say, that brat doesn’t look like he dares to show up, knowing his own limit, he understands that life is more than money.

Actually, I was looking forward to that brat appearing, since he placed a twenty billion bet on Huang Xiaolong’s win, could he have known Huang Xiaolong, that brat, in advance I would like to keep him around for some questioning.”


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