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Chapter 643: Huang Xiaolong's Return


Shortly after, Huang Peng, Su Yan, and the others received news that the Duanren Emperor, Elf Queen, the Xie Family’s Ancestor, the Guo Family’s Ancestor, and the rest were killed by the All Dragons League disciples.

When Xie Puti heard this news, grief and anger filled him, shouting: “I'll kill them all!”

Those around him swiftly held him down, as Huang Peng persuaded: “Xie Family kid, you’re just going to die in vain if you rush over there now! Wait for Xiaolong to come back, we’ll plan what to do then!”

Under collective persuasion, Xie Puti and a few others gradually calmed down.

In truth, they knew in their hearts that with their current level of strength, forget seeking revenge, they would not even last until they saw Jiang Yu’s face.

Any one of the All Dragons League’s disciples could easily end their lives.

On another side, Huang Xiaolong had just returned to the Black Warrior Institute through the Black Warrior City transmission array.

Stepping out from the North Star Square’s transmission array, he took a deep breath of spiritually rich air.

He had been away for several months, and now that he was back, he wondered how things were on the Golden Dragon Peak.

Since the matter of apprenticeship with the old man wasn’t urgent in Huang Xiaolong’s opinion, he decided to first make a trip back to the Golden Dragon Peak.

Jumping onto his sword, Huang Xiaolong sped toward the Golden Dragon Peak.

Not knowing why, the closer Huang Xiaolong got to the Golden Dragon Peak, the stronger the unease in his heart grew. ‘Maybe it’s because I'm about to see my family again’, Huang Xiaolong tried to comfort himself.

Several hours later, Huang Xiaolong entered the range of the Red Flood Mountain Range.

The faraway Golden Dragon Peak was already within sight.

Flying on the Mulberry Sword, Huang Xiaolong alighted at mid-mountain.

In the next moment, his brows locked in a deep frown, for he sensed that the spiritual energy around the Golden Dragon Peak was slightly chaotic.

Moreover, usually, by this time, there would be people coming out to welcome him.

‘What happened!’

The Eye of Hell on Huang Xiaolong’s forehead opened, immediately detecting the radiance on the Ten Killing Swords, which had dimmed significantly.

There was trouble!

Huang Xiaolong’s heart sank, rushing into the Palace of Nine Halls in a few large strides.

When he reached the main hall, he noticed that everyone was gathered there with a grave expression on their faces, especially his parents.

“Big brother!”



Seeing it was Huang Xiaolong who returned, their faces brightened, a ray of hope lit in their eyes.

“What happened!” Huang Xiaolong nodded at his parents and asked.

Before anyone could speak, Xie Puti suddenly stood up and walked up to Huang Xiaolong.

Then, both his knees hit the floor in front of Huang Xiaolong, deep grief could be heard from Xie Puti’s hoarse voice, “My brother, you must help me avenge my Ancestor!”

Huang Xiaolong quickly pulled Xie Puti up from the floor.

Subsequently, Huang Peng and Su Yan recounted all that happened to Huang Xiaolong.

Hearing that Jiang Yu led the All Dragons League disciples out in full force to attack the Golden Dragon Peak, blatantly giving the order to kill every single person inside, not to mention Jiang Yu wanting to take the Golden Dragon Peak for himself, monstrous killing intent erupted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

If it weren’t for the eighty-one palaces that he refined, if it weren’t for the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger, Strongarm Water-fire Apes, and the rest of the demonic beasts guarding the Nine Halls Bagua Trigrams Formation, Jiang Yu would have broken the defense formation much easier.

At that time, his parents and everyone else would have…!

Die! Die! Die!

Huang Xiaolong exuded frigid aura, his gaze chillingly cold.

That Jiang Yu thought that just because he was that old witch Wang Na’s personal disciple and the son of the Jiang Family’s Patriarch, he really wouldn’t dare to kill him!

“All of you stay inside the Golden Dragon Peak, I’ll make a trip to the All Dragons Peak!” Huang Xiaolong stood up abruptly and said to everyone.

Without waiting for a reply, he had already walked out from the main hall.

Summoning the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger, he leaped up onto its back and flew off.

“This…!” Huang Peng was stumped.

He wanted to call out, but Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette was already far away.

Riding on the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger, Huang Xiaolong headed straight to the All Dragons Peak.

“Halt!” Close to the All Dragons Peak, Huang Xiaolong’s path was blocked by several All Dragons League disciples.

Just as they were about to reprimand the trespasser, their gazes fell on Huang Xiaolong’s face, scaring them so much that their hearts started beating violently.

“Huang, Huang Xiaolong!” The several disciples quivered.

Not even looking at these people, Huang Xiaolong merely waved his hand and knocked them all into the air, embedding them into the cliff wall in the distance.

Huang Xiaolong then accelerated toward the All Dragons Peak on the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger.

However, before he reached the All Dragons Peak, several figures flew out at high speed.

All of them were All Dragons Peak disciples.

The commotion from the first group of disciples being slapped away by Huang Xiaolong had alerted the surrounding disciples.

“Who dares to trespass into the All Dragons League’s territory! Seeking death! Don’t you know this is our All Dragons League’s restricted area!”

An arrogant bark sounded.

But as this disciple and his companions got closer to the trespasser, getting a clear look of his face, even their asses tightened in tension.

Many amongst them were previous victims of Huang Xiaolong’s kick.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Jin Tieshan made an effort to suppress the apprehension squeezing his heart, putting on a cold sneer, “So, it’s you.

I didn’t expect you to show up so fast! Since you’re in such a hurry to die, I shall lead you to our League Leader!”

“Don’t bother!” Huang Xiaolong’s cold hard voice punctuated his refusal.

Jin Tieshan was baffled; don’t bother For a second there, he failed to comprehend the underlying meaning of Huang Xiaolong’s refusal.

In a split second, Huang Xiaolong leaped off the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger’s back, appearing right in front of Jin Tieshan.

Jin Tieshan was caught off guard as Huang Xiaolong’s speed had more than doubled compared to the last time they met.

Jin Tieshan had barely raised his arm to counter when a piercing pain came from his chest.

An overbearing force sent him flying back, crashing heavily to the ground.

Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette flickered nonstop.

Every time he moved, there would be an All Dragons League disciple that was sent flying into the air.

Although Huang Xiaolong did not kill them, his attacks were many times more heavy-handed.

Consecutive large human-shaped pits appeared on the ground, taking turns with the number of ‘beautiful’ postures of half inserted humans in the cliff wall, forming a unique art piece.

It didn’t take long before the dozen people who came with Jin Tieshan were dealt with.

Huang Xiaolong leaped onto the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger’s back.

In the air, the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger hovered above the human-shaped pit belonging to Jin Tieshan, peering down coldly into the pit, “From today onwards, all of the All Dragons League disciples are to scram out of the Red Flood Mountain Range, otherwise I’ll burst every one I see!” With that, Huang Xiaolong lightly patted the Nine-tailed Radiance Tiger and sped off.

The Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger growled in response, its powerful muscular front leg stepped forward, not forgetting to add another kick to Jin Tieshan’s body.

Although a God Realm’s lower part could regrow despite suffering grave injury, the excruciating pain they felt everytime it burst penetrated deep into the bone.

Leaving that warning, Huang Xiaolong no longer bothered with these people as he continued heading to the All Dragons Peak.

As he approached the All Dragons Peak, amidst the thick clouds and mist, rich spiritual energy was akin to dust and sand obscuring the peak.

Huang Xiaolong snorted, flying up with a tap of his foot on the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger.

High up in the air, one thousand arms emerged from his back.

“The Fifteenth Move of the Dragon God, Unrivaled Myriad Dragons!”

Fifteen divine dragons flew out from each of the arms, roaring, destroying, a tide of dragons crashing onto the All Dragons Peak.

Bright dazzling lights exploded on the All Dragons Peak as layers of defense formations were triggered.

Booming explosions reverberated endlessly on the mountain peak.

Then, a clear glass shattering sound rang out.

The many layers of defense formation crumbled, revealing an unobscured  All Dragons Peak before Huang Xiaolong.

At this point, several figures flew out from the All Dragons League main hall at breakneck speed, followed by several hundreds of people.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Ceng Leng exclaimed seeing who it was.

“So, you’re Huang Xiaolong” Jiang Yu scrutinized Huang Xiaolong in a lofty manner, filled with mocking ridicule, “You want to avenge those slaves You’re pretty good looking.

Last time, you burst quite a few of our All Dragons League brothers’ ‘stuff’, but this time I will let them take turns, kicking until that part of yours is forever gone!”


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