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Chapter 648: Greeting Senior Ascending Moon


For the first time, terror gripped at Wang Na’s heart!

This old man in front of her was completely beyond her scope of understanding.

The Ascending Moon Old Man reverted to his sheepish grinning face, “Little doxy, this old man planned to spare you initially, but it seems like if this old man doesn’t strip you naked it’ll be hard to compensate the trouble my little disciple went through!”

Huang Xiaolong exposed a bitter wry smile at the back.

This old man went and tore other people’s clothes, yet dragged him into the water as well

Putting that aside, it was obvious that Wang Na continuously prosecuting him with the intention to kill had irked the old man, giving rise to the old man’s killing intent toward Wang Na.

Then again, they were within the Black Warrior Institute’s grounds, and Wang Na was the Vice-Principal of the Black Warrior Institute.

Powerful as the Ascending Moon Old Man was, he was still a bit concerned about murdering their Institute Vice-Principal in public.

However, there was no such concern about merely tearing off a piece of clothing.

Wang Na turned pale with fear, but just as she moved to flee, a silhouette flickered in front of her.

The Ascending Moon Old Man’s hand was already gripping the edge of her pants.

Next came an action that made all the Black Warrior Institute maters’ hearts miss a bear: just like before, a simple pull.

Zi~la! The sound of cloth tearing rang clear in everyone’s ears and Wang Na instantly felt a breeze on her lower body.

The masters gathered around widened their eyes.

They were a little dazed with their mouths agape, yet the quickened breathing was unmistakable.

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze swept over; catching the sight of milky white slender thighs, the flat navel, and the black forest further down the navel.

Not to mention the alluring curves around her back.

Several All Dragons League disciples didn’t even notice that saliva was trickling out from their opened mouths, a small tent raised at their pants crotch.

“Ahhh!” Wang Na’s high-pitched scream was seemingly powerful enough to shatter space.

The churning killing intent had taken over her heart and reason.

Her eyes had turned crimson red as she hollered, her voice hoarse: “Activate the Black Warrior Killing Formation now!! Kill them, kill them!!!” Death aura burst out from her body like a death god emerging from the deepest pits of hell.

The Black Warrior Institute Grand Elders finally regained their wits.

“Stop for me!” Suddenly, an authoritative voice reverberated, sounding like a clap of thunder that caused people’s eardrums to buzz for a long time.

Turning toward the source of the voice, several figures were seen flying toward them at high speed.

“Greetings, Institute Principal!” Seeing the face of the person, the Grand Elders, Elders, and disciples were shocked even as they quickly saluted.

One of the new arrivals was none other than the Black Warrior Institute Principal, Feng Yang.

 There were also Huang Xiaolong’s Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother Liu Yun, Second Apprentice-brother Chen Yang, Third Apprentice-sister Qi Wen, Grand Elder Chen Yu, Bao Xinrui, and several others.

Feng Yang didn’t heed the greetings coming from all around.

Instead, he hastily flew until he arrived in front of the Ascending Moon Old Man, greeting him in most respectful manner, “Feng Yang pays his respects to Senior Ascending Moon.”

The surrounding members of the Black Warrior Institute watched dazedly as their Institute Principal Feng Yang paid respects to the old man as a junior, shock and disbelief were written all over their faces.

Based on their Black Warrior Institute Principal’s status and strength, he was someone who stood at the same level as those super forces’ Ancestor level personas.

Yet, the same Feng Yang was now respectfully referring to that beggar old man as Senior!

Who was this terrifying old man! Senior Ascending Moon

The other two Vice-Principals, Su Haodong and Li Zhiqun, were baffled.

Then, a thought simultaneously flashed in their minds, 'Could this old man be…!’ Thinking of the possibility, their eyes widened in shock.

When they were still ‘little’ Xiantian realm cultivators, they had already heard numerous legendary stories about this old man.

They could still remember that whenever the elders of their families mentioned this old man, their faces would reveal expressions full of reverence and awe.

Silently guessing who this old man might possibly be, both Su Haodong and Li Zhiqun shuddered to their cores.

It seemed like Wang Na guessed the old man’s identity as well, as her small face turned bloodlessly pale.

The violent killing intent in her heart was extinguished by a rain colder than ice.

Watching the respectful Feng Yang before him, the Ascending Moon Old Man seemed to be very happy, laughing vibrantly as he said, “I say, Feng Yang boya, this old man didn’t expect that after several tens of thousands of years of not meeting, you can still remember this old man.

Not bad, not bad, it shows that you’re respecting the elders and loving the young, you still have this old man in your heart.”

Everyone had a strange expression on their faces at this.

Huang Xiaolong literally rolled his eyes, what did this have to do with respecting the elders and loving the young This old man was really skillful in connecting everything with respecting the elders and loving the young.

Feng Yang stiffened, giving an awkward bitter smile.

More than ten thousand had passed, but this Senior Ascending Moon’s temperament was still the same ah.

“Senior Ascending Moon, may I ask which of our institute’s disciples have offended you You being here…” Feng Yang’s eyes swept the surrounding, inquiring cautiously.

The Ascending Moon Old Man waved his hand, saying, “In truth, it is not that big a deal, it’s just that this little doxy here was bent on killing my little disciple, and I teleported here from the Cloudsea Mainland.

But this little doxy insisted that my little disciple sneaked me in, slandering him as a traitor! Hence, this old man accompanied him here to play for a while.” The Ascending Moon Old Man pointed at Wang Na and Huang Xiaolong as he spoke.

Feng Yang was stunned hearing the Ascending Moon Old Man calling Huang Xiaolong his little disciple.

“Forget it, forget it.

For the sake of her Master Ancestor, who had once tried to woo me in the past, I won’t hold this little doxy’s mistake against her.” Then he added, “You also know that this old man is most magnanimous.”

Huang Xiaolong, as well as the surrounding people, felt inwardly embarrassed on behalf of the old man.

Most magnanimous

He already stripped people fully off their clothes, what magnanimity was there to speak of

However, due to this short interlude, Wang Na had calmed down, took a new set of clothes from her spatial ring and dressed up.

Still, an occasional glimmer of sharpness could still be detected from her eyes as she exerted much effort to suppress the raging hatred and killing intent within her.

“Thank you, Senior Ascending Moon.” Feng Yang smiled wryly, “But, Xiaolong he..”

Ascending Moon Old Man suddenly threw an arm over Feng Yang’s shoulder in a chummy manner, a sheepish smile on his face, “I was about to talk about this matter with you.

You also know my Thousand Worlds Sect’s requirements for selecting disciples are very strict, they need to be able to refine a sacred grade divine pellet while still in the God Realm, but for many thousands of years I couldn’t find such a genius talent, which was why I have been staying in this lower realm instead of ascending to the Divine World.

Huang Xiaolong was able to refine a sacred grade divine pellet, therefore I, this old man, want to take Huang Xiaolong as my disciple to inherit my Thousand Worlds Sect’s Chief position.

Little Feng Yang boya, you don’t have any objections, right”

Those who had been listening in were shocked. 

Huang Xiaolong was capable of refining a sacred grade divine pellet! Wasn’t it said that only Highgod Realm masters could do that At the same time, they were astonished that this Thousand Worlds Sect’s condition of receiving disciples was so harsh.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

He finally knew why the Thousand Worlds Sect only had the Ascending Moon Old Man, only one person! Requiring someone below Highgod Realm to refine sacred grade divine pellets, this was something that was almost impossible.

If it weren’t for his immortal essence fire, he wouldn’t have been able to do it either.

At the side, Su Haodong and Li Zhiqun, who had guessed the Ascending Moon Old Man’s identity correctly, were feeling envious that he had chosen to take Huang Xiaolong in as a disciple.

Others might not understand what the Thousand Worlds Sect represented, but they knew very well.

Hearing what the Ascending Moon Old Man said, Feng Yang laughed in relief, “So, it’s like this.

Senior Ascending Moon wants to receive Xiaolong as disciple, that is his blessings.

Why would this junior have any opinion In fact, this junior is extremely delighted.”

His youngest disciple actually caught the interest of the Ascending Moon Old Man, Feng Yang was sincerely happy for Huang Xiaolong.

Of course, there were a hundred benefits and no downside if the Black Warrior Institute was able to establish a good connection with the Ascending Moon Old Man.

When the Ascending Moon Old Man heard Feng Yang’s reply, he patted Feng Yang’s shoulder passionately, “Excellent, this old man already knows that you’re a person who respects elders and love the young.

Then, this matter is decided! The apprenticeship ceremony will take place tomorrow!”

Huang Xiaolong opened his mouth but did not speak.

Nobody asked for his opinion ah...


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