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But, it was as if the Ascending Moon Old Man did not notice the expression ofwanting to beat someone into a pulp on Huang Xiaolongs face.

With a complacent smile still on his face, he said, “Forget it, better let this old man tell you.

That is a godhead.

An irreplaceable priceless treasure, a godhead! You know what a godhead is, right This godhead is something I got through bitter effort, experiencing perilous dangers, and I have been reluctant to use it!”

Then Ascending Moon Old Man recounted the numerous hardships he went through in order to get this godhead.

This recount of glorious feats lasted close to fifteen minutes.

Even after that, the Ascending Moon Old Man looked like this wasnt enough and started telling Huang Xiaolong how precious and valuable the godhead was.

This lasted for another fifteen minutes.

All in all, only after half an hour did the old man stop.

Huang Xiaolong sat quietly the entire time like an old monk in deep meditation, without the slightest movement, asleep yet awake.

After the Ascending Moon Old Man stopped, making sure he did not miss any important points, he finally cleared his throat and said, “Brat, didnt you want the Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet formula Now, Master will pass it to you.”

Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet formula!

Huang Xiaolong, who sat like a pious old monk in meditation, shook slightly as his eyes brightened.

The Ascending Moon Old Man smiled, satisfied at Huang Xiaolongs reaction, “Brat, listen well, this old man will only recite it three times.

If you cannot remember it, you only have yourself to blame.”

Then, the Ascending Moon Old Man began listing out more than three hundred ingredients needed for refining the Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet, the age requirements of each material were also mentioned in detail.

At the same time, the old man emphasized the thirteen crucial main ingredients needed.

If any one of these thirteen ingredients were missing, even if the refining was successful, it would be a useless pill.

Other than these thirteen main ingredients, the Ascending Moon Old Man also mentioned which ingredients could be substituted, what they could be substituted with, and how they would affect the efficiency of the Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet.

This first lesson went on for three hours.

When the Ascending Moon Old Man finished, he picked up the cup of tea on the side table, taking a sip to moisten his throat.

Then, he smiled at Huang Xiaolong, “Now, recite the over three hundred ingredients in the Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet formula, let me see how much youve managed to remember.”

Huang Xiaolong began, neither hurried nor rushed, “Bright Spiritual Mushroom, Fragrant Whiteleaf Thistle, Soulstone Pit, Spirit-break Wood, Nine-nine Heart Connecting Leaf...” When Huang Xiaolong listed over a hundred ingredients without a single error, the Ascending Moon Old Mans leisurely demeanor gradually diminished, turning from daze to shock.

A persons memory capacity and comprehensive ability were congenital aspects that were difficult to alter.

It definitely wasn\'t something that improved together with strength, which was why the Ascending Moon Old Man was shocked by Huang Xiaolongs memory capacity.

The Ascending Moon Old Man felt that his own memory was excellent, however, asking him to list over three hundred ingredients again after a single time hearing them was still something difficult.

While the Ascending Moon Old Man was still caught in his shock, Huang Xiaolongs voice did not stop reciting the ingredient list.

When Huang Xiaolong had named nearly two hundred ingredients without any mistake, the Ascending Moon Old Man was shocked agape, and upon reaching three hundred ingredients, one could stuff a small apple into the old mans mouth.

A long time after Huang Xiaolong finished naming all the ingredients correctly, the Ascending Moon Old Man still did not react.

“Old man, I didnt make a mistake, right” Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong made a loud dry cough, asking out loud.

Only then did the Ascending Moon Old Man recover from his daze, his eyes burning bright staring at Huang Xiaolong, flashing his trademark sheepish grin, “No mistake, no mistake! Brat, I didnt expect your memory to be so good, although its still slightly lacking compared to me, its still not bad!” His face split into a wide grin saying this.

Huang Xiaolong rolled his eyes, but he already experienced how thick this old mans face could be and decided not to be led astray.

He then began reciting the thirteen main ingredients as well as the ingredients that could be substituted, their substitution, and their effects one by one.

By the time Huang Xiaolong was done, the Ascending Moon Old Man was staring at Huang Xiaolong with a feverish gaze, as if he was the ultimate treasure.

If he didnt know that the old man didn\'t have aspecial hobby, he would have run out of the yard long ago.

A moment later, the Ascending Moon Old Man got serious, taking out a pill furnace, explaining to Huang Xiaolong, “This is our Thousand Worlds Sects Thousand Worlds Furnace, placed second amongst the four galaxies top divine furnaces.

Later, when I pass the Chief position to you, this Thousand Worlds Furnace will belong to you.

Since youve already memorized the Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet formula, Im going to demonstrate the refining process to you once, and explain to you the steps and things you need to pay attention to.”

Following that, the Ascending Moon Old Man took out the necessary ingredients from his spatial ring one by one.

Every time he took one out, he would explain to Huang Xiaolong the medicinal properties and its related effects.

When the three hundred plus ingredients were all prepared, the Ascending Moon Old Man began refining the Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet, continuing his explanation to Huang Xiaolong as his hands moved.

He explained which ingredient must be added into the pill furnace first, when to place the ingredients, which ingredients should be added to together, and the ones that required initial refinement before they could be added into the pill furnace together with the rest.

The Ascending Moon Old Mans explanation was very detailed, even reminding Huang Xiaolong when to pay attention to the flame control 

Huang Xiaolong listened attentively, and at the same time, he inwardly admired the Ascending Moon Old Mans pill refining skill, even as the old man explained every step to him.

Someone who didn\'t possess top skills and experience wouldn\'t be able to do this, the number probably didn\'t exceed three people in all four galaxies.

Some time later, the Ascending Moon Old Man finished refining the pill successfully.

The Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellets exuded a glossy shine, emitting an alluring fragrance that could be smelled from several li away.

They were the finest quality among divine grade medicinal pellets.

Another great wave of admiration emerged in Huang Xiaolongs heart.

The Ascending Moon Old Man used a common hand technique to refine this batch of ingredients while explaining each step in detail to him.

Yet, under such circumstances, the old man was still able to refine top grade pellets.

One could only feel admiration for the old man.

Next, under the Ascending Moon Old Mans observation, Huang Xiaolong took out another set of ingredients and began refining the Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellet.

The Ascending Moon Old Man continued to be astonished observing Huang Xiaolong.

The brats control over the flames was extremely skillful, not to mention the fact that his refining speed was on the faster side.

Not taking long, Huang Xiaolong was finished, successfully refining the pills! Looking at the round Rising Tide Ascending Moon Divine Pellets emitting a soft glow, the old mans heart was shaking inside.

In his lifetime, he had seen more than his fair share of lauded monstrous geniuses, yet he had never seen someone succeeding on their first attempt at refining a divine pellet, moreover, producing top grade ones on the first try.

On top of that, Huang Xiaolong copied what he did, using a common hand technique.

Once the Ascending moon Old Mans astonishment subsided, elation set in.

Patting Huang Xiaolongs shoulder with exaggerated force he said, “Good brat, your Big Master, I, indeed was not mistaken in taking you as disciple! Fudge, the responsibility of expanding our Thousand World Sects glory is up to you in the future!”

“Old man, can you not hit so hard If you hit anymore, my bones are going to break.” Huang Xiaolong grimaced.

The Ascending Moon Old Man retrieved his hand, the laughter on his face not diminishing in the slightest, “At first, I was worried that you wouldn\'t be able to compete in the coming Alchemist Grandmaster Competition, but now, this old man can rest assured.

At that time, you must definitely win back the first place for our Thousand Worlds Sect!”

“Alchemist Grandmaster Competition” Huang Xiaolong was confused. 


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