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Huang Xiaolongs eyebrows slightly raised when he heard the younger woman call Zhuo Wentingsister.

Judging from Xie Putis reaction, it was clear that the pretty young woman was the one he liked, but who would have thought that the woman they met at the shop yesterday would be her elder sister!

Moreover, from the way she spoke, it seems like they were biological sisters!

Zhou Wenting did not answer her younger sister, Zhou Wenshan, her eyes turned red as she glared venomously at Huang Xiaolong, “Little punk, I didnt expect my sisters eyes to be so blind to actually like someone like you!” In the end, her grim face turned manic with joy, “But, the reason we asked to meet you here is to tell you that our Zhuo Family has already arranged for my sister to be betrothed to the Li Familys Young Master, Li Zishuai! From today onwards, dont ever try to contact my sister!”

“Now, you can bury your feelings!”

As if she had found an outlet to exact revenge for yesterdays humiliation, Zhou Wenting laughed madly with elation and satisfaction, a little exaggerated, causing her breasts to jiggle around.

She was convinced that the person her sister liked was Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolongs brows creased into furrows, turning his head to the side looking at Xie Puti.

Xie Puti paled visibly at Zhuo Wentings words.

He took a deep breath as he fixed his eyes on Zhuo Wenshan, “Wenshan, is what she said true”

Zhuo Wenshan, on the other hand, was much calmer than Xie Puti, “Its true.

My father agreed for me to marry the Li Familys Young Master, Li Zishuai.

The wedding is in ten days!”

Xie Putis face went white, drained of blood; his body wobbled unsteadily as he shook his head in denial, mumbling: “No, n-no, NO! Not possible!” In the end, his reasons frayed, taking a stride forward, grasping Zhuo Wenshans arm, “Why! Why—!”

Zhuo Wenshans expression turned frosty, flinging Xie Putis hand away, “Why Because he is the Li Familys Young Master, whereas youre merely a Xiantian realm cultivator… eh You broke through to the Saint realm Regardless, even the lowest of the Li Familys slaves is a hundred times stronger than you!”

Xie Puti was persistently stubborn; refusing to believe, unwilling to believe, roaring his dissent: “No, I dont believe, I dont believe that you dont love me!”

Zhou Wenshan revealed an icy smile, “I did like you in the past, but that was because I was ignorant, deceived by your flowery speech and honeyed words! Xie Puti, Ill tell you honestly, my Father is Zhuo Qun, a descendant of the Zhuo Familys main branch.

Our Zhuo Family is one of Black Tortoise Galaxys first rank prominent families, do you really think that a meager Saint realm like you is qualified to be matched with me”

Every single word passing through Zhou Wenshans lips was like a knife plunging at Xie Putis heart.

His breathing grew heavy, feeling difficulty in drawing the next breath.

At this precise moment, Xie Puti finally realized how naive, foolish, and ludicrous he had been! All these years he had been toiling to improve his cultivation, hoping to break through to God Realm even one day earlier, all of it for her! Yet, that very person was now standing in front of him, saying that she was ignorant in the past and was tricked by his honeyed words!

Xie Putis sorrow pushed him over the edge, going from rage one moment to hysterical laughter the next, “Flowery speech and honeyed words, you say you were deceived by my flowery speech and honeyed words!” Though he was laughing, hot tears were streaming down his face.

Huang Xiaolong stood at the side, unsure if he should say something.

In the end, he remained quiet.

He knew that what Xie Puti needed now was not comfort, but release, to reduce the pain he was feeling.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze was filled with loathing and coldness looking at Zhou Wenshan, even though he understood many a time that in various matters one could hardly run away from reality, including love.

However, no matter who the other party was, they were not allowed to hurt his brothers!

Zhuo Wenting was watching Huang Xiaolong, mocking with coy giggles, “Little punk, werent you very proud yesterday Hear that, my sister has said everything loud and clear, now you can bring your friend and scram out of here! Let me tell you frankly, the private rooms on this Manqin Restaurants first floor are not places where any stray cats and dogs can enter.

So what if you have loads of money In this world, strength is most important!”

“You are right, strength is most important in this world!” Huang Xiaolong spoke with a biting chill to his voice.

Zhou Wentings giggle rippled in the room, “I didnt expect a country bumpkin like you to be smart enough to realize that strength is the most important thing in this world.” Her eyes scrutinized Huang Xiaolong up and down, “Youre half-step God Realm Or peak half-step God Realm Tell you the truth, even if youre a God Realm master, before our Zhuo Family, youre less than a fart! Youll only fare worse in front of the Li Family!” 

Even after saying this much, Zhuo Wenting still didnt feel truly vented.

She sneered, adding, “Let me tell you, any one of our Zhuo Familys God Realm disciples could easily  smother you to death with a spit!”

Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed dangerously, a sharp glint flickered past in a flash.

Suddenly, at this time, the door to their room was pushed open, startling everyone.

Looking toward the door, a young man wearing a fine brocade robe was seen walking into the room, exuding a worldly air.

Two guards followed closely behind him.

Seeing the young man, Zhuo Wenting and Zhuo Wenshan both looked flustered.

“So, its Young Master Li.” Zhuo Wenting quickly stepped forward, respectful yet flattering in her smile.

“You came.” Zhuo Wenshans voice was low, fingers shyly playing with the edge of her clothes.

No doubt, this was the Young Master Li Zishuai that Zhuo Wenshan was recently betrothed to.

Li Zishuai smiled faintly, “Today, I made a trip to the Zhuo Family, thinking to invite sister Wenshan to town for a walk, but later I heard from your steward that you have made a reservation here in the Manqin Restaurant to meet with someone.

Prompted by my curiosity, I came over to have a look, no other meaning.” The entire time he was talking, he fixed a gentle and loving gaze on Zhou Wenshan.

Being stared like that by Li Zishuai, Zhou Wenshans face blushed red; detecting no blame in his voice, she inwardly breathed a great sigh of relief.

Xie Putu watched with great pain the interaction between these two people, their gazes and that blush on her face only deepened the wound in his heart.

Zhuo Wenting made another of her coy giggles, “In fact, its nothing but two slaves and swindlers.” Her finger pointed at Xie Puti and Huang Xiaolong, “Wenshan was really too innocent in the past, cheated by these two swindlers.

Today we came here to demand something back from them.”

Li Zishuai did not expose the lame excuse, he merely smiled faintly, asking, “Then, have you got your item back”

Zhuo Wenting quickly answered, “Yes, yes, we already did.

We were just about to shoo them away when Young Master Li coincidentally arrived.”

Li Zishuai nodded, then said, “These two lowly slaves even dared to cheat Wenshans things, since its like that, they cannot be let off so easily.” He said to the two guards behind him, “Both of you, go break their arms and legs before throwing them out, take it as a punishment for them!” As he said that, he already reached the table, languidly sitting himself down.

From the beginning to the end, he didnt even spare a glance at Huang Xiaolong or Xie Puti; with his status as the Young Master of the Li Family, looking at two lowly slaves was equivalent to soiling his eyes.

However, this was just a small punishment, he would later look for an opportunity to exterminate these two!

He wasnt a fool, it was obvious that both Zhuo Wenting and Zhuo Wenshan meeting these two here meant that their relationship wasnt so simple! There were actually people who dared to have an ambiguous relationship with a woman he fancied! How could he, Li Zishuai, allow that person to continue living in this world.

The two Li Family guards respectfully complied and made their way toward Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti.

When Zhuo Wenshan heard Li Zishuai say that he wanted Xie Putis arms and legs broken, her heart was reluctant, but she did not speak out on Xie Putis behalf.

On the other hand, Zhuo Wenting could hardly contain her delight.

Wasnt this the result she wanted the most She faced Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti with a derisive gloating expression.

As far as she knew, these two Li Family guards were both Fourth Order God Realm masters.


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