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Not long after Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti left the restaurant, footsteps thundered into the premise, causing the building to shake beneath the force.

The Black Warrior Institute patrolling disciples and experts belonging to the Li Family finally arrived at the scene.

The door to the private room was pushed open as these people went inside.

Coming upon Li Zishuais bloodied condition, each person present sucked in a breath of cold air.

Li Donghai quickly helped Li Zishuai up, swiftly stuffing a divine grade spirit pellet into his mouth, and even infusing his own god battle qi into Li Zishuais body to stabilize his injuries.

When Li Zishuais condition finally stabilized, Li Donghai looked over toward the Black Warrior Institute patrolling disciples, shouting furiously at them, “My Li Familys Young Master Li Zishuai was injured in your Black Warrior City.

If you Black Warrior Institute disciples cannot capture the criminal, our Li Family will seek an account from the Black Warrior Institute for this matter!”

Li Zishuai was a descendant of their Li Familys main branch, the Li Family Patriarchs nephew.

He was one of several Li Family younger generation disciples that the Li Family Ancestor valued the most, yet he was wounded to this degree within the walls of the Black Warrior City! 

The condition of his lower body was a cruel handiwork!

Li Donghai, the Li Familys Chief Steward, was enraged.

Murderous aura surged intensely from his body.

The Black Warrior patrolling team leader, Qi Chengguang, raised an eyebrow, but his manner was still considered polite, “Rest assured, Chief Steward Li, we will definitely capture the person responsible for this as soon as possible.” With that said, he turned around and issued an order to check the entire city.

Li Zishuai finally regained consciousness after Li Donghais treatment, raving madly: “I want to kill that bastard with my own hands, Ill kill him!!” Suddenly, he spotted Zhuo Wenting and Zhuo Wenshan huddled in a corner and hatred spewed out from his eyes: “You two bitches!” He marched over, a palm striking both women across their face.

The Zhuo sisters were sent flying from the force, their cheeks immediately swelled into pig-heads.

Li Donghai was stumped, wasn\'t Young Master Li Zishuai keen on that young woman Zhuo Wenshan Even their wedding date was set, what just happened

It didnt take long for the Black Warrior patrolling team leader Qi Chengguang to find out Huang Xiaolongs identity.

Hearing the report from his subordinate, Qi Chengguang was stupefied.

Gradually, his brows were scrunched together into a tight frown, a bitter feeling rising in his heart.

Whod have thought that it would be this young masters handiwork.

Then again, there were very few who had the guts to wound Li Zishuai to this extent.

“Captain Qi, have you found the criminal” Noticing Qi Chengguangs strange expression, Li Donghai questioned solemnly.

Qi Chengguang gave a vague answer: “This, er, not yet, Ill first return to make a report.

This kind of incident occurred in our Black Warrior City, I need to make a detailed report to the higher echelons.” Without waiting for a reply from Li Donghai, Qi Chengguang turned around and left hastily.

Li Donghais face darkened, the look in his eyes was icy cold; it seems there was more to this matter.

In the end, Li Donghai could only return to the Li Mansion with Li Zishuai and report the matter to their Li Family Patriarch, Li Guangming.

While all of this took place, Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti had long returned to the Luo Tong Residence.

At that time, the Huang Family and the Ascending Moon Old Man had gone out, hence, Huang Xiaolong accompanied Xie Puti, numbing his pain in wine.

Both men were quiet as they drank one jug after another until dusk, when the Huang Family and the Ascending Moon Old Man returned.

Only then did they stop.

“Brother, thank you for today.” Xie Puti spoke sincerely.

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, saying, “Whats there to thank me for If you really want to thank me, just forget that woman.”

Xie Puti heaved a heavy sigh, “It\'s already in the past.

It is better like this, I can concentrate on my cultivation.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

The Huang Family stayed in the Black Warrior City for two days before returning to the Black Warrior Institutes Golden Dragon Peak.

As for the Li Family, as Huang Xiaolong expected, there wasn\'t any ruckus, as if the incident with Li Zishuai never happened, cleanly erased.

The Li Familys side did not mention the matter, neither did the Black Warrior Institute.

Life went on as per usual.

Whether that Li Zishuai was gnashing his teeth in hate toward him or otherwise, it was not something that concerned Huang Xiaolong.

Soon after, the Zhuo and Li Familys wedding was called off.

When Huang Xiaolong heard this news, he went to inform Xie Puti, who listened calmly, showing no sorrow and no joy.

In recent days, he spent most of his time cultivating in his yard.

This stirred a chain reaction, as everyone on the Golden Dragon Peak also worked hard in their cultivation.

As time passed, the more they saw and experienced, the Huang Family realized ever more clearly that a Saint realms strength was bottom rung weak.

Hence, each of them was striving in their cultivation with God Realm as their aim.

Huang Xiaolong fell back into his previous routine, spending the day learning alchemy with the Ascending Moon Old Man, while his nights were used to refine the godforce and Gods Law inside the godhead. 

From time to time, the Black Warrior Institute Principal Feng Yang would also come over to the Golden Dragon Peak to guide Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolongs knowledge and skills improved drastically, not only in terms of alchemy, but also in forging and array formations.

In the first year, Huang Xiaolong learned one new divine grade pill formula every day with the Ascending Moon Old Man.

In the second year, the one divine grade pill formula a day increased to two a day.

And in the third year, he learned three pill formulas on a daily basis.

Huang Xiaolongs monstrous memory capacity, comprehension, and learning ability made the Ascending Moon Old Man and Feng Yang go mad with envy.

Until the fourth year, the Ascending Moon Old Man only needed to recite the pill formula, refining method, things to note, and Huang Xiaolong would be able to refine the divine grade pellet without a demonstration from him.

During the first three years, there were times when Huang Xiaolongs alchemy ended up in failure, but entering his fourth year, he had never failed even once.

Originally, the Black Warrior Institute did not allow outside Highgod Realm masters to stay long term within the institute grounds, but the Ascending Moon Old Man was an exception.

As the Institute Principal, Feng Yang had no objections, thus others dared not breathe out a single word of dissatisfaction.

According to Institute Principal Feng Yangs words, the Ascending Moon Old Man was Huang Xiaolongs Big Master and could be considered as half belonging to the Black Warrior Institute.

There was nothing wrong with him staying as long as he liked on the Golden Dragon Peak.

In the blink of an eye, a decade had passed.

In this decade, Huang Xiaolong had learned every pill formula the Ascending Moon Old Man knew.

Not only did he learn them all, the divine grade pellets he refined were of high purity, almost comparable to the Ascending Moon Old Man himself.

After spending ten years refining the rank five godheads godforce and Gods Law, his cultivation strength rose to peak mid-Sixth Order God Realm, just half a step more and hed be able to breakthrough to late-Sixth Order God Realm.

Over the years, Feng Yang was a frequent guest at the Golden Dragon Peak.

Knowing Huang Xiaolongs shocking cultivation speed, his heart bloomed with delight, grinning from ear to ear.

On this particular day, the Ascending Moon Old Man summoned Huang Xiaolong to his place, passing him a token that seemed to resemble both metal and jade, yet being neither of those.

With a serious face, the old man said, “This is our Thousand Worlds Sects Thousand Worlds Jade Medallion.

Today, Im passing over the Chief position of the Thousand Worlds Sect to you, I hope you can bring our Thousand Worlds Sect to greater heights!”

Huang Xiaolong was stunned at first, then he solemnly received the medallion.

On the surface, the medallion had the carving of an ancient painting, and on the bottom was the old talisman symbol界 representing the characterworld.

The Ascending Moon Old Man continued, “This Thousand Worlds Medallion is the key to our Thousand Worlds Sects treasury.

I know you dont lack money, but inside our treasury, there are still quite a number of divine grade spirit pellets.

If you have time in the future, go and have a look.” Subsequently, he told Huang Xiaolong the location of the treasury and the secret method of opening it.

Huang Xiaolong committed every word to memory.

In the end, the Ascending Moon Old Man took out the Thousand Worlds Furnace, giving it to Huang Xiaolong as well.

“I have nothing else to teach you, you will have to work hard on your own.” the Ascending Moon Old Man reminded, “Ill be visiting a few of my old friend tomorrow.

Fifteen years later, before the Alchemist Grandmaster Competition begins, Ill come back and bring you there.”


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