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Inside a manor on the north corner of Royal Pill City, Xiang Mingzhi was looking morose.

The news about Huang Xiaolong taking the Alchemist assessment had spread, therefore it wasnt strange that Xiang Mingzhi also heard about it.

Beside Xiang Mingzhi was a middle-aged man in a light purple brocade robe.

His hands were naturally placed behind his back, yet a majestic aura could be felt from him.

Even the guards subconsciously held their breaths in the presence of this middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man was none other than the Azure Dragon Institute Principal, Qin Yi.

Qin Yi said, “I really didnt expect that Huang Xiaolongs alchemy talent to be just as dazzling.

Without a furnace, and using the common ingredients prepared by the Alchemist Grandmaster Association, he was able to refine saint grade Amorphous Star Pellets.

This wouldn\'t have been possible if his skills didn\'t reach the level of a high-level Alchemist Grandmaster.”

“Most likely the Alchemist Grandmaster Association purposely exaggerated the incident because he is the Ascending Moon Old Mans personal disciple, putting Huang Xiaolong on a pedestal!” Xiang Mingzhis sullen mood was obvious from his tone.

“I dont believe that with less than thirty years of practice he could reach the high-level Alchemist Grandmaster!”

Indeed, it was undoubtedly hard for anyone to believe unless they witnessed it with their own eyes; someone that learned alchemy for barely thirty years achieving the rank of a high-level Alchemist Grandmaster!

This was akin to someone who cultivated for less than two hundred years breaking into the Highgod Realm.

No one would believe it.

A light flickered in Qin Yis eyes as he listened,“Both Chen Ye and Lin Pinghai, as well as the other Elders of the Alchemist Grandmaster Association took the unanimous decision to give Huang Xiaolong an Elder position in the association.

If Huang Xiaolong did not have the necessary skills, the Alchemist Grandmaster Association would not go this far.”

A tall stalwart man beside Qin Yi interjected, “Even if that Huang Xiaolong really has skills comparable to a high-level Alchemist Grandmaster, it doesnt mean hed be able to win over Junior Brother in the Alchemist Grandmaster Competition.

Junior Brother has completely merged with the Azure Dragon Divine Fire, defeating Huang Xiaolong will be an easy matter.”

This stalwart man was Qin Yis eldest disciple, Ceng Chu.

Qin Yi nodded, he agreed with his eldest disciple.

The four divine flames of the primeval time were the most powerful flames in the four galaxies, and the Azure Dragon Divine Fire was the herald of the four divine fires, possessing incredible power.

Xiang Mingzhi said, “Its fine this way.

Now that Huang Xiaolong holds the status of an Elder of the Alchemist Grandmaster Association, squashing him in the competition would give me greater satisfaction, raising my prestige!”

Similar to Xiang Mingzhis reaction, when participants from all four galaxies heard that Huang Xiaolong had skills comparable to a high-level Alchemist Grandmaster despite having practiced alchemy for less than thirty years, a majority of them incessantly shook their heads in disbelief.

Some even sneered with disdain.

Huang Xiaolong was oblivious to the discussions happening outside.

After arriving in Chen Yes residence with the Ascending Moon Old Man and Shi Xiaofei, the three of them did not step out since then.

Staying there, Huang Xiaolong and Chen Ye wouldlearn from each other, comparing their alchemy refining techniques.

Naturally, as the times they compared grew more numerous, so did Chen Yes shock.

Although Chen Ye was the Alchemist Grandmaster Associations Chief, when compared to the Ascending Moon Old Man, his alchemy skills were still lacking.

But, not only were Huang Xiaolongs skills almost comparable to the Ascending Moon Old Man, in certain aspects, Huang Xiaolong was slightly better than his Master.

Chen Ye feeling astonished was understandable.

Initially, Chen Ye still had doubts towards Jia Liangs description of Huang Xiaolong refining saint grade Amorphous Star Pellets without a furnace.

After all, he did not personally witness it.

However, after seeing Huang Xiaolong in action, Chen Ye finally realized that Huang Xiaolongs alchemy skills exceeded his assumptions.

While these two men were exchanging pointers, Shi Xiaofei had been watching and listening, reaping a great harvest.

As for the Ascending Moon Old Man, no one knew where he ran to every day.

Very quickly, three days passed.

Deep into the night.

Huang Xiaolong stared at the night sky, standing in the yard.

Shi Xiaofei entered, approaching Huang Xiaolongs side and asking softly, “Tomorrows the competition, are you still thinking about the Azure Dragon Divine Fire that Xiang Mingzhi obtained”

 Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “No.”

Though Xiang Mingzhi obtaining the Azure Dragon Divine  Fire posed a certain risk to Huang Xiaolong, he wasnt perturbed.

What he was thinking of was, in fact, his parents in his previous life on Earth.

Close to seventy years had passed since he was reborn into this world, he wondered how his previous parents were.

If the time flow here was the same to Earth, then his past life parents had most likely passed away.

For a moment, sadness filled Huang Xiaolongs heart.

Sensing Huang Xiaolongs sadness, Shi Xiaofei reached out to hold his hands, tenderness in her eyes looking at him, “Regardless how the future may be, I will always be by your side.”

His wrist turned, grasping Shi Xiaofeis small hands in his, saying affectionately, “After I win the first place in the Highgod Advancement Tournament, let\'s get married.”

Shi Xiaofei trembled, her eyes red-rimmed and misty.

Under the moonlight, two figures embraced each other. 

The nights dark curtain quietly gave way as the brilliant sunlight shone from the east.

Coming out from his yard, Huang Xiaolong headed to the front hall.

Chen Ye, the Ascending Moon Old Man, and Shi Xiaofei were already sitting in the hall.

When Huang Xiaolong saw the old man that had disappeared for the last several days, he couldnt resist taking a stab at him, “Have you been fermenting in the Royal Pill House for the last couple of days”

The Ascending Moon Old Man grinned sheepishly, “How did you know”

Huang Xiaolong was speechless.

It seems like this old man had really been sleeping at the Royal Pill House for the last few days.

Then again, speaking of Royal Pill House, his thoughts strayed toward the Royal Pill Wine.

Saliva pooled in his mouth at the thought of the wine.

He decided on the spot to stay in Royal Pill City a little longer just for the Royal Pill Wine. 

Despite the Royal Pill Houses rule that restricted each person to one jug of Royal Pill Wine, as long as one had money, they could go there every day.

At this time, Chen Ye respectfully asked the Ascending Moon Old Man, “Master, the Alchemist Grandmaster Competition will start in an hour, shall we…”

The Ascending Moon Old Man nodded, “En, lets depart now!” With that said, the four of them left the mansion, walking toward the Alchemist Grandmaster Association headquarters.

The Alchemist Grandmaster Competition would be held at the square in front of the headquarters building.

By the time Huang Xiaolongs group of four arrived, the square was already packed with people.

Lin Pinghai and the other Elders who had arrived early hurried forward when they saw Chen Ye and the Ascending Moon Old Man, saluting with the utmost respect.

The noisy square quieted down significantly when they arrived.

Nearly everyone turned their heads to look.

There were a lot of people, but Huang Xiaolong still spotted Xiang Mingzhi amongst them.

In that instant, their eyes met.

In Xiang Mingzhis eyes, Huang Xiaolong saw great hatred, killing intent, and even disdain.

“I didnt expect that old monster to also be here,” the Ascending Moon Old Man muttered under his breath.

Huang Xiaolong heard the Ascending Moon Old Mans muttering under his breath and his eyes followed in the direction of the Ascending Moon Old Mans gaze, leading to a small statured old man with a goatee—a bizarre skinny old man.

“Thats Ancestor Mountaingoat!” Chen Ye was surprised when he the bizarre old man.

Ancestor Mountaingoat Huang Xiaolong was baffled.

This Ancestor Mountaingoat was able to make the Ascending Moon Old Man and Chen Ye pay such attention.

Chen Ye explained to Huang Xiaolong, “This Ancestor Mountaingoat is one of the strongest Beast Kings of the demonic beast clan.

He is a master on the God Ranking List.

I didn\'t expect him to also participate in the competition!”


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