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Ancestor Mountaingoat and He Feifan were alarmed.

However, no matter how they tried, neither of them was able to restore the Extreme Yin Radiant Fire and Primary Yang Saint Fires initial brilliance.

Watching the effect of his Azure Dragon Divine Fire, Xiang Mingzhi revealed a complacent expression.

His Azure Dragon Divine Fire was the monarch of flames, not to mention in this square, all fires and flames within ten thousand li radius would be suppressed by his Azure Dragon Divine Fire.

While they were being suppressed, these flames could, at most, exert seventy percent of their efficiency!

Xiang Mingzhi was in no hurry to begin refining after summoning his Azure Dragon Divine Fire, letting it fly around in the air as he shot a provoking look in Huang Xiaolongs direction, “Huang Xiaolong, bring out that powerful fire of yours, lets see if your nameless fire is stronger or my Azure Dragon Divine Fire is mightier.”

His words were thick with mockery and disdain.

It was as if Xiang Mingzhi could already see Huang Xiaolongs fire ending up like Ancestor Mountaingoat and the others flames upon appearing, suppressed by his Azure Dragon Divine Fire.

Huang Xiaolongs expression grew colder watching Xiang Mingzhis mocking face.

Circulating the true immortal essence inside his dantian, true immortal essence fire flew out as his hands moved.

For a second, everyone subconsciously closed their eyes as a piercing light flashed before their eyes.

The true immortal essence fire was fiery white-gold in color, taking the shape of a divine dragon high in the in air, standing opposite from the Azure Dragon Divine Fire.

To everyones surprise, Huang Xiaolongs nameless fire was not affected in the slightest in front of the Azure Dragon Divine Fire!

“This is not possible!” Xiang Mingzhis shrill denial rang in the square.

Standing on the square, Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi was just was astonished.

Even the other three divine fires would be affected before the Azure Dragon Divine Fire, yet the fire from Huang Xiaolongs body was not!

“What fire is that!” Standing behind Qin Yi, his eldest disciple Ceng Chu exclaimed.

Qin Yi did not answer, and in truth, even with his knowledge, he failed to determine what kind of flame Huang Xiaolong possessed.

If he couldnt recognize the kind of fire from Huang Xiaolong despite his knowledge, what did this mean It meant that this fire did not exist in any of the four galaxies\' records.

Huang Xiaolong ignored the surprise and shock around him.

With a wave of his hands, the herbs on the ground flew up in a line, taking the shape of ancient divine beasts.

These ancient divine beasts had different forms and numbered exactly at one hundred.

Watching this, Chen Ye, Lin Pinghai, and the present association Elders revealed astonished expression.

“This is the Pill Refining Divine Beast Diagram!” Chen Yes voice shook: “Theres actually a person who succeeded in practicing this technique!”

Pill Refining Divine Beast Diagram!

Some amongst the crowd with sharp ears heard Chen Yes trembling voice, and those who had heard of the legendary Pill Refining Divine Beast Diagram were all astounded.

Legend has it that when ones alchemy refining skills reached an acme, an inconceivable state, they would be able to manipulate the herbs to take the form of various divine beasts and assemble into a divine beast diagram that could aid in alchemy refining!

Still, the legend remained a legend, as there had never been anyone who succeeded! Including the Alchemist Grandmaster Associations grade ten Alchemist Grandmaster.

To be able to control various herbs and form one hundred different divine beasts showed that Huang Xiaolongs knowledge of herbs and elixirs had reached a horrifying degree.

Xiang Mingzhi was greatly surprised when he heard Chen yes words.

Of course he had heard of the Pill Refining Divine Beast Diagram.

Never had he imagined that he would be seeing this legendary technique displayed by Huang Xiaolong!

Suddenly, a strong feeling of unease surfaced in the depth of his heart.

Huang Xiaolongs alchemy refining skills were actually this high!

At this time, the hundred herb divine beasts began to move in the air, gathering into a large diagram that shone brightly.

The crowd watched transfixed, holding in their breaths.

Those who had been focusing on Xiang Mingzhi couldnt resist turning their eyes toward Huang Xiaolong instead.

Even the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yis attention involuntarily shifted onto Huang Xiaolong.

Each person present wanted to witness how phenomenal this legendary divine beasts diagram was.

Rolling out from his unease, Xiang Mingzhi came to his senses, but there was a menacing gleam in his eyes.

He made an effort to focus, pushing away the ruckus around him and the thoughts of Huang Xiaolong.

His hands moved, sending the herbs lying on the ground up into the air like a flock of birds taking off.

This was the Manifestation of Hundred Birds technique, one of the ten most renowned alchemy techniques!

Furthermore, looking at his fluid movements, it was clear he had completely mastered this Manifestation of Hundred Birds technique.

Ancestor Mountaingoat, He Feifan, Wan Zhenxing, and the remaining participants did the same, removing their gazes away from Huang Xiaolong, and proceeded with their own refinement.

Seeing that his Pill Refining Divine Beast Diagram succeeded, Huang Xiaolong steered his true immortal essence fire dragon, diving straight into the center of the diagram.

In an instant, the true immortal essence fire dragon curled into a ring.

From the center of the divine beasts diagram, the dragon ring spun following a rhythm, round and round.

With every turn of the true immortal essence fire dragon, the divine beasts in the diagram were lit up.

In the beginning, the true immortal essence fire dragon spun at a slow speed, gradually growing faster.

After the tenth round, its speed doubled.

By the time it reached the thirtieth round, ones sight could only catch a blurry afterimage.

“This is the Transfiguring Hand of the Dragon Nine Dragons Rising to the Heavens Or Promise Hand” Standing among the crowd was a Grand Elder from the White Tiger Institute, trying to guess the technique that Huang Xiaolong was using.

In actual fact, Huang Xiaolong combined all the highest techniques he knew and created his own method, which was why the White Tiger Institute Grand Elder failed to determine the technique that Huang Xiaolong was using.

Time flew, the first half an hour quickly arrived.

Only half an hour remained from the one-hour time limit of Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Mingzhis competition.

As time continued to draw closer to the limit of one hour, everyone grew increasingly nervous.

Although Huang Xiaolong displayed the legendary Pill Refining Divine Beast Diagram, most people highly doubted that Huang Xiaolong would be able to complete the refinement of the Exalted Divinity Pellets within one hour.

Twenty minutes passed, only ten minutes remained!

The airflow in in surrounding space seemingly slowed down.

All of a sudden, a resplendent light shot to the sky, and those who had been watching Huang Xiaolong were startled.

Looking toward the source of the light, they saw that in the middle of Xiang Mingzhis Azure Dragon Divine Fire, the liquid herb essences from the refined herbs began to combine.

In fact, they started to condense into pills.

At the bottom of the resplendent light, pellets exuding a golden sheen rose from the center of the Azure Dragon Divine Fire.

The crowd was flabbergasted.

Xiang Mingzhi actually succeeded! He refined the Exalted Divinity Pellets within one hour!

No! It was even less than one hour, as there were five minutes left!

Shocked gasps sounded all around the square, filled with surprise and disbelief.

Xiang Mingzhi retrieved the Azure Dragon Divine Fire into his body, blowing out a breath of turbid qi as delight flickered across his eyes.

During the refinement just now, he once again entered a state of enlightenment, allowing him to successfully refine the Exalted Divinity Pellet in less than an hour!

He turned hurriedly in Huang Xiaolongs direction and seeing that his hands were still moving, the corner of Xiang Mingzhis mouth curved up in a mocking sneer.

No longer holding back his disdain, Xiang Mingzhi spoke loudly, “Pill Refining Divine Beast Diagram Hehe, so what if you have the Pill Refining Divine Beast Diagram Huang Xiaolong, the winner and loser are obvious! Ill be waiting for your one thousand kowtows and you calling me Ancestor!” At the end, Xiang Mingzhi laughed without restraint.


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