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While Huang Xiaolongs group rushed over, the Imperial City was a hive of activity.

Inside the walls of Duanren Imperial City, there were more than a thousand gigantic furnaces burning with intense heat!

Countless people garbed in dirty convict clothes, from brawny middle-aged men to elderly and young men, were shuffling forward in an orderly line while carrying huge pieces of ore, throwing them into the giant furnaces.

These men in convict clothes were actually all Xiantian realm experts!

In the four corners of the giant furnaces sat four middle-aged men clad in purple robes with a贏 character sewn on their chests.

An emblem of the Ying Family.

These four middle-aged men were all Saint realm experts!

As the lines of convicts threw the ores in their hands into the giant furnaces, these four Saint realm masters continued to use their internal flame to melt these ores into metallic liquid.

That liquid flowed out from an outlet and was collected by purple-robed soldiers, being poured into several prepared weapon moulds.

Some convicts that moved a little too slow for these purple-robed soldiers liking were severely whipped.

Blood flowed out from the ghastly marks on these convicts bodies, yet they could only swallow their anger, not daring to issue a sound of complaint.

One of the convicts could not restrain his anger and turned over to glare at the several soldiers.

“Yo, you punk dared to glare at me” One of the soldiers laughed obnoxiously, “Brothers, lets make this punk really comfortable!” 

In less than a breaths time, all the nearby soldiers gathered up, fists and palms rained down on that convict without mercy.

If the Huang Family was present here, all of them would be shocked, for this convict was none other than Duan Wuhen!

Originally someone who was supposed to take over the Duanren Empires throne as the new ruling Emperor, Duan Wuhen actually turned into a convict instead!

One could only wonder what materials that whip was made of, every lash from it sent a bone-deep pain that paralyzed the victims body, akin to bites from ten thousand venomous snakes. 

Even Duan Wuhen, who had broken through to high-level Xiantian realm, was powerless against the nefarious effects that it brought.

Convicts in his surroundings watched Duan Wuhen suffer the whip lashes, groaning in painful agony.

Some were gloating, some turned away, unable to watch.

There were also expressions of pity as well as indifference.

The majority of these convicts were all Xiantian realm experts of prominent families in the Duanren Empire who were captured to slave in hard labor every day.

Despite the short years in which Duan Wuhen sat on the throne, many of these convicts recognized him.

Standing in a high place within the Duanren Imperial Palace while watching the beatings taking place on the ground below, Ying Changtian said to a Ying Family guard behind him, “Go down and tell them, take care as not to kill Duan Wuhen.

He still has some use alive.”

After all, Duan Wuhen was still the legitimateEmperor of Duanrem Empire.

“Yes, Grand Elder!” That Ying Familys guard respectfully complied and retreated to his task.

“Grand Elder, it\'s really unexpected that an insignificant Martial Spirit World would be so rich in ore mines.

At this rate, we\'ll be able to complete the task given by the Li Family very soon with no problem.” Another Ying Family guard spoke with a respectful tone, but also flattering at the same time.

A smile spread over Ying Changtians face at these words, “Even I didnt expect that this Martial Spirit World would be so rich in ore mines.

Not only the mines, even herbs are in abundance, the Fire Yang White Spiritual Divine Pellet that I wanted to refine lacks a few herbs, but I surprisingly found them here.”

“But, Grand Elder, if we continue to harvest everything at this rate, in no more than a hundred years, this Martial Spirit World will be a dead star, destroyed at the roots!” That Ying Family guard hesitated before saying.

When a world surfaces spiritual energy was depleted to a certain degree, the humans living on that world surface would no longer be able to absorb any spiritual energy to cultivate, for there was no more spiritual energy that they could absorb.

At that point, just continuing to live would be arduous for humans on that world surface.

No ores, no medicinal herbs, no spiritual beasts, nothing left of the things needed.

The galaxy called this kind of world surface adead world.

Ying Changtian was indifferent, “If it turns into a dead world, then so be it.

Whether the people on this world surface live or die has nothing to do with us.

Its fine as long as we complete our task.

A hundred years later, after we finish mining everything and harvest all the herbs from this place, we will leave.

Let these convict slaves perish with time.”

“Whats really upsetting is that the Zhao Family actually used this to draw a connection with one of the Li Familys main lineage descendants, allowing them to occupy the Bedlam Lands and Ten Directions Continent.

These two places natural resources exceed the Snow Wind and Starcloud Continents.” That Ying Family guard fumed.

This time, both the Zhao and Ying Families were working together to control the entire Martial Spirit World, splitting the Martial Spirit Worlds resources between the two families.

But, the Zhao Familys share was bigger than their Ying Familys.

This upset many Ying Family members.

Ying Changtian brushed the guard off with a wave of his hand, “Our Ying Family and the Zhao Family are allies servicing the Li Family, neither one is more important than the other.

Its irrelevant whether the Zhao Family receives a slightly bigger share or not.”

That guard swiftly agreed.

“However, it has been so many years, but that Huang Xiaolong still hasnt come back to Martial Spirit World” Then, the Ying Family guard added, “Grand Elder, should we send people to search for Huang Xiaolongs whereabouts”

Ying Changtian shook his head, “The galaxy is too vast, where should they search Dont worry, I have a feeling that Huang Xiaolong will come back sooner or later.”

Coming to Martial Spirit World, Ying Changtian had another mission—capture Huang Xiaolong!

This was the order that their Ying Family Patriarch and Ancestor gave.

They wanted Huang Xiaolong captured alive or to see his corpse if he was dead!

Last time, two of their Ying Family Elders received orders to capture Huang Xiaolong in the Martial Spirit World, but who knew theyd be killed instead! According to their investigation, their two Elders were killed by Huang Xiaolongs two friends!

This had finally enraged the Ying Family.

But Huang Xiaolong and his family had already left Martial Spirit World when Ying Changtian was sent there, with no clues to their whereabouts.

Ying Changtian could only lie in wait in the Martial Spirit World, waiting for Huang Xiaolong to appear!

“Grand Elder, this subordinate feels that Patriarch and Ancestor sending Grand Edler here just to capture Huang Xiaolong is fussing over a trivial matter.” That Ying Family guard continued cautiously, “The Zhao Family also sent their Grand Elder here!”

Ying Changtian nodded, he too felt both their Ying and Zhao Families were exaggerating the matter.

Someone that came out from this small Martial Spirit World was not worth the effort they were expending.

Quite some days had passed since he arrived in the Martial Spirit World.

Here, even high-level Saint realm experts were pitifully scarce, and he hadnt seen even one peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm.

That Huang Xiaolong was also a native of this world, how strong could he be

Despite their Ying Familys Twin Hero Elders being killed by Huang Xiaolongs friends, the Twin Hero Elders were merely Fifth Order God Realm.

In his estimation, Huang Xiaolongs two friends were most likely Seventh Order God Realm.

But each of the Ying Familys Grand Elders was an Eighth Order God Realm! And he was even a mid-Eighth Order God Realm!

All of a sudden, a loud boom came from outside.

At the same instant, the great land quaked.

Ying Changtians face tightened, barking: “What is going on!”


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