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A Ying Family guard suddenly ran in, all flustered, until he was in front of Ying Changtian.

His tone was respectful but tense, “Reporting to Grand Elder, the south side of the Imperial City is under enemy attack !”

Several guards standing behind Ying Changtian exchanged looks among each other.

Wasn\'t the entire Martial Spirit World under their Ying and Zhao Families control How could there be any enemies that dared to attack

Could it be some Martial Spirit World natives that didn\'t know death and fantasized about resisting them

Faint creases appeared between Ying Chang tians brows, “How many people does the other side have”

“Around twenty plus people.” That Ying Family guard honestly reported.

Twenty plus... Ying Changtian was dazed for a second.

“Grand Elder, they are most likely some Martial Spirit Worlds trifling small families trying to rebel.

These ants seem tired of living, the few of us will go and handle them, there\'s no need to bother Grand Elder with something this insignificant.” One of the guards were fawning over Ying Changtian and trying to score some merit.

Thinking the matter over slightly, Ying Changtian nodded, “Good enough, the few of you go over and handle them, but dont kill them yet.

Just capture them! Later, I want to execute them right in front of Duan Wuhen and those convict slaves, let them realize what ending those who dare to rebel get! Let them know that, in our eyes, theyre nothing but ants!”

“An ant should know to live like one!”

“Yes, Grand Elder!”

“Please rest assured, Grand Elder, well definitely capture them alive!”

The several Ying Family guards solemnly stated.

Ying Changtian nodded with satisfaction, waving his hand, “Go then.”

All six guards acknowledged and saluted before turning toward the southern city gates, flying at high speed.

In the air, high above Duanren Imperial Citys southern gates, Shi Xiaofei, Blessed Buddha Emperor, and the Huang Family members were all angered seeing the situation inside the city.

Especially Xie Puti, his killing intent almost solidified the air around him.

Down in the Imperial City below, many of the Xie Familys core Xiantian disciples and Elders were garbed in convict clothes, their hands and feet bound by heavy shackles as they carried large pieces of ores, forced to do hard labor like slaves!

Their convict clothes were stained with dried and fresh bloodstains, proof that they were subjected to frequent whipping and torture!

Guo Tai too was filled with whelming killing intent, for he saw amongst these convicts a large number of Guo Familys core disciples and Elders.

One of them was his Eldest Uncle, Guo Shiwen! Their Guo Familys Patriarch!

That year, only their Guo Family Ancestor, him, and his parents followed Huang Xiaolong to the Cloudsea Mainland, whereas his Eldest Uncle and family remained behind in the Martial Spirit World.

His Eldest Uncles current appearance was dirty, with disheveled hair, littered with mineral dust and soil, face lined with wrinkles, his back hunched.

It was vastly different to how his Eldest Uncle used to be.

If it werent because he was familiar with his Eldest Uncle, Guo Tai truly wouldnt have been able to recognize this person as Guo Shiwen!

A fierce light flickered in Guo Tais eyes.

When he left with Huang Xiaolong, his Eldest Uncle was a peak late-Tenth Order Xiantian realm expert, close to reaching half-step Saint realm.

How much torture had he endured to be reduced to this state!

That loud boom earlier came from Guo Tai shattering one of the giant furnaces to pieces with an enraged punch!

By this point, the Ying Familys soldiers tightly encircled Huang Xiaolongs group.

“Punk, which slaves family are you from Such a big courage! Actually dared to attack Duanren Imperial Citys crucial location!” One of the Ying Family guards hollered as he glared at Huang Xiaolongs group.

“Obediently surrender now, and we…!” 

Before that guard could finish his sentence, the sharp energy from a finger pierced through the Ying Family guard between his brows in an instant.

That guards actions froze, and in the next second, his body plummeted from above the city walls, crashing into the ground with a loud thud.

All the Ying Family guards around them were stunned.

The one guard who was killed just now was their captain, a Third Order Saint realm expert!

But he was killed in an instant!

Their fearful gazes fell on Guo Tai.

Was this person a mid-level Saint realm expert, or high-level Saint realm expert!

“Its Lord Beast God!” An abrupt voice rang from the ground below.

A family Elder in convict clothes exclaimed in a shrill voice, mad joy spreading over his face, “It really is Lord Beast God! Lord Beast God has returned! Lord Beast God has returned to save us!”

The family Elders shrill shout instantly raised a sea of exclamation as all other families disciples and Elders finally recognized Huang Xiaolong.

Those tortured convicts, living their days worse than stray dogs finally had a glimmer of hope in their eyes, excitement spread over their faces.

Some even knelt toward Huang Xiaolong with tears flowing down their faces.

To them, Lord Beast God was their last hope!

All these years, if not for holding on to this one slim hope, they would have collapsed, given up on living, becoming part of the earth.

When the Ying Family guards heard that the enemy was the very person their Ying Family wanted to capture, Lord Beast God Huang Xiaolong, all of them were shocked.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Even the guard who requested to deal with the attackers was shocked.

Watching Huang Xiaolongs group from afar, their footsteps faltered to a stop.

“You quickly go and bring Grand Elder over, say that Huang Xiaolong has appeared!” One of the guards ordered the guard beside him.


However, just as that Ying Family guard was about to turn back to inform Grand Elder Ying Changtian, he suddenly noticed that his whole body was fixed in the air, unable to move an inch!

Fear filled him.

He was a First Order God Realm master, he naturally understood that this was someone using time and space law to lock the space around his body.

The other five guards were also in the same situation.

Huang Xiaolong extended a palm, and with a slight suction force, all six people were brought to his front before falling heavily to the ground.

All six Ying Family guards looked extremely miserable.

Those Martial Spirit World people who had placed their last hope on Huang Xiaolong cheered loudly in joy watching him easily capture those six Ying Family guards.

They knew very well that these six guards were close to Grand Elder Ying Changtian, and also the God Realm masters sent by the Ying Family this time.

Hearsay, each of these guards was stronger than the past Deities Templar Preceptor Ying Tian.

 The six Ying Family guards that fell miserably to the ground were greatly angered hearing the cheers coming from the Martial Spirit Worlds convicts!

Those weak and insignificant ants in their eyes, worse than dogs, actually dared to laugh at them!

One of them stood up, pointed at the cheering Martial Spirit World people and roared at them: “Damn you bunch of dog-slaves! All of you deserve to die, kill them for me!”

But, just as the words left his mouth, he was slammed to the ground by Huang Xiaolongs palm, turning into meat paste, absolutely dead!

Huang Xiaolongs expression was becoming colder by the second, it seems like these Ying Family people still did not understand the situation in front of them!

The surrounding Ying Family soldiers were about to act upon hearing that higher rank guards order, preparing to kill these Martial Spirit World disciples and Elders, but they halted their movements when they heard a thunderous boom.

That Ying Family guard that had just given them an order was slammed into meat paste!

All of the soldiers became ashen, no one dared to move even a pinky!


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