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South city gates!

Ying Changtian snapped at the guard in a strained voice, “Speak, what has happened!

That Ying Family guard quickly answered, “The Captain and the rest were all killed! All soldier units stationed in the south were obliterated! It is said that the attacker is none other than the person we want to capture, Martial Spirit Worlds Lord Beast God, Huang Xiaolong!”

“Huang Xiaolong!” Ying Changtian was happy instead of being alarmed, breaking out in a hearty laughter.

“I have waited here for so many years, this Huang Xiaolong has finally appeared! I can finally return to report the good news to Patriarch!”

All these years Ying Changtian was in Martial Spirit World, their Ying Family Patriarch had been breathing down his neck because of Huang Xiaolongs matter.

He had no way if Huang Xiaolong didn\'t appear ah, thus he could only lie in wait. 

Now that Huang Xiaolong had finally appeared, Ying Changtian could, at last, unload the heavy burden off his shoulders.

Firm decisiveness shone in his eyes.

This time, he absolutely wouldn\'t let Huang Xiaolong escape, otherwise, it would be a nightmare if he wanted to capture Huang Xiaolong in the vast galaxy.

“Is that so” Just as Ying Changtian boasted that hed be able to return and report the good news to their Patriarch, a cold voice floated to his ears.

Ying Changtian jerked his head up.

A black-haired young man riding on a white tiger flying over from afar entered his sight, their speed neither fast nor slow.

Ying Changtians eyes narrowed to two thin slits—Huang Xiaolong!

Although Ying Changtian had never seen Huang Xiaolong in person before this, he had seen a portrait of him.

But most of his attention wasnt on Huang Xiaolong, but the white tiger beast mount under him.

“Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger!” Ying Changtian was stunned.

The Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger was an ancient fierce beast that was difficult to tame, how did Huang Xiaolong do it On top of that, Ying Changtian could tell that this Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger was a late-Fifth Order God Realm!

A late-Fifth Order God Realm Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger could rival a Sixth Order God Realm human cultivator!

In the few seconds these thoughts flashed past Ying Changtians mind, Huang Xiaolong who was riding on the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger was already in front of Ying Changtian.

The surrounding Ying Family guards were swift to encircle Huang Xiaolong in the middle, each of them entered attack postures of one facing a formidable enemy, alert and prepared to attack at any moment.

Watching this, Ying Changtian waved his hand brusquely in dissatisfaction, “All of you retreat for me, do I need you all to protect me”

If it was a late-Seventh Order God Realm Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger, itd be slightly troublesome for Ying Changtian, but a late-Fifth Order God Realm was negligible.

Merely using one hand, no, just a finger was sufficient to kill the beast.

From the beginning until the end, Ying Changtian did not give Huang Xiaolong more than a quick glance.

As far as he knew, up until now, Huang Xiaolong merely cultivated for little over a hundred years time.

Not even a hundred and ten years.

How strong could a punk that had cultivated for less than a hundred and ten years be

The surrounding Ying Family guards respectfully complied and retreated some distance away.

Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly looking at Ying Changtian standing across with his hands clasped behind him.

There was obvious disdain on his face, not putting Huang Xiaolong in his eyes.

It seems like the Ying Family had yet to realize his true identity.

Then again, it was understandable.

Even if the Ying Family knew that the Pill King of this terms Alchemist Grandmaster Competition was called Huang Xiaolong, they werent likely to connect the Pill King Huang Xiaolong to Martial Spirit Worlds Lord Beast God Huang Xiaolong. 

Of course, if the Ying Family knew this beforehand, they wouldnt dare to destroy Martial Spirit World in this manner, killing countless of its innocent, and moreover, issuing an order to capture him.

“Huang Xiaolong, looks like you do have some skills.” Ying Changtian began to drivel in a condescending manner, “Being able to tame a late-Fifth Order God Realm Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger is commendable, but do you think youre my opponent just because you have this tiger with you” Pausing here, Ying Changtian dramatically shook his head in ridicule, “Truthfully, you really shouldnt have returned.

This time, you absolutely wont be able to run away!”

Huang Xiaolong watched on with indifference, he had never thought of running away.

Watching Huang Xiaolongs indifferent attitude, Ying Changtian raised an eyebrow in doubt.

“Forget it, I will show you what a real master is!” Finished saying this, Ying Changtian fully released his mid-Eighth Order God Realm pressure.

Almost at the same instant, every single person within the walls of the Duanren Imperial City clearly felt as if there was a great mountain pressing down on them from above.

Right at the same instant, Huang Xiaolong moved.

Ying Changtian merely saw a shadow flicker instead of capturing the movement with his eyes, thus when Huang Xiaolong appeared right in front of him, Ying Changtian failed to react.

He never expected Huang Xiaolong to take the initiative to attack.

More than that, Huang Xiaolong was too fast.

The moment Huang Xiaolong closed the distance between them, his right fist struck out, plain and simple, without employing any battle skills, right where Ying Changtians heart was.

A violent quiver took over Ying Changtians body, and in the next breath, a muffled sound of explosion came from where his heart was.

Then, his whole person shot backward like a dead shrimp. 

Ying Changtian crashed into the Duanren Imperial Citys granite walls, sliding through the shattered rubble, falling to the ground below.

The earth shook, raising a curtain of sand and dust.

All around, the Ying Family guards were shocked senseless looking at Ying Changtian at the bottom of the city walls, lying motionless inside a deep pit.

Below the city gates was a crowd of dumbfounded Ying Family soldiers.

Was this the very same supreme and invincible Grand Elder Ying Changtian

In the far distance, some of the Martial Spirit Worlds people also witnessed what happened a moment ago, yet they stared at the scene in front of them in disbelief.

Huang Xiaolong didnt spare any attention to the surrounding Ying Family guards and soldiers.

Taking one step forward, he directly arrived above Ying Changtian.

“You all should never have come to Martial Spirit World.” Huang Xiaolongs piercing gaze looked at Ying Changtian below.

Since youve come, theres no need to go back!

Not one of you can ever go back!

The killing intent in Huang Xiaolongs eyes rose.

Intense coughing sounded from the pit as Ying Changtian spat dirty soil out from his mouth.

As he struggled with much difficulty to climb out from the deep pit, there was a look of fear in his eyes, mixed with denial and disbelief, looking at Huang Xiaolong.

Ying Changtian stammered, “You… are really Huang Xiaolong!”

A part of him strongly refused to believe that a person who merely cultivated for little more than a hundred years could be this strong!

The probability of a super forces master using an illusion art to disguise as Huang Xiaolong occurred to Ying Changtian.

This Huang Xiaolong was a fake!

Huang Xiaolong was taken aback by the question, then he snorted coldly, “What do you think”

Ying Changtian was anxious to explain, “Senior, dare I ask what benefits Huang Xiaolong gave you to act against our Ying Family Whatever benefits Huang Xiaolong offered Senior, our Ying Family is willing to double it!”

Ying Changtian wholly believed this person in front of him to be hired by Huang Xiaolong to deal with their Ying Family.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, feeling that it was a waste of his time to continue this twaddle.

Just as he raised his hand to finish off Ying Changtian, Ying Changtian urgently blurted: “Our Ying Family is under the Li Familys asylum.

Senior, you know of the Li Family, right One of the super forces, the Li Family of Nine Seas World!”

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly surprised.

He did not expect that this Ying Family actually sought refuge under the Li Family.

Huang Xiaolong remembered that Xie Puti liked a girl named Zhuo Wenshan in the past, who was supposed to marry Li Zishuai, the current Li Family Patriarchs son.

At Huang Xiaolongs pensive expression, Ying Changtian thought that he was feeling apprehension.

On a second thought, who wouldnt feel apprehensive at the mention of a super force like the Li Family, who in the Black Tortoise Galaxy wouldn\'t feel apprehensive

Thinking of this, a smile spread across Ying Changtians face, “Senior has incredible strength, our Ying Family can recommend Senior to the Li Family.

With Seniors strength, if Senior is willing to fully serve the Li Family, I believe that Senior will reach a high status in no time!”

Suddenly, the corner of Huang Xiaolongs mouth curved into an ominous smile.

A suction force from his right hand pulled Ying Changtian up from the ground right into his right hand.

Then, his left hand shaped into claws, digging into Ying Changtians skull.

With a twist and a pull, Ying Changtians head was ripped off his shoulders.

Even after his head was ripped off, Ying Changtian did not understand why Huang Xiaolong would still kill him even after knowing that their Ying Family was under the Li Familys asylum.

His eyes were wide with incredulity.

But he would never have the chance to know the answer.

The true immortal essence fire danced in Huang Xiaolongs palm, instantly extinguishing Ying Changtians soul.


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