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After destroying his soul, Huang Xiaolongs didnt even bother to look, carelessly flinging Ying Changtians head, embedding it at the top of the city walls, leaving half a head out...

By this time, the Ying Family guards and soldiers finally regained their senses and scattered in all directions, running away in fear.

Watching these Ying Family minions fleeing desperately, Huang Xiaolong didn\'t even bother, leaving the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger to deal with them.

Naturally, it was impossible for these guards and soldier to flee successfully facing a late-Fifth Order God Realm Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger.

Just as Huang Xiaolong prepared to leave and deal with the Ying Familys late-Sixth Order God Realm in the east side of Duanren Imperial City, a figure suddenly dashed out from the mass of Martial Spirit World convicts.

He called out to Huang Xiaolong respectfully, yet one could see the excitement on his face, “Lord, Lord Beast God!”

Huang Xiaolong halted, for this voice sounded very familiar, hence he turned around.

He was a little shocked and doubtful when he saw the person who called out to him, “Youre Duan Wuhen!”

Duan Wuhen, Duanren Emperors son!

It was difficult for Huang Xiaolong to believe that the old man in front of him, his face ridden with sword slashes, blade cuts, long lashes from a whip, so thin that there was only skin over bones, was the same good-looking, domineering, and carefree Duan Wuhen that he knew!

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong was able to recognize him, the inhuman tortures he had suffered these years played through Duan Wuhens mind.

Taken over by emotion, Duan Wuhen fell to his knees before Huang Xiaolong, crying out his sorrow, crying out his relief.

“Lord, Lord Beast God, youve finally returned! My, my father Did he return with you” As remembering Huang Xiaolongs current status, Duan Wuhen no longer dared to cry unbecomingly in front of him.

He quickly stopped after a while, asking with nervous apprehension about what he wanted to know the most.

The way Huang Xiaolong easily exterminate the Ying Family Grand Elder Ying Changtian frightened him and all of Martial Spirit Worlds people.

To Duan Wuhen, who had yet to breakthrough to Saint realm, Huang Xiaolong was no different than the highest heavenly god.

“Stand up first.” Huang Xiaolong sighed in silence as he said to Duan Wuhen.

At the mention of Duanren Emperor, guilt reared its head in Huang Xiaolongs heart.

That year, because of him, Duanren Emperor, the Xie Family Ancestor, the Guo Family Ancestor, Elf Queen, and the Nine Dragons Temple Hall Masters were killed by Jiang Yu.

“Your father, as well as the Xie and Guo Families Ancestors died.” Not willing to conceal the matter, Huang Xiaolong spoke the truth.

These words sounded like a thunderclap in Duan Wuhens mind, standing there in a daze.

Not knowing if Duan Wuhen was listening or not, Huang Xiaolong briefly recounted what happened that year.

Though Huang Xiaolong understood that this news was a big blow, he didn\'t know how he should comfort Duan Wuhen.

A while later, when Duan Wuhen finally come out of his daze, Huang Xiaolong gave him a Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellet, telling him to swallow it.

The gravity of Duan Wuhens internal injuries did not escape Huang Xiaolongs detection.

If they weren\'t taken care of, he would never be able to cultivate in the future!

Duan Wuhen swallowed the pill without any questions, then sat down cross-legged and circulated his cultivation technique to refine it.

Immediately, he felt streams of warm energy rushing into every corner of his body, bringing great comfort to his damaged body.

Huang Xiaolong watched as Duan Wuhen sat cross-legged, refining the Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellet.

After a brief thought, he lightly pressed a palm in front of him.

An extremely pure strand of god battle qi flowed out from him, entering Duan Wuhen.

With this strand of pure god battle qi, Duan Wuhen, who was a peak late-Xiantian realm, would be able to break through to peak half-step Saint realm in a short time.

Due to Huang Xiaolongs assistance, he was able to swiftly refine the Spring Autumn Hundred Life Divine Pellet.

When Duan Wuhen stood up again, he was amazed to find that all the injuries in his body were completely healed! Not only that, he actually advanced and broke through to half-step Saint realm!

Looking at the excited and incredulous expression on Duan Wuhens face, Huang Xiaolong took out a bottle of Rising Tide Ascending Moon Pellets, as well as a bottle of Three Revolutions Golden Pills, giving them to Duan Wuhen.

With the pills inside these two bottles, he would be able to step into the Saint realm very soon.

This could be considered a small compensation to Duan Wuhen.

If it wasnt because of himself, Duanren Emperor would still be alive.

But Huang Xiaolong did not prolong their reunion, now was not the time for reminiscing about the past or happy reunions.

They would have plenty of time for that once all the Ying and Zhao Family members were dealt with.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong gathered all the Martial Spirit Worlds present experts and had them clean up the scene, whereas he leaped to the sky, flying eastward of Duanren Imperial City—he was going to deal with the Ying Familys late-Sixth Order God Realm master.

Without any suspense, that Ying Family master was easily erased from the Martial Spirit World by Huang Xiaolong.

When Huang Xiaolong arrived at the location, that Ying Family mater was actually in seclusion.

When he saw an unknown black-haired young man trespass into his secret chamber, fury burned in his heart, but right as he was about to reprimand and waste the trespassers cultivation, Huang Xiaolongs finger pierced a hole through his head.

Then, just like Ying Changtian, Huang Xiaolong extinguished his soul with the true immortal essence fire.

It could be said that this Ying Family master was confused to the very end, not knowing whose hand he died to.

At the same time, the other Third and Fourth Order God Realm Ying Family masters were killed off by the Huang Family, Heaven Devouring Beast Lil Tian, Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey, and the rest of the group.

Although most of the Huang Family was weaker, they had the Water-fire Strongarm Apes, not forgetting the many Fifth Order God Realm demonic beasts.

Wiping out the enemy was no problem.

Very soon, within the perimeter of Duanren Imperial City walls, all Ying Family masters, guards, and soldiers were all obliterated, not one of them was left alive!

Yet, this incident did not spread out to any other cities, not to a single soul.

The whole Duanren Imperial City was under lockdown by Huang Xiaolongs order.

Only after every single person belonging to the Ying Family was killed did Huang Xiaolong sit down with Duan Wuhen to understand what happened in the Martial Spirit World ever since he left.

As it turns out, the Ying Family sent another batch of people to the Martial Spirit World on the seventh year after Huang Xiaolong and everyone left.

Overwhelmed by the disparity in strength and power, the Ying and Zhao Families conquered the entire Martial Spirit World in less than two months.

When everything was under their control, the two families began capturing every Xiantian realm expert.

Some were tasked with collecting herbs, while others like Duan Wuhen suffered a worse fate, moving ores and helping them forge weapons.

As for women and children, more accurately, the useless ones were left at the mercy of both families disciples.

The Ying and Zhao Families disciples habitually used slaughtering whole villages as a form of competition, killed for their pleasure, whereas young girls were reduced to mere playthings.

Anyone that dared to resist met miserable ends.

The Huang Family, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and everyone else listened with gritted teeth, their eyes turned scarlet from anger and killing intent.

Including Huang Xiaolong.

There had never been any other time when Huang Xiaolong was this furious, when his desire to kill was this overwhelming.

He would definitely obliterate the Ying and Zhao Families!

“These bunch of f*cking strays! Beasts! Ill kill them all!! All of them!” Huang Xiaohai hollered in pain, grief, and most of all, mad rage.

He turned to Huang Xiaolong, “Big brother, lets go and finish these bastards!”

“Dying like that is a luxury to them, I want them to feel pain worse than death!” Huang Xiaolongs chilling voice sounded, akin to an Asura rising from Hell.


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