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At Huang Xiaolongs inquiry, Chen Yu answered, “There is a Heavenly Gods Blood Pool.

Legend has it that the blood pool was formed from the fallen Heavenly God masters blood.

If one can cultivate in the blood pool even for a day, the benefits are endless.

There are stories saying that a White Tiger Institute Grand Elder had once cultivated in the blood pool when he was still an inner disciple, moreover, he stayed in the blood pool for an entire month! After one months practice, he advanced from Second Order God Realm to Third Order God Realm!”

One month, advancing from Second Order God Realm to Third Order God Realm!

Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei exchanged a glance in astonishment…

One month!

Even Huang Xiaolongs cultivation speed did not reach such a shocking speed with both refining a rank six godhead and possessing the Black Tortoise Divine Fire.

If Huang Xiaolong somehow obtained the Black Tortoise Divine Fire while he was still a Second Order God Realm, it would take him half a year to break through to Third Order God Realm.

Chen Ye went on, “When that White Tiger Institute Grand Elder came out from the blood pool, he discovered that his physique had transformed into an Etheric Physique, his cultivation speed was five times faster! Because of this, that White Tiger Institute Grand Elder was able to reach Tenth Order God Realm in less than a thousand years of cultivation! If it was his previous cultivation speed, he would need at least five thousand years before he could reach where he is today.”

This information drummed through Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei.

Etheric Physique!

This Etheric Physique was special even amongst the list of unique physiques.

In ancient records, individuals that possess an Etheric Physique would enter an etheric state that could speed up their cultivation progress without the side effect of an unstable foundation.

Furthermore, their comprehension ability would be stronger than before.”

Listening to all of this, even someone who had the True Dragon Physique like Huang Xiaolong couldnt help getting fired up.

If he could add an Etheric Physique on top of his True Dragon Physique, not forgetting his Black Tortoise Divine Fire, then before the Highgod Advancement Tournament, he could breakthrough to Highgod Realm with one hundred percent certainty!

He had full confidence that the first place in the Highgod Advancement Tournament would be his!

“Does everyone who cultivates inside the blood pool gain the Etheric Physique Shi Xiaofei asked.

Chen Ye nodded, “Most likely, yes.

There is a total of six people so far that cultivated in the Heavenly Gods blood pool, and these six people all gained the Etheric Physique!”

Six people

Huang Xiaolong was bewildered, “Youre saying that, for so many years, only six people ever cultivated in the blood pool”

Chen Ye smiled wryly, replying, “Yes, for several millions of years, only six people managed to cultivate in the blood pool.

The blood pool on the Heavenly Mountain only appears once between ten to fifty thousand years, and every time it appears in a different location, only for the duration of one month.

When one month is up, the Heavenly Gods blood pool disappears.

All this time, only six people were able to find the blood pool when it appeared.”

Huang Xiaolongs enthusiasm slightly cooled.

Only six individuals in several million years!

Then again, it wasnt surprising.

If anyone could cultivate in the blood pool, then there would be numerous masters in the galaxy.

“Then how do they confirm if the Heavenly Gods blood pool will appear” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Every time the Heavenly Gods blood pool appears, the whole Heavenly Mountain is enshrouded in a faint sanguine mist.” Chen Ye explained.

“Ten days ago, the Heavenly Gods blood pool appeared, thus Master and Senior Yang Yi rushed over there”

“Yang Yi!” Both Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei exclaimed in unison.

Especially Shi Xiaofei, looking incredibly excited.

Although she had been trying to find some news of her Master, ever since that year when her Master left the land of new moon, Yang Yi and Shi Xiaofei hadn\'t not seen each other again.

Unexpectedly, in this trip to Royal Pill City, she actually found out that her Master and gone to the Heavenly Mountain together with the Ascending Moon Old Man.

Shi Xiaofei urgently asked, “Is my Master well”

“Master” Chen Ye was puzzled.

“Senior Yang Yi is Xiaofeis Master.” Huang Xiaolong explained simply.

Only now did Chen Ye know that Shi Xiaofei was Yang Yis personal disciple.

However, Chen Ye didn\'t know much about Yang Yi, he only knew that a few days earlier Yang Yi suddenly showed up in Royal Pill City, informing the Ascending Moon Old Man about the Heavenly Gods blood pool appearing in Heavenly Mountain.

Immediately, the Ascending Moon Old Man and Yang Yi departed.

Huang Xiaolong then asked Chen Ye other things about the Heavenly Mountain.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong asking if the realm above Highgod was called Heavenly God, Chen Ye shook his head, saying, “No one really knows, for there hasnt been anyone who went to the Divine World before.

However, some Highgod Realm masters in our lower realm believe that after the Highgod Realm comes the Heavenly God.

But in so many years, on our lower world surfaces, only one person succeeded in becoming a Heavenly God, the same one that has fallen in White Tiger Galaxys Heavenly Mountain.

Huang Xiaolong was baffled, how did that Heavenly Mountains great master die

In a lower realm like theirs, that person was the strongest, it wasn\'t possible that he was killed by someone else.

Chen Ye shook his head, “No one knows what happened, but there were some who said that the moment he broke through to Heavenly God, he was subjected to the lower realms backlash and exploded to his death.

That is why, in so many years, no Highgod Realm master dared to attempt to break through to Heavenly God.

In general, they would choose to ascend to the Divine World when their cultivation reached high-level Highgod Realm.”   

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

No wonder there was no Heavenly God master in their lower realm, with most of the high-level Highgod Realm masters ascending to the Divine World.

On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong was curious how terrifying a Heavenly God master was if a Highgod Realm master was already so strong.

If Heavenly God masters remained in the lower realm, wouldn\'t that mean they could easily destroy an entire world surface

Originally, Chen Ye wanted to keep Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei, planning to hold a welcoming banquet for them, but after hearing about the Heavenly Mountain, the both of them did not linger around any longer.

The two left Royal Pill City onto their next destination: White Tiger Galaxy.

For the average Eighth Order God Realm cultivators, it would take them at least three months time, taking into consideration the transmission arrays, to reach White Tiger Galaxys Heavenly Mountain.

But for Huang Xiaolong, flying at full speed on his sword, coupled with the transmission arrays, he would be able to arrive in ten days time.

Taking out the Mulberry Sword while holding Shi Xiaofeis hand, he brought her onto the Mulberry Sword and their figures disappeared from the vast space in a streak of light.

The Royal Pill City grew increasingly small behind them.

Nine days later.

From one side of the boundless space, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei were amazed looking at the vast galaxy in front of them, at the heavenly mountain hovering in space, veiled behind a faint sanguine mist.

‘This is Heavenly Mountain!

Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded, the mountain in front of him stretched farther than he could see, even he couldn\'t tell how many li there were from one end to the other.

His reaction was more exaggerated compared to seeing the Royal Pill City.

It was really hard to imagine that this Heavenly Mountain was actually a divine artifact!

Huang Xiaolongs Godly Mt.

Xumi, even if he had it expand to its limit, could only be as big as Snow Wind Continent.

Still, it was far less than one percent of this Heavenly Mountain.

The Heavenly Mountain was so tall that they couldn\'t even see its peak.

“Lets go.” A long time later, Huang Xiaolong said to Shi Xiaofei after he had calmed down.

Now, only eleven days were left before the Heavenly Gods blood pool vanished.

Despite the slim hope, Huang Xiaolong wanted to try his luck. 

A few hours later, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei reached the foothills of the Heavenly Mountain.

At the Heavenly Mountains foothills stood large cities, every city was as big as half of Snow Wind Continent.

Huang Xiaolong knew that these large cities were built by the White Tiger Institute and the super forces and families of the White Tiger Galaxy.

At the same time they arrived, many God Realm masters could be seen rushing over from all directions.

In the vast space, there were quite a lot of people.

And these people also came for the Heavenly Gods blood pool.


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