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Shi Xiaofei was experiencing similar rapid progress in cultivation as Huang Xiaolong.

Sitting in a meditative position above the blood pool, her body emitted a bright Buddhism aura that vaguely took the shape of a Buddha

Shi Xiaofei, who was already a peak-mid Fourth Order God Realm, quickly broke through to late-Fourth Order God Realm, and from there, her cultivation continued to advance at astonishing speed.

As for Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, his golden dragon body shone bright and dazzling as true dragon qi surged out from his body, forming a scud of innate true dragon qi. 

The golden scales on his dragon body were even more radiant, reflecting the sunlight like thousands of sparkling stars.

Days passed one after another.

The three of them remained sitting cross-legged above the blood pool, unaware of the passage of time when, all of a sudden, Shi Xiaofeis body quivered and a light muffled sound was heard from her body.

Shi Xiaofei broke through to Fifth Order God Realm!

 Not long after Shi Xiaofei broke through, Huang Xiaolongs body quivered, the Asura qi within his body multiplied and surged, advancing from peak late-Eighth Order God Realm to Ninth Order God Realm!

Although Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi did not experience a breakthrough, his Golden Dragon true form had become stronger and more powerful, even his dragons might was more majestic.

But Huang Xiaolong did not stop, greedily absorbing the blood pools energy.

The Treasure Dragon diagram inside his body was devouring the energy at a frightening speed, causing the blood pools energy to enter Huang Xiaolongs body like water rushing out from a broken dam.

The Treasure Dragon diagram grew increasingly clear.

Huang Xiaolong entered an etheric state, a sensation washed over him, like his soul had become one with heaven and earth, making him feel as if he had lived through the ages. 

In the next moment, the vast energy that had been rushing into Huang Xiaolongs body disappeared.

Only then did Huang Xiaolong stop cultivating and opened his eyes.

The blood pool had already disappeared.

Apparently, the one-month duration of the blood pools appearance had come to an end.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help feeling a little disappointed, then he shook his head in a wry smile, realizing that he was being avaricious and insatiable.

Being able to find the Heavenly Gods blood pool was extremely good luck, how many galaxies masters could only dream about it Although it was a mere ten days, it was equivalent to ten years of his usual cultivation.

Most important of all, he achieved an Etheric Physique!

Huang Xiaolong could clearly feel that his True Dragon Physique had once again evolved.

When he meditated, his soul would enter an etheric stage, this was an indication that he now possessed the Etheric Physique.

Shi Xiaofei and Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi also ended their practice, opening their eyes.

Like Huang Xiaolong, both were delighted after checking their body condition.

“Lets go and have a look around.” A moment later, Huang Xiaolong stood up.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi returned to the Dragon Pearl space as Huang Xiaolong held Shi Xiaofei and flew into the air.

Instead of leaving quickly, Huang Xiaolong went to check out the rest of the ancient city, wanting to see if there were other treasures lying around.

A short while later, they left after determining that there were no treasures inside the ancient city, tracing back the route they took earlier.

Now that Huang Xiaolong had broken through to Ninth Order God Realm, though he was only an early Ninth Order, he had the strength to go against that Black Dungeon Tarragon if they were to run into it again, no longer reduced to fleeing miserably like they did before.

Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei once again stood before the sea of Nine Color Corpse Poison fog.

Summoning the Black Tortoise Divine Fire longswords, they dived into the poisonous fog without hesitation. 

This time around, Huang Xiaolong managed to lead them both out from the poisonous fog in half an hour.

After they passed the Nine Color Corpse Poison, it was the land filled with ebony bones of demonic beasts.

Then again, those demonic beast bones had already been taken away by Huang Xiaolong.

It didnt take long for Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei to reach the spot where the Black Dungeon Tarragon halted its pursue.

Now that they were back here, the Black Dungeon Tarragon was nowhere to be seen, it had probably left seeing that Huang Xiaolong still hadnt come out for so long.

Huang Xiaolong breathed in relief at this conclusion.

Although he had broken through to early Ninth Order God Realm and wasnt afraid, that Black Dungeon Tarragon was still troublesome to deal with.

The Black Dungeon Tarragon left, but Huang Xiaolong did not lower his vigilance, his divine sense carefully surveyed the surroundings.

This Heavenly Mountain was filled with various dangers, laid out with layers and layers of restrictions, a small misstep could cause a perfection stage Tenth Order God Realm master to fall here.

Perhaps due to the blood pools one-month duration having ended, most of the masters that rushed to Heavenly Mountain earlier had much or less left.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong and Shi Xiaofei did not run into anyone, and even if they did, both parties brushed past each other without a word.

From their clothing, Huang Xiaolong judged them to be the White Tiger Galaxys native forces.

Finding the blood pool and his recent breakthrough put Huang Xiaolong in a good mood.

Leisurely, he and Shi Xiaofei enjoyed the Heavenly Mountains scenery as they flew.

Putting aside this Heavenly Mountains many restrictions and danger, it was a picturesque spot.

Not to mention its rich spiritual energy environment, there was also an indescribable force that didn\'t belong to the galaxy.

 Although Huang Xiaolong was able to sense it, he couldnt absorb it.

“Old Dragon, since this Heavenly Mountain is actually a divine artifact, why hasnt anyone tried to take it away in so many years” Curiosity reared its head in Huang Xiaolongs mind, seeking an answer from Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi.

Shi Xiaofei was also very curious about this matter. 

Though unclear about this Heavenly Mountains power, just judging from its appearance, it was definitely a powerful divine artifact.

It was impossible that no one had coveted it until now.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi shook his head hearing Huang Xiaolongs question, “Who says no one has tried to take the Heavenly Mountain away However, not a single person among the four galaxies numerous masters has ever succeeded.

There were rumors saying that one must be a Highgod Realm master, and moreover, locating the Heavenly Mountains grand central formation.

Only after taking control over the central formation could one take away the Heavenly Mountain.”

“Then again, in tens of thousands of years, no one had any success in locating the Heavenly Mountains central formation and control it.”

Huang Xiaolong was baffled, “Why”

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi answered, “Because the central formation is on the peak of Heavenly Mountain and the restrictions on the peak are extremely terrifying, so much that a Highgod Realm master could lose their life due carelessness.

In between, more than a dozen Highgod Realm masters died attempting to reach the mountain peak.

However, this stopped around ten thousand years back, no one dared to covet the Heavenly Mountain anymore.”

At the very top of Heavenly Mountain Huang Xiaolong repeated under his breath, something stirred in him.

He had decided there and then that when he stepped into Highgod Realm, hed ascend to the peak and try to become its next owner.

After he broke through to Highgod Realm, adding this Heavenly Mountain to his strength, would he need to fear the Azure Dragon Institute 

Even if that old witch Wang Na, the Jiang Family, and the Azure Dragon Institute joined hands, Huang Xiaolong had the confidence to smash them to smithereens!

 As these thoughts ran through his mind, he and Shi Xiaofei unknowingly arrived at a lake area.

The lake water was the color of black ink!

Observing the strange small lake, Huang Xiaolong slowed to a stop.

“Little Huang brat, looks like youre really someone blessed with great fortune, theres a treasure in this lake, an absolute treasure!” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyis excited exclamation sounded.

It seems like Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi discovered something again, astonishing Huang Xiaolong.

The water surface suddenly split apart, revealing a powerful black light piercing the sky, as a black lotus the size of four palms flew out from the lake.

“Could this be… Black Lotus!” Huang Xiaolongs voice rose a pitch higher.

“Youre correct, its a Black Lotus, definitely a Black Lotus! See, it has around twenty to thirty petals.

A Black Lotus only grow one petal every hundred thousand years, this Black Lotus is at least two million years old!” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyis words were almost intelligible due to exhilaration.


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