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“Correct, Im not Cheng Huaian.” Huang Xiaolong nonchalantly admitted.

It wasnt necessary to conceal it at this point.

After all, the other side was going to die.

Liang Guang began to feel apprehensive looking at Huang Xiaolong, “Who are you!” This persons disguise technique was so splendid that not a single Vermilion Bird Institute master saw through it Including himself before this!

“You can ask Cheng Huaian later.” A suction force from Huang Xiaolongs right hand instantly pulled Liang Guang toward himself.

Prior to ending Liang Guangs life, Huang Xiaolong scoured his soul for information.

He had long been curious why the demonic beast clans were attacking the Golden Mountain World, perhaps he might some find clues or the actual reason from Liang Guangs memories.

A short while later, the soul-scouring ended.

Huang Xiaolong lightly tapped Liang Guangs forehead with his finger, and true immortal essence fire drilled into his soul, burning it to ashes.

“The Hundred Spirits Beast King!” Huang Xiaolong repeated the name under his breath, waves of shock reeling in his heart.

From scouring Liang Guangs soul, Huang Xiaolong found out why the demonic beast clans were attacking the Golden Mountain World.

Apparently, the Piercing Sky Beast King read in a particular ancient canon from the demonic beast clans Holy Temple that one part of the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings true body was sealed somewhere in the Golden Mountain World!

The Hundred Spirits Beast King was a peerless demonic beast king from tens of thousands of years ago, Huang Xiaolong already knew this.

An illustrious existence of the same era as the Black Warrior Institutes first Principal.

During that time, in order to cultivate his Hundred Spirits Demonic Art, the Hundred Spirits Beast King was extremely savage and vicious, trampling and slaughtering in human territories to absorb human souls.

Later, the first Black Warrior Institute Principal and a group of pinnacle human cultivators joined forces to exterminate this Hundred Spirits Beast King.

However, the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body toughness had reached a horrifying level, so strong that the many human masters werent able to kill the Hundred Spirits Beast King.

In the end, they could only cut off his arms, legs, head, and torso, and sealed them separately on different worlds surfaces within the four galaxies.

However, other than the first Black Warrior Institute Principal and a handful of people, no one else knew where the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings dismembered body parts were sealed in.

Yet, this Piercing Sky Beast King actually discovered it! But, which part of the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body was sealed here in the Golden Mountain World

Huang Xiaolong shared the result of his soul-scouring with Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, and the old dragon was alarmed to the point where his dragon form trembled.

“The Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body!!” A second later, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi exclaimed in excitement, “Little Huang brat, if you can find all of the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings sealed body parts and refine them, and find the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire afterwards, I guarantee that within a hundred years you can absolutely advance to the Highgod Realm! Theres even a chance you can obtain the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings Soul Devouring Physique!”

“Soul Devouring Physique!” Huang Xiaolong was astonished.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi nodded, “Yes, Soul Devouring Physique.

Although the Soul Devouring Physique did not enter the top ten ranks among the three thousand unique physiques, and may not rival your True Dragon Physique, it isnt any weaker than the Etheric Physique.

The Soul Devouring Physique allows its owner to devour other peoples soul force, strengthening its owners soul and increasing the soul clarity.

Because of this, the Hundred Spirits Beast King grew to be overwhelmingly powerful in the past!”

Pleasant surprise flickered in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, it never crossed his mind that the Hundred Spirits Beast King possessed the Soul Devouring Physique.

He didnt know about this.

Moreover, this Soul Devouring Physique could actually enable its owner to devour others soul force to strengthen their own soul and further increase their soul clarity!

Judging from a certain aspect, this Soul Devouring Physique was even better than the Etheric Physique.

“But, if the Piercing Sky Beast King knows that one of the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body parts is sealed in this Golden Mountain World, why didnt he come to search himself, merely sending some subordinates over that openly massacre the humans everywhere” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi contemplated and answered, “Although the Piercing Sky Beast King knows that the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body part is sealed here in the Golden Mountain World, he does not know the exact location.

There were rumours that the Hundred Spirits Beast King has a fervid liking for blood, I think the Piercing Sky Beast King is trying to stimulate the sealed body part of Hundred Spirit Beast King with blood by large-scale massacres of the human race in order to determine the location!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, agreeing with Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyis thought.

Had the Piercing Sky Beast King started massacring numerous humans, he would be carrying a target on his back.

A sharp light flickered in Huang Xiaolongs eyes; since he came to know that this Golden Mountain World sealed one of the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body parts, then he would find it no matter what.

Not only the one in Golden Mountain World, he would find all the other parts too.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong focused his attention back to the present.

The most urgent matter now was to awaken He Jing and the others.

Very soon, Huang Xiaolong found the antidote for the Soul Scattering Powder from Liang Guangs spatial ring and awakened He Jing and the rest one by one.

When He Jing and the others regained consciousness, each of them was confused looking at Liang Guang and those demonic beast clan masters corpses scattered on the ground.

Huang Xiaolongs explanation was; all of them, including himself, were rescued by a mysterious master.

As for that mysterious master, after killing Liang Guangs group and waking Huang Xiaolong up, that mysterious master left.

Everyone felt a nagging doubt toward Huang Xiaolongs explanation, but they could not think of other reasons.

Although He Jing suspected that this rescue was related to Huang Xiaolong, he knew only too well his Junior Brothers strength.

Cheng Huaian definitely wasnt a match for those several Eighth Order God Realm demonic beast clan masters.

He Jiangs group subsequently rushed back to the spot where Fu Qian and the others were waiting.

Contrary to He Jings group, Fu Qians group did not meet with any demonic beast clan masters attack, which was a relief.

Seeing He Jiangs group bring back three small children and that Liang Guang was missing, Fu Qian asked what happened.

With a complicated expression, He Jing briefly recounted what happened.

When Fu Qian and those who stayed behind heard that Liang Guang was actually a member of the demonic beast clans, everyone was shocked.

A few hours later, they finally made it back to the Alliance headquarters.

He Jing and Fu Qian reported the events of their task to Yu Ze, Fang Hengning, and the other four council representatives.

“Impossible! How can Junior Brother Liang Guang be a member of the demonic beast clans!” When Yu Ze heard that Liang Guang was actually the Piercing Sky Beast Kings son, he reacted badly, rebuking loudly in denial.

He Jings expression darkened coldly, “Impossible Elder Yu, this is something we saw with our own eyes, and we heard with our own ears that several demonic beast clan masters called Liang GuangYoung Master.

Furthermore, it was Liang Guang himself that admitted with his own mouth that hes the Piercing Sky Beast Kings son, or are you implying that all of us are lying”

Yu Ze wavered between doubt and denial.

He almost blurted out that He Jing and everyone else colluded to lie.

For too much was involved if what He Jing said was true.

If Liang Guang was really the Piercing Sky Beast Kings son that infiltrated the Vermilion Bird Institute, then even his Master, a Grand Elder, couldn\'t escape punishment!

Most likely, even him and his other Junior Brothers would be subjected to investigation and interrogation.

Watching Yu Zes myriad of expressions flickering back and forth, Huang Xiaolong inwardly sneered.

Yu Zes thoughts were all too clear to him.

Very soon, other Vermilion Bird Institute higher echelon arrived at the headquarters.

The news they learned had greatly shocked them.

Yu Ze soon received a summons from the Vermilion Bird Institutes higher echelon.

He was relieved of his position as the Demon Slaying Alliances council representative and was to report himself back at the Vermilion Bird Institute for investigation.

Whereas He Jing,Cheng Huaian, and those involved, they were also called back to the institute.

Of course, He Jing, Huang Xiaolong, and the others returning to the Vermilion Bird Institute wasn\'t for investigation, but merely to answer some questions.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong could only return to the Vermilion Bird Institute at the moment.

After he was done with the questioning, he would think of another way to return to the Golden Mountain World and search for the location of that sealed part of the Hundred Spirits Beast King.

Back in the Vermilion Bird Institute, Huang Xiaolong was basically unrelated to the matter after he was done with questioning, hence he returned to the Lightning Fire Peak.

Now, even though he knew there was a part of the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body sealed in the Golden Mountain World, that world surface was by no means small.

How was he going to find the location Huang Xiaolong felt a headache coming.


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