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Wang Qingjiang followed behind He Feifan, walking into the guest reception hall.

When he passed by Huang Xiaolong, he snickered, “Punk, dont think your Master and the Cheng Family can protect you forever, Im waiting to see if you can hide inside the Vermilion Bird Institute your whole life.”

Huang Xiaolong responded in a derisive tone, “Just you”

With a slight probe of his divine sense, Huang Xiaolong saw through Wang Qingjiangs strength in an instant, an early Eight Order God Realm.

This level of strength, Huang Xiaolong could squash Wang Qingjiang into waste with a single finger.

Wang Qingjiang flew into a fit of anger at Huang Xiaolongs words.

His fist aimed, wanting to strike Huang Xiaolong down the peak, but he managed to control himself at the last moment, “Cheng Huaian, your naivety is laughable in my eyes, I hope you can be this naive till the end!” With that said, Wang Qingjiang looked away from Huang Xiaolong, following closely behind He Feifan with a flattering smile.

Liu Yilong watched Wang Qingjiangs back, cautioning Huang Xiaolong, “Big bro, this Wang Qingjiang is a crafty and sinister person, and he holds grudges for a long time.

You must be careful of him.”

Huang Xiaolong casually nodded.

Wang Qingjiang Nothing but a jumping flea.

Watching Huang Xiaolongs unconcerned expression, Liu Yilong once again hung his head low in dejection.

These years, he had become less able to understand this Big bro of his, as if his Big bro had changed these years whilst not at the same time

Liu Yilong felt like his Big bro had grown more arrogant than before, to the point where he didn\'t even put the Piercing Sky Beast King in his eyes.

Yet, he seemed to be more upright Even ignoring a beauty like Qi Qianqian.

“What are you thinking about” Huang Xiaolongs voice reached Liu Yilong, “Lets go in.”

Liu Yilong snapped out from his reverie.

Together with Huang Xiaolong and the other brothers, he walked into the guest reception hall.

The guest reception hall was huge enough to accommodate close to ten thousand people.

However, in the Vermilion Institute grounds, the guest reception hall was just one a small front halls.

After passing through the guest reception hall, there was an even bigger square crowded with masters that rushed over from all corners of Vermilion Bird Galaxy to attend He Feifans celebratory banquet.

Naturally, those gathered in the square were all Patriarchs, Ancestors, and Grand Elders of first rank and super forces.

 At the other end of the square was the main hall, which could only be described as capacious.

Judging from its appearance from the outside, the main hall didn\'t seem big at all, but once one entered, it was clear that accommodating several tens of thousands of people wasn\'t at all an issue.

Inside the main hall were mostly Patriarchs, Ancestors, Grand Elders, and core disciples of other super forces.

Being an Elder of the Vermilion Bird Institute, Huang Xiaolong was eligible to be present inside the main hall.

Liu Yilong and the rest, however, could only stay outside in the square.

Entering the main hall, a strong star force enveloped Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong looked around.

Above the main hall, bright pebbles resembling diamonds were hung, they were starlight rocks.

The strong star force came from these hanging starlight rocks.

The ones hanging above were even rare types of starlight rocks called Falling Dust that could only be formed by a being bathed in star force for centuries.

The star force contained within these starlight rocks was something that cultivators dreamed of, its benefits far surpassed consuming any sacred grade divine pellets.

Huang Xiaolong didnt imagine the Vermilion Bird Institute would be so generous, taking out so many of these Falling Dust Starlight Rock to nourish the spiritual qi of the attending super forces masters.

Huang Xiaolongs divine sense swept over the starlight rocks, he counted exactly ten thousand of them.

Such a quantity of Falling Dust Starlight Rocks was something hard to match by the weaker super forces of the Vermilion Bird Galaxy.

Other than the ten thousand Falling Dust Starlight Rocks, it was obvious that great attention had been paid to the decorations on the pillars, as well as the floor, some places were specially altered.

The halls big pillars were lined with divine grade spirit stones, most of them were high divine grade spirit stones and there were even some top divine grade spirit stones among them.

Of course, there were no sacred grade immortal spirit stones. 

These divine grade spirit stones were used to lay out spiritual energy gathering arrays on the pillars, gathering an unbelievable amount of spiritual energy inside the hall.

And last but not least, the hall floor was carpeted with beast skin.

Huang Xiaolong it to be the skin of an ancient fierce beast called Bian.

Finding one ancient fierce Bian beast was hard enough, yet for the Bian beast skin carpet laid over this large hall floor, how many Bian beasts were slaughtered

Walking on the Bian skin carpet felt soft and comfortable, and the surface of the Bian carpet exuded a fragrance similar to sandalwood that uplifted ones mood.

This was a unique natural scent belonging to the Bian beast.

“Junior Brother, youre here!” While Huang Xiaolong was observing the hall in detail, a cheerful voice sounded.

Huang Xiaolong looked over and saw He Jing walking towards him.

He Jing looked very happy seeing Huang Xiaolong, laughing as he said, “Come, Ill lead you to Masters place.”

Obviously, Wude was also present.

He Jing led Huang Xiaolong to a corner of the hall where Wude was.

Not only was Wude there, Fang Hengning was there as well.

Despite Wude being a Vermilion Bird Institute Grand Elder, in front of these super forces Patriarchs and Ancestors, his seating could only be placed at a corner of the capacious hall.

Seeing \'Cheng Huaian, a smile cracked over Wudes stern face, “Youre here, take that seat.” Wude said, pointing at the seat beside He Jing.

Huang Xiaolong nodded and complied.

Fang Hengnings attitude remained lukewarm towards Huang Xiaolong, but Huang Xiaolong didnt mind and took the seat next to He Jing as Wude indicated.

He Jing was in high spirits, pointing out legendary figures in the hall to Huang Xiaolong nonstop.

Huang Xiaolong listened attentively for the time being, looking where He Jing pointed since there was nothing to do after all.

A while later, the noisy hall suddenly quieted as a group of people walked into the hall through the main entrance,

At the front of the group was the Vermilion Bird Institute Principal, Qiu Baifei.

Behind the Vermilion Bird Institute Principal was He Feifan in a white brocade robe, as well as two others Vermilion Bird Vice Principals.

After them were the Institute Principals remaining disciples and the other two Vice Principals disciples.

When Qiu Baifei arrived, everyone in the hall stood up.

Qiu Baifei and He Feifan nodded to several Patriarchs and Ancestors of super forces, exchanging greetings amidst laughter.

When they reached the center of the hall, Qiu Baifei, He Feifan, and the rest of the group sat down, so did everyone else.

A while later, Qiu Baifei first stood up, followed by He Feifan, and each of them made a short speech.

There were mostly words welcoming the super forces Patriarchs and Ancestor for attending this celebratory banquet.

After that, wine and food were served, while Qiu Baifei and He Feifan went around with their wine cups, toasting with various Patriarchs, Ancestors, and Sect Chiefs.

Halfway through the banquet, an extremely thin old man stood up, grinning at He Feifan, “Now that Vice Principal He Feifan has broken through to Highgod Realm, in the Highgod Advancement Tournament a hundred years later, the first place will definitely belong to Vice Principal He Feifan! At that time when Vice Principal He Feifan wins the first place in the Highgod Advancement Tournament, our Vermilion Bird Galaxys forces will also feel glorious ah!”

He Feifan laughed heartily, “Then Ill borrow Patriarch Liangs auspicious words.

When I win the first place in the Highgod Advancement Tournament, there will be another banquet!”

The thin old man who stood up and congratulated He Feifan was none other than the Patriarch of the super force that Liang Guang belonged to in the past, Liang Qishen.

Another familys Ancestor stood up with a smiling face, “Although that Azure Dragon Institutes Xiang Mingzhi obtained the Azure Dragon Divine Fire, as long as he hasnt broken through to Highgod Realm, he won\'t be a match for Vice Principal He Feifan during the tournament.

Vice Principal He Feifan will definitely win the first place for our Vermilion Bird Galaxy!”

“I heard that the Black Warrior Institutes Huang Xiaolong will also be participating in this coming Highgod Advancement Tournament.” Another family Patriarch suddenly brought up Huang Xiaolong.

He Feifan gave a satirical smile, unconcerned, “If its talent, indeed, no one can compare to Huang Xiaolong.

However, the Highgod Advancement Tournament relies on ones strength and not talent.

Huang Xiaolongs cultivation is not even at the Tenth Order God Realm, if he really participates in the tournament, Im afraid to say that he wont even make it into the top one hundred.

Huang Xiaolong is not worthy to be my opponent unless he cultivates for a few thousand years more.”


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