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When Huang Xiaolong, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, and Huang Hongtian arrived at the peak of Firecloud Mountain where the three Flaming Golden-Claw Great Pengs built their cultivation dwelling, a hindrance arose.

Guarding outside the three Flaming Golden-Claw Great Pengs cultivation dwelling were four ancient Armored Dragon-Turtles. 

The Armored Dragon-Turtles were another line of Dragon Clan descendants.

In ancient times, their defense ranked high amongst many other fierce beasts.

The four Armored Dragon-Turtles guarding the cultivation dwelling were all perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm.

Then again, four Armored Dragon-Turtles at perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm barely posed any trouble to Huang Xiaolong and the other three, all four of them were easily dealt with.

However, the energy fluctuations from the battle alerted the three Flaming Golden-Claw Great Pengs.

Inside their cultivation dwelling, the three Flaming Golden-Claw Great Pengs exchanged a glance as they opened their eyes and flew outside.

Waves of scorching flames billowed in the air.

The moment the three Flaming Golden-Claw Great Pengs flew out from their cultivation dwelling, they immediately saw Huang Xiaolongs group of four defeat the  Armored Dragon-Turtles.

Their eyes fixed a sharp gaze at the opposite party.

One of the three Flaming Golden-Claw Great Pengs shouted angrily at the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, “Us three brothers and your Phoenix Clan have always adhered to minding our own matters and never interfering with the other; Phoenix Ancestor, today you bring outsiders here and wound my subordinates, what is the meaning of this!”

“It seems to me that us three brothers have been quiet for too long, so your Phoenix Clan thinks  that we three brothers are made of clay, to be molded as you like!” Another Flaming Golden-Claw Great Peng said, emitting a strong murderous aura.

The Phoenix Ancestor Huang Yixiao was awkward and ill at ease as he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

“You retreat to the side.” Huang Xiaolong calmly ordered.

“Yes, Master!” Phoenix Clan Ancestor respectfully acknowledged and retreated behind Huang Xiaolong.

“Master!” All three Flaming Golden-Claw Great Pengs froze for a second, then shock overtook them.

Since when did the Phoenix Clan Ancestor submit to a human runt!

A late-Tenth Order God Realm runt at that!

And judging from the Phoenix Clan Patriarch Huang Hongtians manner, he too had submitted to this human runt

From the beginning, the three Flaming Golden-Claw Great Pengs had selectively ignored Huang Xiaolongs existence, but now, all three of them were scrutinizing Huang Xiaolong, astonishment and doubt flashed in their eyes.

“Yes, the Phoenix Volcanos Phoenix Clan has aligned itself to me,” Watching the threepeoples expressions, Huang Xiaolong stated as if it was the most natural thing in the world, “And you three have already guessed my purpose in coming here today.”

Getting Huang Xiaolongs affirmation that the whole Phoenix Clan had indeed submitted to him, the shock in their hearts was reflected as clear as day on their faces.

The Phoenix Clan was one of Fire Worlds hegemon forces, comparable to the Celestial Peace Sect, Ye Family, and Liang Family super forces.

And this hegemon force actuallyaligned itself to a human!

If word of this got out, itd raise a tsunami of shock throughout the whole Vermilion Bird Galaxy.

After their shock subsided, Big brother Peng Dafei snickered mockingly as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, “Runt, although I dont know what method you used to subdue the Phoenix Clan, wanting us three brothers to submit to you is nothing but a fools daydream! Right now, youd better release the four Armored Dragon-Turtles and scram outta my face, otherwise… Hehe, the three of us will kill you and then force the Phoenix Clan to retreat!”

“Dont assume that having the Phoenix Clan Ancestor and Huang Hongtian on your side is enough to warrant your safety!” Second brother Peng Erfei added in a sharp voice, “With us three attacking, the Phoenix Ancestor and Huang Hongtian wont be able to spare the time to save you.

A puny late-Tenth Order God Realm like you is nothing more than dung in our eyes!”

Even four perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm Armored Dragon-Turtles were only qualified to guard outside their cultivation dwelling, whats more this runt of the human race!

In the eyes of ancient fierce beasts, humans were the lowest of animals.

Due to Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi concealing his cultivation, the three Flaming Golden-Claw Great Peng brothers readily assumed that the strongest person amongst the enemy group was the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, and after him, Huang Hongtian.

Hearing the crude words coming out from these birds beaks, Huang Xiaolong wasnt angry in the slightest, “How about this, the three of you attack at the same time, but if you cannot kill me…”

The three of them bent over from laughing too hard hearing Huang Xiaolongs words.

“Runt, are you saying the three of us attacking together wont be able to kill a mere late-Tenth Order God Realm human” Third brother Peng Xiaofei looked at Huang Xiaolong while his elder brothers were laughing nonstop.

Huang Xiaolong continued calmly, “The three of you attack together with one hour as the time limit, if you fail to kill me within that time, then submit to me.

Of course, if you succeed, then these ten thousand high divine grade spirit stones are all yours!” Finished saying that, with a turn of his wrist, thousands of spirit stones rained down from space.

Abundant and rich spiritual energy flowed vigorously, even the Firecloud Mountain seemed to quiver slightly from the sudden flood of spiritual energy.

The three brothers faces froze in shock staring at the enormous pile of high divine grade spirit stones in front of them, which looked more like a spirit stone mountain.

Ten thousand of them!

High divine grade spirit stones!

Even the Phoenix Clan Ancestor and Huang Hongtian watching from the side were flabbergasted.

Ten thousand high divine grade spirit stones ah!

Even the four galaxies Institute Principals were unlikely to be able to take out this amount!

Even though both Huang Yixiao, and Huang Hongtian had already submitted to Huang Xiaolong, they had not a clue of Huang Xiaolongs identity.

They only knew that their Masters name was Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolongs rise to fame was merely in the last hundred years, whereas the Phoenix Clan kept to themselves, rarely leaving the Phoenix Volcano.

Thus, other than Huang Xiaolongs name, they knew nothing else.

Staring fixedly at the pile of high divine grade spirit stones, the three  Flaming Golden-Claw Great Pengs eyes burned with greed.

Using a spiritual energy gathering formation arranged with these high divine grade spirit stones, their cultivation speed would be twice as fast.

Big brother Peng Dafei was the first one to regain his senses, his gaze slightly changed looking at Huang Xiaolong this time around.

When a persons wealth reached an unbelievable level, it created a kind of apprehension in others.

One high divine grade spirit stone was worth roughly sixty million Zhuque coins.

Ten of them, six hundred million.

One hundred, six billion.

One thousand, sixty billion!

Ten thousand was equal six hundred billion Zhuque coins! 

Thinking of this figure, even the part between their legs was shaking from their quivering.

“Are you sure, allowing the three of us to attack together” Big brother Peng Dafei asked with difficulty due to his strangely dry throat.

“The Phoenix Clan Ancestor and the others wont interfere”

Huang Xiaolong nodded: “Correct.”

It was merely ten thousand high divine grade spirit stones.

When he broke through to late-Tenth Order God Realm, Huang Xiaolong could already condense high divine grade spirit stones by gathering the spiritual energy from the void, hence, to Huang Xiaolong, high divine grade spirit stones were something he could have however much he wanted.

“On top of that, these ten thousand spirit stones are also yours even if you fail to kill me within the stipulated time.” Huang Xiaolong added.

“What!” All three brothers looked at Huang Xiaolong with incredulous faces, including Huang Yixiao and Huang Hongtian.

Huang Xiaolong spoke with a drawl, “Ten thousand high grade spirit stones are nothing to me.

In the future, no matter who, as long as Highgod Realm masters are willing to submit to me, they would have endless high divine grade spirit stones, even top divine grade spirit stones to cultivate.

However much they want.”

The three brothers and the two Phoenix Clans masters were shocked agape.

Top divine grade spirit stones!


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