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Only Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi remained unperturbed.

Watching the exaggerated expressions of shock on the three Flaming Golden-Claw Great Pengs, Phoenix Clan Ancestor, and Huang Hongtian, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi curled his lips in disdain.

Just the mention of top divine grade spirit stones and they were already shocked to this extent

Wait until Huang Xiaolong breaks through to Highgod Realm and is able to condense sacred grade immortal spirit stones, these people would be groveling at his feet!

A while later, all three Peng brothers regained their senses.

“Deal!” Big brother Peng Dafei looked at Huang Xiaolong with an austere expression, “This way, us three brothers will attack at the same time, but each of us will only attack once.

If you can withstand a strike from all three of us, then its our loss.”

If Huang Xiaolong withstood each of their attacks, it proved that his strength was superior to theirs.

If they had to submit to someone like this, they wouldnt feel too wronged.

Of course, the most crucial point was that following Huang Xiaolong meant they could have an endless supply of high divine grade, even top divine grade spirit stones to support their cultivation.

“Good.” Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Big brother Peng Dafei looked at his youngest third brother Peng Xiaofei, and Peng Xiaofei responded by going forward and approaching Huang Xiaolong, “Ill strike with my most powerful attack, Boundless Whirlwind Flames Slash! You better watch out!”

‘Is this considered as a kind reminder A faint smile spread over Huang Xiaolongs lips, nodding to Peng Xiaofei to indicate he understood.

Almost instantly, frightening flames surged out from Peng Xiaofeis body, forming a cloud of golden flames.

Divine might rushed out from his body and two violent winds gathered on his raised hands.

Then, his arms swung at Huang Xiaolong in a sudden attack.

As Peng Xiaofeis arms swung out, a flurry of fire blades shot out like rockets.

While they were flying forward, they rotated at an alarming speed, slashing at Huang Xiaolong.

As those fire blades rotated in the air, forming two turbulent vortexes more than a dozen meters at their widest, the eye of the vortexes emitted ear grating hissing noises.

The sound waves traveled for hundreds of miles.

All demonic beasts within the Firecloud Mountain lowered their bodies to the ground with their heads bowed low, fear in their eyes.

Watching as the vortexes formed by numerous fire blades were about to reach him, a sharp light flashed from Huang Xiaolongs hand as the Blades of Asura emerged.

His hands waved and the twin blades slashed out, causing countless wind blades to shoot forward.

Frigid Asura qi enveloped heaven and earth.

Two giant wind vortexes and two fireblade vortexes were on a path of collision.

Hellish whimpers echoed in the air as if a ghost was sobbing, an Asura roaring, the dignified devil king commanding.

Finally, the Asure wind blade vortexes collided with the fireblade vortexes.

The blade lights ricocheted and fire spattered.

The four different vortexes continued to collide, blasts resounded, scarlet red light and blackish purple lights lit up the sky.

Watching the terrifying shockwave from their exchange blowing out, Huang Hongtian swiftly retreated far away to safety, even the Phoenix Clan Ancestor formed a protective barrier around his body with his flames, somber as he defended against the overwhelming shockwaves in his way.

Only Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi stood leisurely watching the battle, the shockwaves rushing in his direction were scattered by an invisible force.

Even Peng Xiaofei staggered back several times from the collisions, more than a dozen meters, leaving a trail of footsteps.

Each foot imprint was an inch deep into the ground.

Only a long time later did the wind calm down and fire quieted.

Huang Xiaolong remained standing on the exact same spot.

In the distance, Peng Dafei and Peng Erfei were wide-eyed in disbelief staring at this result.

Their third brothers full force attack actually fell into disadvantage!

‘How can this be!

The other side was but a late-Tenth Order God Realm human! 

Even if the other side was the reincarnation of an ancient God, at late-Tenth Order God Realm strength, this person was still far from qualified to be their third brothers opponent!

Their third brother was a peak early-First Order Highgod Realm, close to advancing to mid-First Order Highgod Realm!

The shock Peng Xiaofei felt was greater than anyone present.

Some time later, Peng Dafei took a deep breath to compose himself once again, his expression more solemn than before, “It seems like we were blindsided, youre almost as strong as the three of us.

Clearly, its no longer necessary for my second brother to do anything; now, as long as you can withstand my attack, us three brothers will follow you!”

Peng Erfei was a mid-First Order Highgod Realm.

From the strength Huang Xiaolong had shown in the previous exchange, Peng Erfei had little chances of defeating him.

Thus, Peng Dafei decided to skip Peng Erfei and end things personally.

He slowly walked forward.

Huang Xiaolongs brows furrowed slightly.

He could see that this Peng Dafei was even stronger than the Phoenix Clan Ancestor, a late-First Order Highgod Realm master!

Peng Dafei stood a few feet away from Huang Xiaolong.

Divine might roiled from his body, layers of flame burned higher and higher with him as the center, the high temperature rippling out to the surroundings.

Huang Xiaolong dared not be careless, summoning his black and blue twin dragon martial spirits, soul transforming and stimulating the true immortal essence force from his dantian with all effort.

Both true immortal essence fire and Asura qi erupted from his body to counter Peng Dafeis overpowering flames.

Seeing this, Peng Dafeis eyes narrowed further, secretly impressed by Huang Xiaolongs white-gold fire that could inhibit his innate flames.

However, his momentum was still climbing up, getting stronger.

Above the Firecloud Mountain, the wind blew strong, with moving clouds that obscured the sun now and then.

Thunder rumbled and lightning streaked across the sky.

All of a sudden, Peng Dafei dashed to the front, issuing a low growl, and aimed both his palms at Huang Xiaolongs chest.

“Grand Fierce Firmament Palm!”

Whilst Peng Dafeis palms attacked, a strange boundless desolate energy rushed forth,  spreading despair and emptiness.

This strange energy seemed to originate from a time long forgotten and did not originate from Peng Dafei himself.

This Grand Fierce Firmament Palm was something that Peng Dafei had found in an ancient cultivation dwelling many years ago.

After years of practice and comprehension, he finally succeeded in cultivating this skill not long ago.

Amplifying his own flames with this desolate force, this power gave Peng Dafei the confidence to face even a peak late-First Order Highgod Realm master if need be. 

The moment Peng Dafeis palm struck out, a thousand arms emerged from Huang Xiaolongs back, attacking almost simultaneously.

“The Fifteenth Move, Unrivaled Myriad Dragons!”

Hundreds and thousands of divine dragons growled and roared, covering the sky and earth.

Everywhere one looked, the world was covered by divine dragons.

Peng Erfei and Peng Xiaofei looked like their souls had flown away staring at the innumerable divine dragons obscuring the heavens.

Thunderous explosions resounded again and again.

The entire Firecloud Mountain quivered and swayed.

Parts of its body cracked and fell, uprooting many trees.

The Phoenix Clan Ancestor, Huang Hongtian, Peng Erfei, and Peng Xiaofei flew up into the air, whereas Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi remained where he was, but there was a bright light around him.

Both Peng Dafei and Huang Xiaolongs staggered back from the collision.

Huang Xiaolong retreated more than a hundred zhang before steadying himself, and Peng Dafei retreated a little less than a hundred zhang.

Huang Xiaolongs face was pale, whereas Peng Dafei was only slightly panting.

Peng Dafei looked at Huang Xiaolong with a complicated expression.

Although his attack was a degree stronger, Huang Xiaolong did withstand his full force attack.

According to their agreement earlier, he still lost!

He was truly unable to understand how a late-Tenth Order God Realm human could be this strong!

Although Peng Dafei did not use his true form in that exchange, he sensed that Huang Xiaolong still had other trump cards hidden.

Some distance away, the Phoenix Clan Ancestor was dumbfounded seeing that Huang Xiaolong really did withstand Peng Dafeis attack.

Only at this moment did he realize that even without Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyis help, he still wouldn\'t have been be able to harm Huang Xiaolong.

Peng Dafei hesitated for a good while before coming to a stand in front of Huang Xiaolong, respectfully greeting on one knee, “Subordinate greets Master!”


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