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“What did you say Huang Xiaolong is recruiting Highgod Realm masters!”

“A First Order Highgod Realm master will receive one hundred high divine spirit stones per year A Second Order Highgod Realm, two hundred high divine spirit stones a year Third Order Highgod Realm, three hundred!”

“Impossible, how in the hell does Huang Xiaolong have so many high divine spirit stones! Did he find a super huge treasure First, it was the Hailstone Treasure, then the Xuanji Treasure, but even so, there still wouldn\'t be so many high divine grade spirit stones in those two treasures combined!”

It didnt take long for the news that Huang Xiaolong was recruiting Highgod Realm masters to sweep over numerous world surfaces like a giant tidal wave.

First to receive the news were the Black Tortoise Galaxys hundred thousand world surfaces, which quaked with shock, then onward to the Azure Dragon Galaxy, White Tiger Galaxy, and Vermilion Bird Galaxy!

Every person who heard the news had similar reactions of disbelief and shock.

This piece of news was even more startling than Huang Xiaolong defeating the Zhu Family Patriarch in a single move.

When the cultivators outside heard this news, their first reaction was to denounce it as a joke, someone playing a prank.

Needless to say, not even the Black Warrior, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Vermilion Bird Institute Principals, with the four great institutes treasuries combined, could take out such a large amount of high divine grade spirit stones!

Even if all the super forces in Black Tortoise Galaxy piled their wealth together, they still wouldnt dare to spout such a bluff!

Then again, even though Huang Xiaolong was the personal disciple of the Black Warrior Institute Principal and the Ascending Moon Old Man, he wouldnt dare to make fun of the galaxys Highgod Realm masters, right Daring to use all the Highgod Realm masters in the galaxy as the butt of a joke was nothing less than inviting a calamity unto oneself!

At that time, not even Feng Yang or the Ascending Moon Old Man could save Huang Xiaolong.

Therefore, almost everyone was convinced that someone was scheming against Huang Xiaolong, deliberately releasing such news to send a calamity in Huang Xiaolongs direction.

Hence, this conclusion spurred many curious cultivators to investigate the validity of the news.

However, the result of their investigation surprised many of them.

This news really came from Huang Xiaolong.

On the Black Warrior Institutes Wuhuang Peak.

After finding out that the news was genuine, Wang Na sneered, “I dont believe that stray dog Huang Xiaolong has so many high divine grade spirit stones!”

Standing nearby, Zhang Jiyia chuckled, “When Huang Xiaolong is unable to take out the required amount of spirit stones, provoking public anger, not even the Ascending Moon Old Man can save him.”

Wang Na threw her head back laughing in delight, “If that happens, the Mirage King wouldn\'t even need to lift a finger.”

In the northernmost part of the Black Tortoise Galaxy was a large space fissure, from which an eerie wind blew, its crying sounds sending chills down ones spine.

At the same time, unknown black entities were seeping through the fissure.

This was one of Black Tortoise Galaxys most dangerous places, the Ghost Abyss!

Within the Ghost Abyss, ghost wind howled.

Dense ghost qi roiled inside, making it a heaven for ghost creatures and dead spirits.

In the lowest depths of the Ghost Abyss, the ghost qi was so dense that it transformed into pillows of green clouds, floating everywhere. 

In the depths of Ghost Abyss, even Highgod Realm masters needed to exert caution.

However, although the Ghost Abyss was dangerous, many family disciples still came here to gain experience.

Not to mention the fact that the dense ghost qi in its depths greatly benefited cultivators practicing ghost cultivation techniques.

Therefore, some cultivators that practiced them would seclude themselves inside mysterious spaces within the Ghost Abyss.

“Recruiting Highgod Realm masters First Order Highgod Realm masters get a hundred high divine grade spirit stones a year If its like this, then wouldn\'t that amount to a thousand spirit stones in ten years” In the depth of Ghost Abyss, an old man thin as a stick and hair that grew past his shoulders chortled, “Theres such a good thing in the world Then I, Evil Ghost Ancestor, have no choice but to temporarily leave the Ghost Abyss.”

“Hehe, pray that Huang Xiaolong is telling the truth, for if he caused me to make a trip in vain, the price is death!” After saying that, the old mans figure blurred away.

White Tiger Galaxy.

In the coldest north of the Glacier River World was the forbidden land of the Green Glacier Mountain Range.

Inside a certain hidden space sat two Icemen shrouded in a green glow.

These two Icemens bodies seemed to be made of green ice and not flesh and blood.

“Big brother, are we really going to Martial Spirit World” One of the Green Iceman asked.

As the Iceman spoke, a cloud of cold green mist came from his mouth, freezing a small area of space.

“Of course! One hundred high divine grade spirit stones, only fools would miss this!” The other Green Iceman said, “Us brothers originally needed another ten thousand years to breakthrough to Second Order Highgod Realm, but with that many high divine grade spirit stones, wed be able to break through in four or five hundred years!”

“But, are we going to be ordered around by a mere God Realm brat”

“Hehe, after we get what we want, whether we listen to his orders is another matter.

No matter how talented that Huang Xiaolong is, his cultivation is still only Tenth Order God Realm.

In our eyes, he is nothing but an ant.

Do you really think Id be willing to listen to orders from a measly ant”

“Haha, Big brother, at that time, after we take his spirit stones, he won\'t be able to do anything to us even we dont listen to him!”

In the echoes laughter, the two figures left the hidden space.

Similar scenes and conversations took place in various locations within the four galaxies.

The news of Huang Xiaolong recruiting Highgod Realm masters also alerted the Ancestors of many super forces.

Some old monsters that secluded themselves within other mysterious spaces were stirred hearing the news.

In a short span of time, Highgod Realm masters made their way to the Martial Spirit World from all directions.

No doubt, these Ancestors and old monsters all harbored thoughts of taking advantage of Huang Xiaolong.

High divine grade spirit stones were a great temptation indeed, however, wanting these characters whose names had once resounded throughout the galaxies for decades to willingly take orders from a kid that had yet to hit puberty was impossible.

Some Ancestors and old monsters already had plans to catch Huang Xiaolong off guard and capture him, or capture those Huang Family members to force Huang Xiaolong to hand over the treasure filled with high divine grade spirit stones that he had!

Otherwise, it couldn\'t be explained why Huang Xiaolong had so many high divine grade spirit stones.

Roughly one month after Huang Xiaolong had the Phoenix Clan Ancestor and the others release the news, strong winds blew in the initially clear sky above the Huang Clan Manor.

An enormous dark cloud bore down on the Huang Clan Manor, casting a shadow over the land.

A whelming ghost qi spread out, causing everyone to feel as if they had fallen into the ghost realm.

All the Huang Clan Manor guards were terrified looking at the sudden change in the sky above.

“Huang Family, listen up, immediately send out Huang Xiaolong to welcome me, Evil Ghost Ancestor!” A harsh screeching voice came from the enormous dark cloud.

The Huang Clan Manor guards below felt as if sharp needles prickled their ears, falling to the floor in pain.

Inside the Huang Clan Manors great hall, Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes.

A cold gleam flickered in their depths.

Immediately, welcome

This Evil Ghost Ancestor had heard the news that Huang Xiaolong released and came to serve, so to speak.

Unfortunately for this Evil Ghost Ancestor, immediately after he arrived, he had placed himself in the wrong position, ordering Huang Xiaolong to come out personally to welcome him.

Moreover, displaying his strength to deter Huang Xiaolong, using a ghost sound technique to injure his guards!

The corner of Huang Xiaolongs mouth curved up in a silent cold sneer as he strolled out.

He naturally welcomed those who came to work under him, but those with bad, arrogant personalities must be taught a lesson to make them understand the circumstances.


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