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Looking at the Evil Ghost Ancestor, Huang Xiaolong increased his vigilance.

He had spent many years reading all the books inside the Black Warrior and Vermilion Bird Institutes libraries and was aware how powerful the Infernal Ghost Body could be.

Huang Xiaolong immediately summoned his blue and black dragons, soul transforming in an instant, then he released his Asura Physique.

At that same time, Huang Xiaolong true immortal essence was roiling in his dantian.

The Asura qi flowing out from Huang Xiaolongs body formed an Asura Barrier around him.

All of a sudden, in the air above the Huang Clan Manor, ghosts screeched and Asuras roared.

Affected by Huang Xiaolongs Asura Barrier, the Evil Ghost Ancestors ghost king qi falling from the void actually slowed and diminished.

The Evil Ghost Ancestor was shocked watching Huang Xiaolongs Asura Barrier.

While he was still in shock, Huang Xiaolong disappeared in a flicker, arriving in front of him.

Huang Xiaolongs finger pointed swiftly aimed between the Evil Ghost Ancestors eyebrows.

Finger force rushed out like roaring waves, resounding over ten thousand miles.

At the same time, thick gray fog roiled, hiding the strange ghostly creatures screaming behind it.

This was the Absolute Soul Finger.

Even though the Absolute Soul Finger was incomparable to the Godly Xumi Art, once it was practiced to major completion, a fingers force could absolutely break the enemys soul.

Adding to the enemys broken soul, it would also wither the enemys life force.

When the Evil Ghost Ancestor felt the terrifying force contained in Huang Xiaolongs Absolute Soul Finger, his face paled.

He bellowed as his right hand tried to slap away Huang Xiaolong finger.

“Ghost Wind Blood Rain Palm!”

Dense ghost qi turned into a raging tempest, splattering blood-colored rain everywhere.

Huang Xiaolongs Absolute Soul Finger force collided with the Evil Ghost Ancestors Ghost Wind Blood Rain Palm.

The sound of ghosts wailing echoed for miles and the land shook from the impact.

However, the blood-rain splattering down was extremely corrosive in nature.

As the Absolute Soul Finger brushed past the blood raindrops, blasts resounded as its force dispersed and weakened.

Both the Evil Ghost Ancestor and Huang Xiaolong were knocked away by the shockwave, staggering more than three hundred meters back.

In this exchange, neither one had the upper hand.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed dangerously, this Evil Ghost Ancestor preceded his reputation.

The Evil Ghost Ancestors strength probably reached the level of a Second Order Highgod Realm master.

If compared to the Zhu Family Patriarch, the Evil Ghost Ancestor was ten times stronger.

Even the Phoenix Clan Ancestor was slightly weaker than him.

Huang Xiaolong didnt expect this, but the Evil Ghost Ancestor was alarmed.

His Ghost Wind Blood Rain Palm contained poison of extreme Yin, it was an extremely overbearing technique.

Not many peak late-First Order Highgod Realm masters could have taken that attack just now, yet Huang Xiaolong, a mere God realm cultivator resisted it!

Moreover, in that exchange just now, both of them were equally matched!

Right at this time, Huang Xiaolong bellowed, lunging at the Evil Ghost Ancestor again in attack.

Although the enemy\'s strength slightly exceeded Huang Xiaolongs estimation, burning desire to battle filled his chest.

After he advanced to perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm, he had been itching to find someone to test out his current strength, and this Evil Ghost Ancestor was an ideal candidate.

Which was why Huang Xiaolong told Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, Phoenix Clan Ancestor, and the other Highgod Realm masters to only pay attention to the Huang Clan Manors surroundings.

Other than that, they just needed to sit back and watch.

The Huang Clan Manors defensive formations were activated earlier on, thus Huang Xiaolong need not worry about any damage falling onto the manor below due to shockwaves.

While the Evil Ghost Ancestor and Huang Xiaolong were fighting in the air above the Huang Clan Manor, in the outer space of Martial Spirit World, two figures tore the outer barrier and entered.

These two figures were naturally the White Tiger Galaxys Green Icemen that rushed over.

The moment they entered Martial Spirit World, they immediately detected the turbulent energy fluctuations coming from Huang Xiaolong and the Evil Ghost Ancestors battle.

“Such powerful energy fluctuations! Is it two early Second Order Highgod Realm masters fighting” One of the Green Iceman exclaimed.

“One of them is most likely a ghost cultivator, whereas the other one…” The other Green Iceman was intrigued, saying, “Come, lets go over and have a look.

Without delay, the two executed Great Space Teleportation.

After several warps, they arrived close to the Huang Clan Manor.

“Thats the Evil Ghost Ancestor!” When they appeared, both were shocked upon spotting the Evil Ghost Ancestor.

Even though the Evil Ghost Ancestor rarely left the Ghost Abyss, causing his name to become unknown to the younger generation, most Highgod Realm masters knew of him.

More than twenty thousand years ago, this Evil Ghost Ancestor once single-handedly annihilated a super family!

This matter shocked the four galaxies.

Following that, a few Highgod Realm masters allied to exterminate him.

However, they were unable to do anything, for the Evil Ghost Ancestor hid in the depths of the Ghost Abyss.

Who would expect that twenty thousand years later the Evil Ghost Ancestor resurfaced!

“Whos that black-haired young man!” The two brothers were shocked to see the Evil Ghost Ancestor, but what shocked them even more was the black-haired young man that was his opponent.

“Perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm!”

“How is this possible! It cannot be!”

The two Green Iceman brothers discovered that the black-haired young man battling the Evil Ghost Ancestor was just a God Realm cultivator!

Moreover, it seemed to them that the Evil Ghost Ancestor couldnt even harm him! No, the Evil Ghost Ancestor was actually at a disadvantage! Under that black-haired young mans overbearing attacks, the Evil Ghost Ancestor was forced to retreat again and again in a sorry state!

They stared at the black-haired young man when, suddenly, a thought thundered in their minds. 

Could it be!

As to confirm the thought that crossed these brothers mind, in the distance, the Evil Ghost Ancestor roared in fury, “Huang Xiaolong, I sincerely came here to serve under you, how could you suddenly attack an innocent man! What is the meaning of this Arent you afraid youll rouse the ire of all the Highgod Realm masters coming here!”

Listening to the Evil Ghost Ancestor declaring his innocence, Huang Xiaolong sneered, “Sincerely came here to serve under me Didnt you just say you want to annihilate my Huang Clan Manor Sparing no one Didnt you want to kill me, make me hand out the high divine grade spirit stones to you”

Huang Xiaolongs attacks continued to rain down on the Evil Ghost Ancestor as he spoke.

Instead of stopping, he fully employed the true immortal essence from his dantian, forming over a hundred true immortal essence fire swords that assaulted the Evil Ghost Ancestor from every angle.

Watching the hundreds of fire swords, the Evil Ghost Ancestor was both scared and enraged, dodging miserably in the air.

In the beginning, he and Huang Xiaolong were almost equal, but as time passed, Huang Xiaolong gradually gained the upper hand.

On top of that, as Huang Xiaolong fought, his moves grew increasingly sharp and fearless, his god battle qi and that other mysterious force seemed neverending.

The Evil Ghost Ancestor wrecked his brain but still couldnt figure out how Huang Xiaolong did it.

Whenever his god battle qi and that mysterious force were seemingly depleted, Huang Xiaolong would return to his peak form in the blink of an eye.

Did such heaven-defying cultivation technique exist in this world Able to replenish a persons god battle qi in the blink of an eye

Not to mention, after being suppressed by Huang Xiaolongs Buddhist force, the Evil Ghost Ancestors infernal ghost force had suffered great damage.

Just as he was dodging Huang Xiaolongs attacks in anger, behind him, a true immortal essence fire sword stabbed into his chest, coming out from his back.

The Evil Ghost Ancestor let out a blood-curdling scream.

Hearing that scream, both Green Icemens hearts jumped.

They originally came with the same intention as the Evil Ghost Ancestor.

“Twin Green Ice Monsters, lets join forces and kill this Huang Xiaolong! When this ends, his high divine grade spirit stone treasure will be ours, well split it equally between the three of us!” Evil Ghost Ancestor suddenly shouted toward the two Green Iceman.

The two Green Iceman brothers looked at each other, hesitation in their eyes.

Although Huang Xiaolongs strength indeed astounded them, if there were three of them, killing him wouldn\'t really be a problem.

When they thought of the high divine grade spirit stone treasure, the two brothers eyes glimmered with greed.


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