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Huang Xiaolong surveyed his surroundings.

Only wisps of black energy floated around like a blanket of black fog, emitting an intense nefarious aura.

Those wisps of black energy were the devil qi that shrouded the entire Devil Domain Mainland.

This devil qi was the kind of energy that devil cultivators were most fond of, a great supplement in advancing their cultivation.

However, to other cultivators, this devil qi was a dangerous element.

Once they were tainted by it, it was hard to expel, and prolonged exposure would cause them to be bedeviled by the devil qi inside their body and turn into a devilish creature without sanity.

Hence, on the Devil Domain Mainland, the devil cultivation sects were as many as mushrooms in the forest after rain.

The devil cultivators were even more numerous, and there were also living beings that had lost their sanity after they were bedeviled.

But, Huang Xiaolong cultivated the Asura Tactics, not to mention the fact that he had both the Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Divine Fires, this devil qi didn\'t pose any threat to him.

In fact, he noticed that after some of this devil qi entered his body, his Asura qi actually became marginally denser.

Although minuscule, Huang Xiaolong distinctively detected this change.

He paused momentarily to alter his appearance again, changing into a bone-thin old man with disheveled gray hair.

While circulating the Asura Tactics, his eyes seemed to glow a deep blood red, exuding a chilling cold aura from head to toe, no different from a true devil cultivator.

After changing the robe he had on to a fully black robe, Huang Xiaolong quickly determined his direction and flew forward.

One hour later, he appeared not far away from a city.

The first thing he noticed was this citys thirty zhang tall walls that were made by piling together a material called Devil Stone.

At the top of the city walls were vague strands of greenish black qi floating out.

The Devil Stones emitted devil qi at all times, which was greatly beneficial to devil cultivators.

“Crimson Devil City.” Huang Xiaolongs eyes looked above the city gates, the name of the city was written in three ancient characters.

‘Crimson Devil City, these three words contained a sharp ominous force that made one dare not look at it for too long.

Obviously, those three characters were inscribed into the city walls by a powerful old devil with a cultivation of Second Order Highgod Realm, at the very least, with a deep comprehension of their own Gods Law.

‘Second Order Highgod Realm! Huang Xiaolong felt his heart palpitate for a second.

In the four galaxies, even though First Order Highgod Realm masters were few in number, at the same time they weren\'t that few.

Most Patriarchs of super forces were First Order Highgod Realm, but Second Order Highgod Realm masters were truly a meager few.

Even Ancestors of top-ranked super forces may not be a Second Order Highgod Realm cultivator.

This was also why, when Huang Xiaolong stated the condition of two hundred high divine grade spirit stones a year for Second Order Highgod Realm masters, only a handful of them came to the Huang Clan Manor.

It wasnt because Second Order Highgod Realm masters weren\'t tempted, its just that the four galaxies didn\'t have that many of them.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved his gaze and was more careful than ever as he approached the city gates.

However, when he was about to pass through the gates, a devil sect disciple blocked his path.

The disciple courteously requested, “Senior, kindly show your identity token.”

“Identity token” Huang Xiaolong repeated, his brows locked together in a deep frown.

Entering this Crimson Devil City required an identity token

The devil sect disciple remained courteous despite Huang Xiaolongs obvious displeasure, “If Senior doesnt have our Crimson Devil Citys identity token, Senior merely needs to state your name and pay ten thousand Baihu coins as processing fees, Senior will be given our Crimson Devil Citys identity token.

Senior will then be able to enter and exit Crimson Devil City with ease.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

At the end of the day, he was only paying ten thousand Baihu coins.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong entered Crimson Devil City after paying ten thousand Baihu coins to have an identity token issued to him.

Walking inside the city, Huang Xiaolong it to be bigger than he had estimated judging from outside, several times bigger than the White Tiger City on Firmament Divinity Mainland.

On the other hand, although the city was big, there were only that many people around, hence the streets seemed too wide and quiet.

When passing by a shop called Wind and Storm Big Store, Huang Xiaolong went inside out of impulse.

Inside this shop, he found quite a few Tenth Order God Realm demonic beasts corpses being displayed.

There were actually two corpses of perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm demonic beasts.

He also saw late-Tenth Order God Realm demonic beast cores for sale.

Other than these things were some weapons used by devil cultivators, divine grade pills that could enhance a devil cultivators strength and many other things.

Huang Xiaolong even spotted a few ancient devil sects cultivation techniques and battle skills, which surprised him.

If these items were taken out to auction, each them was a treasure that would excite the people outside, causing them to compete fists and palms to obtain them.

Yet here, they were displayed so casually

“May I know what this brother is looking to buy” A sturdy middle-aged man stepped out from the counter, splitting into a wide smile as he asked Huang Xiaolong.

Although this sturdy middle-aged man was looking all amiable, Huang Xiaolong sensed a dangerous air about him.

In the next second, he noticed that this sturdy middle-aged man was actually a perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm, furthermore, he most likely cultivated an ancient devil sects technique, one that was extremely overbearing.

This middle-aged man was powerful, ten times more powerful than Wan Long on the Highgod Advancement List, perhaps even stronger than the average early First Order Highgod Realm master.

This unexpected finding astonished Huang Xiaolong.

This was the first time he had come across someone below the Highgod Realm, besides himself, who possessed strength rivaling an early First Order Highgod Realm master.

This middle-aged man was also the strongest person he had met with a cultivation below the Highgod Realm.

Huang Xiaolong was astonished, but the sturdy middle-aged was even more so.

He discovered that he was unable to see through Huang Xiaolongs real strength.

Standing there, the impression he got from Huang Xiaolong was unfathomable, just like his own Master.

But his Master was a Second Order Highgod Realm master, whereas this person in front of him was obviously like himself, a perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm cultivator…!

“I want to inquire about something.” Huang Xiaolong paused slightly, then he threw a top divine grade spirit stone to the sturdy middle-aged man.

The sturdy middle-aged man easily caught the top divine grade spirit stone and his eyes brightened, asking with a sheepish sweet smile, “What does this brother want to know”

Huang Xiaolong asked about the general situation in the Devil Domain Mainland and Crimson Devil City.

From the middle-aged man, Huang Xiaolong came to know that there were at least four main forces on this Devil Domain Mainland, namely, the Flaming Devil Sect, Ghost Demon Valley, Gorb Fiend House, and Crimson Devil City.

Other than these four hegemonic powers, there were several thousand small and medium-sized devil sects and groups.

Merely the first rank forces were already close to a hundred in number, but then again, these first rank forces were dependent on the four hegemonic powers.

What shocked Huang Xiaolong was that all four hegemonic powers had late-Second Order Highgod Realm masters.

Just from the surface, each of the four possessed strength comparable to the White Tiger Institute.

This middle-aged man introduced himself as the Crimson Devil City Castellan Chi Mos eldest disciple, named Bai Ruigu.

As Huang Xiaolong listened, a deep frown wrinkled his forehead for a brief moment.

One hour later, Bai Ruigu accompanied Huang Xiaolong out of his shop as Huang Xiaolong took his leave.

Watching Huang Xiaolongs leaving figure, Bai Ruigu summoned one of the shops employees over, instructing, “Inform Master about this person.”

“Yes, Eldest Senior Brother!”


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