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Hearing that, Yelu Tianhao was dazed for a second, then his face bloomed in joy, “Big brother is right! Big brother personally killing that Huang Xiaolong would be a desecration of your strength.

Our Yelu Family has more than a hundred disciples entering the tournament, any one of them can easily end that dogs life.”

Yelu Tianfeng said, “I heard that guy Beitang Wuji has returned from the Devil Tower.”

In close proximity to the Saint Lord Galaxy was the North Hall Galaxy, where the number one power was the Beitang Family.

Although the Beitang Family Head wasn\'t at the same level as the Yelu Family Patriarch, the difference was negligible; and Beitang Wuji was the brightest star of the Beitang Family in the last few tens of millennia.

After cultivating for a little over one thousand seven hundred years, Beitang Wuji was also a peak late-Third Order Highgod Realm.

Yelu Tianhao laughed, “Although Beitang Wujis talent is not bad, compared to Big brother hes still lacking.

During the Highgod Advancement Tournament, hell absolutely be no match for Big brother.”

Yelu Tianfeng nodded.

Even though Beitang Wuji could just barely be considered his opponent, Yelu Tianfeng was confident he could defeat him.

The Eternal Galaxy was located a long distance away from the Black Tortoise Galaxy, and its overall forces were several times stronger than the Saint Lord Galaxys.

In this Eternal Galaxy, the number of super forces was in the hundreds, whats more the number of its first rank forces.

Monstrous geniuses were akin to fishes swimming in the river, and breaking through to the Highgod Realm in less than a thousand years was nothing out of the ordinary.

The registration point for the upcoming Highgod Advancement Tournament was precisely on the Eternal Mainland of this Eternal Galaxy.

The Eternal Mainland was the heart of the Eternal Galaxy, all of its super forces and first rank forces had a residence there, hence its high population and prosperity.

Its main city, called Aeon City, was the largest one on the Eternal Mainland, governed by the Wangu Clan.

At this time, inside the Aeon Citys Gathering Cloud Pavilions building, disciples from various prominent families were gathered, discussing the upcoming Highgod Advancement Tournament.

“Say, in this times Highgod Advancement Tournament, who do you guys think will snatch the first place Wangu Yanhui or Zhou Yao” A certain family disciple dressed in brocade scarlet robes posed the question to his companions.

On the chest of the disciples scarlet robe was embroidered the emblem of a blossoming fire, the crest of one of the Eternal Galaxys super clans.

“Our Wangu Clans Wangu Yanhui has already broken through to Fourth Order Highgod Realm early on, the first place in this terms tournament is definitely his!” A Wangu Clan disciple stressed confidently.

“Hmph, our Zhou Clans Zhou Yao has already comprehended the dao of killing, reaching the perfection realm in our Zhou Clans Sword Canon.

Not too long ago, Zhou Yao slaughtered a Fourth Order Highgod Realm demonic beast, the first place in this terms Highgod Advancement Tournament is none other than Zhou Yaos!” A Zhou Clan disciple retorted.

“Who knows, maybe it\'ll be neither Wangu Yanhui nor Zhou Yao.” A Mu Clan disciple spoke, “Our Mu Clans Mu Qing has successfully passed the fourth floor of the Devil Tower, obtaining a devil crystal and forging his Devil Blade.

When the Devil Blade appears, Wangu Yanhui and Zhou Yao are no match for our Mu Clans Mu Qing!”

In an instant, these disciples started bickering incessantly.

The Everlasting Galaxy was one of the hundred thousand galaxies included in the upcoming Highgod Advancement Tournament.

Even though its overall forces were slightly weaker than Eternal Galaxys, the Everlasting Galaxy was the oldest and most mysterious galaxy; here, the Fortune Gate stood above all others, the strongest sect in the whole Everlasting Galaxy.

It was said that this Fortune Gate was a heritage left by a great person of the Divine World in the lower realm, rumored to be the most powerful cultivation in this lower realm. 

In the Fortune Gate buildings great hall, Fortune Gate Chief Wang Yu had all Grand Elders assembled to discuss one thing, the Highgod Advancement Tournament.

“In this terms Highgod Advancement Tournament, our Fortune Gates Fang Chu can definitely take the first place.” A Fortune Gate Grand Elder spoke first.

“Fang Chu is our Fortune Gates greatest talent in a million years, being able to form the Fortune Gate in just one thousand eight hundred years of cultivation; although it is only a vague form of the gate, the average Fourth Order Highgod Realm master wouldn\'t be his match.” Chief Wang Yu nodded in agreement, adding, “Taking a spot in the top three shouldnt be difficult for him.

The first place, however, it is hard to say.”

“Chief is overestimating the others strength, even the Eternal Galaxys Wangu Yanhui, Zhou Yao, and Mu Qi are not a match for Fang Chu in my opinion.” The Fortune Gates Grand Elder went on, “When Fang Chu obtains the first place, hell bring abundant auspicious qi to our Fortune Gate, restoring our glorious days from the ancient times!”

Similar scenes were taking place in various places within the hundred thousand galaxies.

Almost all prominent forces in these galaxies were discussing the same topic, how dazzling their sects disciples will be in the upcoming Highgod Advancement Tournament.

These prominent sects and families were generously taking out the various rare treasures they had been hoarding for their most talented disciples to refine in order to improve their strength, hence increasing their chances of getting better results.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong wasnt aware of all this.

Sitting cross-legged inside the Xumi Temple, seventeen strands of essence floated out from the two-million-years-old herbs, flooding Huang Xiaolongs body, while the Treasure Dragon diagram was greedily devouring that energy.

Then again, the essence from seventeen stalks of two-million-year-old herbs entering his body at the same time was a little overwhelming.

Even with his True Dragon Physique, Huang Xiaolong found it hard to bear.

At one point, the essence energy was so abundant that Huang Xiaolong became bloated.

Then his body continued to expand, stretching his skin and flesh so much that blood began to ooze out from the fine cracks.

These minuscule dots of blood oozing out from his skin were slightly dark, and after a while, they started emitting a very faint gray qi. 

The seventeen medicinal herbs were expelling the last traces of impurities from Huang Xiaolongs body.

Inwardly, Huang Xiaolong felt as if every part of his body was being torn apart by a horrifying giant monster.

His body protested from the tearing pain that came in never-ending waves, but Huang Xiaolong gritted his teeth like he was biting on the last shred of consciousness, absorbing all the essence energy and turning it into god battle qi and true immortal essence force.

Again and again, he compressed the force within his Qi Sea and dantian to make more space, so that he could continue to absorb even more energy.

In fact, in the last sixty years, he had been compressing the energies in his Qi Sea and dantian to the extreme.

Even now, he was doing the same thing.

Like a piece of steel being tempered, under Huang Xiaolongs repeated compression, his Qi Sea and dantian became harder than a divine artifact.

At the same time, his soul was also tempered by the essence energy of that seventeen two-million-years-old herb, causing his souls clarity to reach another level, sharp and intense.

One year, two years, three years…

Gradually, Huang Xiaolongs bloated body started shrinking back to his normal size.

Blood continued to ooze out, but his skin was emitting a prism of colorful lights.

These lights were condensed from the essence of those seventeen medicinal herbs.

Soon, seven years had passed.

The seventeen two-million-years-old-old herbs that were floating in front of Huang Xiaolong turned to ashes and crumbled, disappearing from the world.

Two months earlier, Huang Xiaolong had already refined every last strand of their essence.

Still sitting in a cross-legged posture, Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes.

In the next moment, he appeared in the outer space above the Martial Spirit World. 

He then blew out a breath.

His breath turned into waves of energy rushing outward, reaching as far as a million li before vanishing.

“Seven years have passed, its time to head to the Black Warrior Institute.” Huang Xiaolong muttered under his breath.

Just by standing there he exuded a whelming aura.


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