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Feng Yangs group spent another day traveling before reaching Aeon City.

Standing before the city gates, seeing the majestic grandeur in front of him, the city walls that reached as high as the clouds, Feng Yang sighed ruefully, “This is a true city of the eons ah…” He looked over at Huang Xiaolong and the rest, explaining, “It is said that this Aeon City has existed for more than 100 million years.”   

“More than 100 million years!” All four disciples exclaimed with widened eyes.

Even a divine artifact would deteriorate after a hundred million years, turning into dust.

Yet, this Aeon City that was even older than that still stood tall on this piece of land!

How long ago had the Black Warrior Institute been founded Twenty to thirty million years

Feng Yang went on, “From I what heard, its age is close to 200 million years, but whether it is true or false no one can say for sure.

This Aeon City is governed by the Eternal Galaxys most powerful family, the Wangu Clan.”

Huang Xiaolong couldnt resist asking, “This Wangu Clan has also existed for more than a 100 million years”

Feng Yang nodded, “Correct, the Wangu Clan has existed for more than a 100 million years, their clans forces are spread to hundreds of the neighboring galaxies.

It can be said that the Eternal Galaxy is one of the strongest galaxies amongst all those involved in this terms tournament.”

“Master, among the tens of thousands of galaxies, is the Wangu Clan the oldest family” Qi Wen asked.

Who thought Feng Yang would shake his head, answering, “No,”

“It isn\'t!” Huang Xiaolong and his Senior Apprentice- brothers and Senior Apprentice-sister were shocked.

Feng Yang nodded, “The oldest one is the Everlasting Galaxys Fortune Gate.

However, in term of strength alone, the Fortune Gate is slightly below the Wangu Clan, but that doesnt mean the Fortune Gate isn\'t strong.”

There was one sentence that Feng Yang didnt say to his disciples.

Before giants like the Wangu Clan and the Fortune Gate, his Black Warrior Institute was only an ant, perhaps they couldn\'t even be considered an ant.

After each of them paid ten high saint grade spirit stones, Feng Yangs group entered the city together with disciples from various other galaxies.

Just as they passed through the city gates, Huang Xiaolongs gaze fell on a great towering statue some distance away.

It was the statue of a few hundred zhang tall fearsome qilin!

The divine beast, qilin!

Feng Yang looked at the giant statue, speaking to his disciples, “You all probably never imagined that the Wangu Clans first ancestor isn\'t from the human race.”

“Not from the human race” All four were stunned as a thought flashed through their minds, ‘Could it be…

“Thats right, the Wangu Clans first ancestor was an ancient divine beast, a qilin, hence all the Wangu Clans core disciples possess an ancient qilins bloodline.

Moreover, their bodies are stronger than the average, and because their first ancestor was a qilin, their core disciples comprehension of fire is extremely high!” Feng Yang emphasized.

Huang Xiaolong and the others did not expect the Wangu Clans first ancestor to be a fire qilin!

Feng Yang looked at Huang Xiaolong, saying, “Xiaolong, if you run into the Wangu Clans core disciples in the tournament, remember not to clash too hard against them.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded. 

They made short work of enquiring about the tournaments registration location and headed there first.

Luckily, the registration place wasnt far from their location; half a day later, the five of them reached the registration square.

However, when they arrived at the registration square, looking at the densely packed square with countless disciples from all over the galaxies coming here to register, Huang Xiaolong was beyond speechless.

There were a hundred registration desks on the enormous square, with people lining up in single rows.

Huang Xiaolong chose a seemingly shorter queue and lined up, waiting for his turn.

After a rough calculation, according to the current registration processing speed, it would be his turn in about thirty days.

But he wasn\'t in a hurry, as there were more than forty days left before the deadline.

Feng Yang, Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wen went to wait for Huang Xiaolong at the end of the square.

Thirty days would pass in the blink of an eye for cultivators like them.

The days passed one by one.

Soon, thirty days were gone and Huang Xiaolong glanced at the line in front of him.

There were about thirty-four people left until it was his turn, just a few hours left.

Right at this moment, a young man clad in blue robes and holding a short knife in his hand walked straight up to Huang Xiaolong.

The young man stopped in front of Huang Xiaolong, throwing a top divine grade spirit stone at him and ordering in a haughty tone, “Give me your spot, you can leave now.”

The surrounding disciples waiting to register turned to look with anticipation for a good show.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the Wangu Clan disciple in the distance who was responsible for keeping the lines orderly, noticing that he acted as if he did not notice the situation.

Seeing this, how could he not know what was happening Clearly, that Wangu disciple had been bribed beforehand by this blue robed young man, who now took Huang Xiaolong as a soft persimmon that he could squash as he liked.

Hence, he chose to snatch his spot in the long line.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the top divine grade spirit stone in his hand, wanting to laugh.

Because he only had a cultivation at perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm, he seemed like a good choice to be bullied, thus the blue-robed young man could hardly be blamed for targeting him.

The young man watched Huang Xiaolong laugh while holding the top divine grade spirit stone.

His forehead creased in a frown, growing impatient, “Punk, youd better be smart and give the spot to me this instant, Im not a patient person.”

Huang Xiaolong raised his head, flashing that young man a big grin, “Are we allowed to kill people inside the Aeon City”

The blue-robed young man was stunned for a second, but quickly recovered.

A menacing chuckle sounded from his throat, “Thats right, as long as the person isn\'t from the Wangu Clan and killing them doesnt have a big impact, the Wangu Clan won\'t bother.

Therefore, even if I kill you, the Wangu Clan will not bother to give you justice!”

Huang Xiaolong grinned widened, “Im at ease then.”

While the blue-robed young man was perplexed by this reply, Huang Xiaolongs fist punched out without the slightest force leaking out, calm and undetectable.

When the young man reacted and saw that Huang Xiaolong was attacking him, he was enraged, “Punk, since youre seeking death, I…” Before that blue robed young man could finish his words, his face paled with horror.

Just as he wanted to retreat, it was already too late.

Huang Xiaolongs fist landed on his chest, and in the next second the young man was knocked back like a broken kite.

Blood was spurting madly out from his mouth and his chest caved in, reaching his back.

The surrounding disciples waiting to register were dumbfounded by what took place in front of them.

That blue robed young man just now was a late-First Order Highgod Realm master, yet he was sent flying with a single punch by a Tenth Order God Realm!

This overturned everything they knew and believed.

Huang Xiaolong glanced in the direction of several disciples not far from him that harbored ill-intentions, his voice cold, “Anyone else wants my spot”

The several disciples looked away, avoiding Huang Xiaolongs gaze.

The Wangu Clan disciple that was in charge of keeping order took a look at the blue-robed young man sprawled on the ground and walked over with deep furrows on his brows.


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