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By the time Huang Xiaolongs group reached the Aeon Square, it was already crowded with people.

At the center of square was a larger than life transmission array that could transfer one million people each time!

Looking at this super-sized transmission array, Huang Xiaolong suddenly felt that his Martial Spirit Worlds grand-scaled transmission array was a bit small.

‘Looks like I need to rebuild the transmission array when I get back. Huang Xiaolong made a mental note.

Martial Spirit Worlds transmission array could transfer ten thousand people at once, but Huang Xiaolong planned to expand it based on the scale of the Aeon Squares transmission array. 

Perhaps, hea would make an even bigger transmission array.

Although the place was crowded with people in every direction, based on the mark he left on Xiang Mingzhis body, Huang Xiaolong soon spotted his target.

Standing beside Xiang Mingzhi was the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi.

Other than him, there were also several Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elders and disciples around.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong arrived, twelve figures whistled past them high in the air, each of them exuding a whelming aura.

These twelve people were Wangu Clan Elders.

When Huang Xiaolong was going through the registration procedures, two Wangu Clan Elders discussed and made a little bet on Huang Xiaolong, Wangu Shou and Wangu Changqing.

Both of them were Wangu Clan Elders involved in overseeing the Highgod Advancement Tournament.

With the arrival of the twelve Wangu Clan Elders, the noisy square immediately quieted down.

“Adhering to the Divine Worlds edict, our Wangu Clan will be hosting this Highgod Advancement Tournament.” Wangu Shuo scanned the large crowd on the square, continuing, “I believe all of the disciples here already know the rules and prizes of this terms Highgod Advancement Tournament, hence I shall not waste any more time with words.

Our Wangu Clan wishes the participating disciples good luck in obtaining a good result.”

“Without further delay, all disciples who have registered and received a jade token please step into the transmission array at the squares center.”

The moment Wangu Shuos instructions sounded, participating disciples from various galaxies hurried into the transmission array.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt in a hurry, a dozen transfers would take all the participating disciples to the destination, there wasnt much of a difference in being the first batch or the last batch of people to arrive.

The duration for this terms Highgod Advancement Tournament was two years, one hour earlier or one hour later didn\'t really matter.

One hour later, the 17.62 million disciples taking part in the tournament had all been transferred to the Overflowing Lightning World.

Huang Xiaolong and Xiang Mingzhi were in the last batch transferred to the destination.

Originally, as a lower realms transmission array, the Aeon Citys array could not be connected to the Overflowing Lightning  World of a higher realm.

However, that big shot who combined a hundred thousand galaxies for the Highgod Advancement Tournament used a secret method that surpassed all barriers and laws to connect the Aeon Citys transmission array to the Divine World. 

Thus, the participants could remain in the Overflowing Lightning World for two whole years.

After two years, Huang Xiaolong and the other participants would be rejected by the higher realms laws, sending them back to the Aeon City.

Deep worry wrinkled Feng Yangs forehead as he watched Huang Xiaolong step inside the transmission array.

“Master, Junior Apprentice-brother is someone with great fortune.

Even if he doesn\'t enter the top one thousand, he wont face life-threatening dangers.

Master need not be overly worried.

“ Liu Yun comforted.

Feng Yang nodded, inwardly wishing it was as Liu Yun said.

At this time, the Aeon Citys transmission array glimmered with dazzling light.

The stone mirror placed in the center of the transmission array projected a ranking name list.

On the very top of the ranking list was none other than Wangu Yanhui.

Before his name was a string of numbers reading 3024.

Under Wangu Yanhuis name was Luo Shaochen from the Ancient Sorcerer Galaxys Ancient Sorcerer School with 2093.

Further down was the Everlasting Galaxy Fortune Gate Fang Chu with 2084.

Names continued appearing on the ranking list one after another, exactly three thousand names from top to bottom.

The appearance of the ranking list and the details on it raised a buzz of excitement from the spectating crowd still on the square.

“Wangu Yanhui is truly the Wangu Clans most talented genius in the last ten thousand years, barely one hour past since the tournament started and he has already accumulated 3024 points, taking the lead in the first place!”

“The current ranking cannot prove anything, our Mu Clans disciple Mu Qi will definitely surpass Wangu Yanhui before you know it!”

Discussions and exclamations could be heard everywhere.

The respective clans, families, and sect elders were all beaming when they saw the name that belonged to their own force.

Especially those ranked within the top one thousand.

Names flickered endlessly amongst the top one thousand rankings, indicating the rapid changes; some rose in ranking, while others dropped.

However, the names in the top ten seemed to be stable, rarely changing.

Three hours later, the name on the very top remained as Wangu Yanhui.

Below his name were the other Fourth Order Highgod Realm disciples.

“Master, look, its Junior Brother, hes now in the 1642nd place!” Qin Yis eldest disciple excitedly exclaimed.

Qin Yi looked at the ranking list, his face splitting into a wide smile seeing Xiang Mingzhis name on it, “Your Junior Brother was in the last group of people who were transferred in, one hour late compared to the first group.

Based on your Junior Brothers strength, hell climb into the top one-thousandth ranks very soon.” 

While Qin Yi was speaking, Xiang Mingzhis name continued to rise up the ranks as his points grew increasingly higher, bypassing more than a dozen names.

Watching Xiang Mingzhi gain an upward momentum, Qin Yi nodded with a satisfied smile on his face.

In the distance, Feng Yangs group was secretly hopeful as they checked the names on the ranking list.

However, not even after they reached the last name at the very bottom did they see Huang Xiaolongs name, instead, they saw Xiang Mingzhis name rapidly rising, which was the reason for the ugly expression on Feng Yang, Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wens face.

At this time in the Overflowing Lightning World, Huang Xiaolong surveyed the barren mountains surrounding him.

A tiny frown could be seen between his eyebrows, ‘This is the Overflowing Lightning World He raised his head to the sky, looking at the ribbons of lightning streaking through the air and entangling with each other.

Huang Xiaolong attempted to spread his divine sense and discovered that it could only cover ten thousand li in radius.

Not only that, both his god battle qi and true immortal essence force were suppressed to a certain degree.

The Overflowing Lightning World was a higher realm world surface, its space and time laws differed from the lower realm, hence Huang Xiaolong wasn\'t surprised that a portion of his strength was suppressed.

He had expected this.

He merely stopped for a brief moment before disappearing in a flicker, flying forward.

He didnt fly for long when, all of a sudden, a hundred zhang tall Earth Bear jumped out from the ground below.

Two powerful bear paws pounced at Huang Xiaolong, exuding a strong earth and lightning element forces. 

All demonic beasts in the Overflowing Lightning World possessed the force of lightning, which was why all of them were also called lightning beasts.

Looking at the attacking Earth Bear, Huang Xiaolong didnt dodge.

A sharp bright light flickered from his soul sea, releasing a soul force sword that instantly pierced through the Earth Bears head.

With Huang Xiaolongs current soul force, the regular Third Order Highgod Realm masters wouldn\'t be able to defend against his soul force sword attack, even less so a late-Tenth Order God Realm Earth Bear.

The Earth Bear fell heavily to the ground.

At the same time the Earth Bear died, a small bright light flew out from its body into Huang Xiaolong, entering the jade token inside his body.

Huang Xiaolongs divine sense checked his jade token, noticing there were ten points beside his name.

According to the tournament rules, once the participant stepped onto the Overflowing Lightning World, theyd be given points for every lightning beast they killed.

The stronger the lightning beast they killed, the higher the points they would receive.

Their ranking in the tournament was directly related to the amount of points they collected.

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong noticed that he currently ranked outside the ten-million position.

Soon, he saw Xiang Mingzhis rank through the jade slip.


This was Xiang Mingzhis current ranking.


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