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“If I kill you, how high do you think will my ranking will rise” Huang Xiaolong suddenly asked, a sheepish smile on his face.

Huang Xiaolong was currently 16th, while Beitang Wuji was in the 15th place.

The points of the disciples above them in the 14th, 13th, and 12th places weren\'t much higher than theirs.

If Huang Xiaolong killed Beitang Wuji and received half of his accumulated points, then his points would definitely exceed the disciples in the 14th, 13th, and 12th places.

There was even a chance he could break into the top ten!

Hearing this, Beitang Wuji felt his blood run cold, a fear like he never felt before clenched his heart.

The other Beitang Family disciples turned deathly pale, extremely terrified, a few of them were already on their knees begging Huang Xiaolong to spare them.

Although there were only a few Beitang Family disciples on the square, there were still thirteen of them.

These Beitang Family disciples could be considered the better talents among all the Beitang Familys disciples participating in the tournament, most of them had broken through to late-Second Order Highgod Realm and above.

“Its possible to spare your lives if all of you submit to me.” As Huang Xiaolong glanced at the Beitang Family disciples kneeling on the square, a thought crossed his mind, and he stated his condition, “Lower the barrier to your soul seas, I will brand you with my soul mark.

However, even if there is even one of you that is unwilling, then I will kill all of you!”

Beitang Wuji and the other twelve disciples were all core disciples of the Beitang Family, and they were sufficient to control a large portion of the Beitang Familys overall power.

If he succeeded in reigning in these thirteen Beitang Family disciples, Huang Xiaolong could use the Beitang Familys power against the Yelu Family.

When Beitang Wuji and he other disciples heard what Huang Xiaolong wanted to do, their faces paled.

“Not possible!” Beitang Wuji shrieked.

Not possible

Huang Xiaolongs lips curved into an indifferent smile.

His Archdevil Supreme Godhead rotated at high speed and Beitang Wuji was pulled by an irresistible force to Huang Xiaolongs front.

“Devil Blade Piercing Sky !”

Watching himself fly toward Huang Xiaolong out of his own control, Beitang Wuji decisively burnt his blood essence to struggle out from Huang Xiaolongs suction force.

Fire element godforce surged out as his hands clasped together, condensing a giant devilish looking blade that seemed to pierce the sky above.

The moment this devil blade appeared, the surrounding lightning force became extremely violent.

On the body of the devil blade was a kind of ancient devil script that was squirming, as if the characters were alive.

The instant the Devil Blade was completely condensed, Beitang Wuji cut down on Huang Xiaolongs head with a twisted expression.

Pushed into a corner by the feeling of imminent death, he no longer hid his true strength.

This Devil Blade Piercing Sky Art was a skill he chanced upon in a devil cavern.

After he succeeded in cultivating this blade art, he had used it to kill two early Fourth Order Highgod Realm disciples in the past.

‘Die, die, die! Beitang Wujis eyes were a bloodthirsty scarlet.

Watching Beitang Wuji actually succeeded in escaping his suction forces binding by burning his blood essence, even displaying his Devil Blade Piercing Sky Art, Huang Xiaolong was genuinely surprised.

But in the next second he sneered, his Golden Buddha Supreme Godheads light element godforce flowed out, enveloping Huang Xiaolong in a pure aureate light.

In the eyes of the Beitang Family disciples, at this moment, Huang Xiaolong resembled a Venerated Buddha of Light from the ancient past.

Light element godforce flooded out from every inch of Huang Xiaolongs body.

Everything the light touched was purified.

That ferocious devil blade and its overwhelming devil qi were instantly purified the second they came in contact with Huang Xiaolongs light element godforce.

Furthermore, the purified devil qi became a part of Huang Xiaolongs godforce.

The devil script squirming on the devil blade was actually screeching and roaring, filled with unresigned fear, and then finally collapsed, purified by Huang Xiaolongs light element godforce.

Beitang Wuji watched with disbelief as his most powerful attack displayed at the cost of burning his blood essence was so easily dispelled by Huang Xiaolong.

The fear in Beitang Wujis eyes increased by a hundred times, his voice shaking, “Light element godforce Your godforce, other than lightning and fire elements, theres still the light element!”

Huang Xiaolongs godhead actually had three different elements! 

To Beitang Wuji, this was something never heard of.

A Highgod Realm masters godhead, more often than not, only possessed a single kind of godforce.

Only those monstrous geniuses could perhaps condense a godhead with two kinds of godforce.

As far as Beitang Wuji knew, in countless galaxies, in tens of millennia, cultivators that had three kinds of godforce were rarer than rare, one could count them all by the fingers on both hands. 

Their Beitang Family had existed for several tens of millennia, but there had never been a genius of this caliber born from their family.

The other Beitang Family disciples were just as dumbfounded looking at Huang Xiaolong.

“Lightning element godforce, fire element godforce, and light element godforce” Huang Xiaolong looked at the group of dumbstruck Beitang Family disciples and casually tapped his finger in the air, metal element godforce flowed out, condensing into a golden metal sword ten thousand zhang long.

“Me-me-metal element godforce!!” Beitang Wuji could hear his own trembling voice, feeling a heavy weight on his chest, “Y-your godhead, h-has four kinds of godforce!”

There were still other cultivators with three kinds of godforce, but possessing four kinds of godforce was unprecedented!

In the history of numerous galaxies, there had never appeared anyone with four kinds of godforce, yet now, Beitang Wuji saw such a person!

The rest of the Beitang Family disciples felt an even greater shock than Beitang Wuji.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head watching Beitang Wujis reaction, not bothered to show other kinds of godforce.

With a wave of his hand, the ten thousand zhang metal element godforce sword pierced through space, penetrating Beitang Wujis forehead.

Then, controlling that metal sword, he skewered the Beitang Family disciples heads one by one.

However, under Huang Xiaolongs precise control, those Beitang Family disciples were still alive, including Beitang Wuji.

His Archdevil Supreme Godhead spun, forming a giant devouring whirlpool above the group of disciples.

Beitang Wuji and the other disciples blood essence and godforce left their bodies at rapid speed, flowing into the giant devouring whirlpool and subsequently into Huang Xiaolongs body, turning into godforce.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong scattered the devouring whirlpool.

Just like Yelu Tianfeng and the Yelu Family disciples before them, Beitang Wuji and the Beitang Family disciples turned into dried corpses.

Huang Xiaolongs divine sense entered the jade token.

After killing Beitang Wuji and the Beitang Family disciples, his accumulated points once again shot up, passing the 14th place, 13th, 12th, 11th…!

He finally stopped at the 8th place, knocking the Tempest Academys Jiang Xiaosu down to the 9th spot.

‘The 8th place., this result did not come as a surprise to Huang Xiaolong.

With a simple flick of his finger, a sliver of fire element godforce shot out, burning away all the corpses on the ground.

Then he disappeared into the Lightning Gods cultivation dwelling in a flicker.

When the previous 8th place Jiang Xiaosu was knocked down to the 9th place by Huang Xiaolong, the Aeon Square was in an uproar.

Wangu Shuo and the other Wangu Clan Elders were dumbfounded.

Qin Yis eyes were wide as fists in shock.

Feng Yang was repeatedly mumbling to himself, but no one could make out what he was saying.

Every corner of the square was talking about Huang Xiaolong while trying to find out which galaxy this Huang Xiaolong originated from, which family, which forces disciple was he


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