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Chapter 89: Back to Tianxuan Mansion


“ Then Dad, what, what do we do now” Lin Ke’s face grew paler and paler-- the arrogance and despotic manner from before vanished without a trace.

Lin Xian and Hong Desheng were silent.

A heavy atmosphere blanketed the entire big hall.

“Dad, say something ah!” Lin Ke became anxious.

“Impudent!” Suddenly, the silent Lin Xian stood up in rage, roaring at Lin Ke, “All this trouble was caused by you! You think I don’t know your personality! If you were not in the wrong, you think that Fei Hou would act!” A palm flew across Lin Ke’s face and another five finger palm print burned glaringly on her face.

Lin Ke clutched at her face, looking dazedly at her father.

Tears started to fall abruptly from her eyes.

Since she was little, her father had always indulged her requests, as he was afraid to disappoint his daughter.

But today, her father actually hit her!

The more Lin Ke thought about it, the more wronged she felt, and the louder her wails rang out in the hall.

“You!” Lin Xian raised his hand once more in anger, but in the end, the hand dropped back down.

“Brother Lin, now is not the time to teach Ke’er.

Lin Guo, tell me exactly what happened.” At this time, Hong Desheng advised Lin Xian, trying to salvage the situation.

“Yes, Uncle Hong.” Lin Guo replied respectfully and told his father and Uncle Hong what happened from the beginning to the end without the slightest intention to conceal anything.

He didn’t dare to.

Lin Xian heard his son say that his daughter, Lin Ke, ordered the restaurant server to drive out Huang Xiaolong, Fei Hou, and the people with them the moment she stepped onto the first floor.

Every sentence she said started and ended with ‘lowly dog commoner’, and he could no longer remain as calm as he wished.

After Lin Guo finished describing the incident, Lin Xian’s face was darker than muddy water.

“Let’s do it like this Brother Lin-- make a trip to the Delicious Restaurant to apologize to that Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou.

I will accompany you there.” Hong Desheng persuaded.

The two of them were old buddies; since he was here, he couldn’t just sit and watch without doing anything to help.

Lin Xian’s expression did not look better: “It seems this is the only way!”

Moments later, Lin Xian and Hong Desheng brought Lin Ke and Lin Guo to the Delicious Restaurant.

And soon, the four of them came to the Delicious Restaurant’s first floor where Huang Xiaolong’s group was at.

Lin Xian and Hong Desheng were about to speak when both of them noticed the figure sitting next to Huang Xiaolong; both of them stiffened and their footsteps halted abruptly.

Their eyes bulged out.

“Mar-- Lord Marshal Haotian!”

At this point of time, Marshal Haotian turned around at their voices.

When they saw Marshal Haotian’s face, Lin Xian and Hong Desheng felt their minds go blank with fear; both were turning pale in a heartbeat.

Behind them were Lin Ke and Lin Guo.

When both of them heard the words their father exclaimed out loud, their legs wobbled and went limp, nearly falling to the floor.

No matter how they suppressed the fear, they couldn’t stand properly.

Initially, before they came over, Lin Xian and Hong Desheng were wishing for some good fortune-- that Marshal Haotian was not present during that time.

But now!!


One hour later, Huang Xiaolong, Marshal Haotian, and the rest of the group left the Delicious Restaurant.

After Huang Xiaolong left, Lin Xian, his children, and Hong Desheng also walked out of the restaurant looking dissolute and spiritless.

No one knows what took place in that one hour’s time.

However, the next day morning, Lin Xian’s Marquis title was rescinded and it was a Royal Edict made by King Lu Zhe himself.

On Huang Xiaolong’s side, after they left the restaurant, the group headed to Tianxuan Mansion.

As they got nearer, Boli and the servants were waiting outside.

“Big Brother, this Tianxuan Mansion is our home from now on” Standing before the entrance of Tianxuan Mansion, little sister Huang Min asked with anticipation.

Huang Xiaolong nodded and smiled, “En, Tianxuan Mansion is our home from now on.”

Huang Min and Huang Xiaohai bounced with delight at Huang Xiaolong’s answer, racing each other inside.

This made everyone break out in laughter.

“Dad, Mom, let’s go in.” Huang Xiaolong said to Huang Peng and Su Yan.

Both of them nodded, feeling comforted and pleased in their hearts.


A while later, everyone went to the main hall and sat down.

Huang Xiaolong requested Fei Hou to arrange the accommodation for his parents, siblings, and the servant-guards that followed Huang Peng from Huang Clan Manor.

Before going back to Huang Clan Manor for the New Year, Huang Xiaolong gave Fei Hou a million gold coins to buy off the neighboring mansions.

Thus, the current Tianxuan Mansion’s lands had expanded by a factor of four and there were plenty of rooms.

Due to fatigue from traveling for more than twenty days, Huang Xiaolong sent his parents and little siblings to rest.

And only three people remained in the main hall: Huang Xiaolong, Marshal Haotian, and Fei Hou.

“What is the result of your investigation” Huang Xiaolong asked Marshal Haotian.

A few days ago, he had requested Marshal Haotian to look into the Big Sword Sect’s situation.

Marshal Haotian stood up and answered respectfully, “Replying Sovereign, the matter was already investigated clearly.

At the moment, Big Sword Sect has around thirty thousand disciples, and apart from the dead Liu Wei, there is another Xiantian realm expert, and that is Liu Wei’s Master, Yu Chen.

Yu Chen is the previous Sect Leader; his strength should be mid-Second Order Xiantian.”

Liu Wei’s Master, Yu Chen: a mid-Second Order Xiantian!

Huang Xiaolong nodded; that means Yu Chen’s strength is on par with Marshal Haotian.

Then, Marshal Haotian continued to report the findings related to Big Sword Sect: the number of Tenth Order disciples, Ninth Order disciples, and so on.

Listening to the end of Marshal Haotian’s report, Huang Xiaolong’s brows creased deeply.

It seems to destroy the Big Sword Sect was not as easy as he first thought.

Although Big Sword Sect only has one remaining Xiantian expert, Yu Chen, as one of the prominent sects of Baolong Kingdom, the number of Tenth Order and Ninth Order disciples were not insignificant.

Moreover, he cannot let Marshal Haotian call up the army for this.

If the army was used, it meant war between two kingdoms!

If Yu Ming was around, with his Xiantian Tenth Order strength, it would be as easy as snapping his fingers to get rid of Big Sword Sect.

Nonetheless, Yu Ming had returned to the Asura’s Gate headquarters, and to rush back here from Star Cloud Continent, it takes at least a year’s time.

Judging from the situation, he needs to wait until Yu Ming returns before deciding the next step.

Now, his parents and siblings are with him in the Royal City, and as long as that Yu Chen does not run over here, his parents and siblings would be safe with Marshal Haotian’s protection.


Some time later, Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou left the main hall.

I must break through to the Seventh Order as soon as possible! Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

Once he advanced to the Seventh Order, he could open the Linglong Pagoda’s first layer and get the heritage physique cultivation technique, Golden Linglong Body.

In addition to his martial spirits abilities, he could fight against an Eighth Order warrior.

Not only that, after opening the first layer of Linglong Treasure Pagoda, he could give the Fire Dragon Pearl to his parents.

When his parents become stronger, the better they can protect themselves.

Lastly, after he stepped into the Seventh Order, his martial spirits would evolve a second time, and Huang Xiaolong looked forward to his twin dragons’ transformation.

In general, after advancing to the Seventh Order, and after the martial spirit evolved a second time, its innate ability would also be strengthened.

In some cases, martial spirits could gain new abilities after undergoing the second transformation!

Although the probability for this to happen is very low, the higher the grade of martial spirits, the higher the probability for it to happen.

Going back to his room, Huang Xiaolong climbed onto the cold jade bed, and called out the twin dragons and started to practice.

Using the month travel time to get to the Royal City, Huang Xiaolong had persevered with his practice.

On top of that, the Linglong Treasure Pagoda inside his body emitted fire dragon qi at all times, tempering his physique and improving his battle qi.

This made Huang Xiaolong grow stronger every day and the barrier to the Seventh Order became thinner every second.

He had a feeling that within one month’s time, he could advance to the Seventh Order.


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