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First place in the Highgod Advancement Tournament!

‘Our son, our son won the Highgod Advancement Tournaments first place!

Huang Peng and Su Yan felt like a gong reverberating in their minds, forgetting to react.

Quite some time later, Huang Peng finally managed to ask, albeit a little stiff, “Xiaohai, this news, who did you hear it from Its not a false rumor”

After all, this was really too surreal for them to believe!

One could see from the expression on Su Yans face that she was still doubtful if the news was actually true.

Huang Xiaohai jumped in excitement, as if that action could convince his parents, “Father, Mother, the news is absolutely true! The news has reached all corners of the Black Tortoise Galaxy! Not only that, even people in the Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, and White Tiger Galaxies are talking about it!”

For a second, Huang Peng and Su Yan were dazed.

It had reached all four galaxies

“Then, what your Big brother said before, that he killed Yelu Tianfeng and Beitang Wuji, is it true” Su Yan asked.

Huang Xiaohai nodded like a chick pecking grains, “Not only Yelu Tianfeng and Beitang Wuji, Big brother also killed a peerless genius from the Everlasting Galaxys Fortune Gate named Fang Chu.

It is said that Fang Chu was a Fifth Order Highgod Realm master who had a high chance of winning the first place.”

Huang Peng and Su Yan were stiff as wooden statues.

Even a Fifth Order Highgod Realm master was killed by their son!

As news of Huang Xiaolong winning the first place in the Highgod Advancement Tournament spread throughout the four galaxies, the rumors about what happened to the Wang, Jiang, Gudu, and Zhu Families Grand Elders, Patriarch, and Ancestor were verified.

Apart from this, the message of Huang Xiaolongs grand wedding being held in three months time also spread like wildfire. 

In a short time, the four galaxies were in an uproar.

The gazes of almost all forces in the four galaxies were cast in the Huang Clan Manors direction.

Even though there were more than two months until the day of Huang Xiaolongs grand wedding, many forces went all out preparing the most luxurious wedding gifts and departed for Martial Spirit World.

Saint Lord Galaxy, the Yelu Familys main residence.

Not long after Yelu Chufei returned, he heard the news of Huang Xiaolongs forthcoming grand wedding.

“Grand wedding” Yelu Chufei sneered, “Huang Xiaolong, since youre planning a grand wedding in three months, I shall let you live a few more days.

On your wedding day, Ill paint the whole Martial Spirit World in blood, turning your wedding into a funeral! Let the entire Martial Spirit Worlds blood flow into a river! I\'ll use your blood and the blood of the entire Martial Spirit World as offering to my son, Yelu Tianfeng, and all the Yelu Family disciples you killed!”

“Patriarch, this Huang Xiaolong did not run or hide, he must have something up his sleeve.” Grand Elder Yelu Gen solemnly spoke.

“Huang Xiaolong has killed the Fortune Gates Fang Chu, thus his strength is likely around late-Fifth Order Highgod Realm.

The highest it could reach should be early Sixth Order or mid-Sixth Order Highgod Realm.” Another Grand Elder added, “From the message I received, before he left the Eternal City, the Wangu Clan Patriarch sent him a drop of sacred qilin blood as a token of goodwill.

Maybe he thinks he has the Wangu Clan behind him, hence we wont dare to do anything to him.”

Yelu Chufei responded in a chilling voice, “So thats why; the Wangu Clan Hehe, Huang Xiaolong, do you really think thats enough to stop me from killing you After killing you, I dont give a damn about offending the Wang Clan!”

“Father, I want to come along with you to Huang Xiaolongs wedding.” Yelu Tianhao requested, his voice laced with hatred, “I want to watch Huang Xiaolong die with my own eyes! His fiancée is called Shi Xiaofei, the number beauty of Martial Spirit World, I hope Father can give her to me at that time.

I will strip off her wedding dress in public and let Huang Xiaolong watch how I play his woman to death!”

Yelu Chufeis face warped with intense malice, “Thats too good for him.

At that time, let our Yelu Familys thousands of Elders and Grand Elders have a go to their hearts content in front of Huang Xiaolongs eyes, make him feel hell on earth!”

“Father is indeed more thorough.” Yelu Tianhao laughed.

Yely Chufeis laughter sounded, followed by the Grand Elders and Elders present.

“Patriarch, should we inform the Ancestor about this” Yelu Gen inquired.

All of a sudden, the look in Yelu Chufeis eyes turned frigid cold, “Youre implying that, based on my mid-Seventh Order Highgod Realm cultivation, I won\'t manage to kill Huang Xiaolong”

Yelu Gen hurried to appease, “This subordinate dares not.”

Yelu Chufei went on, “The Ancestor has gone to the City of Devils.

Its just a mere Huang Xiaolong, theres no need to have the Ancestor rush back for this.”

“Yes, Patriarch.”

Concurrently, the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi, who had just returned to the institute, also received the same information regarding Huang Xiaolongs grand wedding.

“Master, on the day of Huang Xiaolongs wedding, both Yelu and Beitang Families would certainly take action against Huang Xiaolong.” When Ceng Chu heard the news, he could hardly conceal the smile on his face, “We shouldnt miss this kind of a good show.”

A faint smile lifted up the corners of Qin Yis mouth, “That\'s right, it will be a wonderful show.

It wouldn\'t do for us to miss it.

Still, its Huang Xiaolongs grand wedding day, gifts are obligatory when attending.”

“Gift” Ceng Chu was baffled.

“Go prepare one hundred coffins.” Qin Yi stressed, “Remember to have them made from the best quality giant redwood.”

Ceng Chu grinned, “Yes, Master.”

“Coffins made from the best quality giant redwood...

Huang Xiaolong, it should be sufficient to show my consideration.” Qin Yis voice was barely audible, “I wonder how you are going to thank me at that time.”

Ceng Chu erupted into laughter, “Huang Xiaolong will be so touched that hes going to cry a face full of tears and snot.”

Qin Yis smile widened, “Thats good.

That way, my concern wont be wasted.”

Another burst of laughter rang in the air.

Two days quickly passed.

Huang Xiaolong exited the Heavenly Mountain.

Seven days had passed since his return.

During this time, he had refined and absorbed all the divine pills he had taken from the Lightning Gods cultivation dwelling, increasing his strength to peak mid-Third Order Highgod Realm.

‘Next is refining that Heavenly Gods godhead. Huang Xiaolong pondered his next action.

Walking out from his yard, he could see the decorated corridors, walls, and yards, bright and festive.

He then shook his head, a smile on his face, thinking that his parents were really anxious.

There were more than two months left until the wedding day, yet these two elders were already thinking of holding their grandchild.

There was still a long way to go.

At this point, Huang Xiaolongs bloodline was no longer the same.

Due to all the precious treasures he had refined, coupled with his cultivation, it created a very strong bloodline.

Impregnating Shi Xiaofei was not a matter that could be done in a year or two.

The stronger ones bloodline was, the harder it would be to have children.

Otherwise, those cultivators who had lived for several millennia, especially those Ancestor characters, wouldn\'t have so few children.

Huang Xiaolong was passing by the Ascending Moon Old Mans yard when he saw the old man walking out.

Spotting Huang Xiaolong, the old man literally jumped in fright.

Huang Xiaolong gave him a cheerful smile, inviting, “Old man, we havent sparred for a few days, how about we have a go at it today”

“Sissy fudges, you brat still have the guts to talk about that.

A few days ago you nearly dismantled all the bones in this old mans body.” The Ascending Moon Old Man widened his eyes and glared sternly at Huang Xiaolong, “If I knew you were such a freak, would I have gone looking to spar with you”

Huang Xiaolong grinned, not feeling any guilt.

“I heard you got the first place in the Highgod Advancement Tournament.” The old man watched Huang Xiaolong with an odd expression, yet content, “Truly, none other than my, the Ascending Moon Old Mans, disciple.”

Huang Xiaolong rolled his eyes, clearly sayingobtaining the first place in the tournament is not related to being your disciple.

The Ascending Moon Old Man suddenly changed the subject, “Ive said in the past that I will tell you one thing after you advanced to the Highgod Realm, and that time has come.”


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