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Noticing the serious expression on the old mans face, Huang Xiaolong also put away his smile.

He always had this matter at the back of his mind.

Huang Xiaolong was curious what the Ascending Moon Old Man was going to talk about that he would insist on waiting until he advanced to the Highgod Realm before telling him anything.

“This matter is related to the Alchemist Grandmaster Association and our Thousand Worlds Sect.” The old mans voice and expression were filled with grief and indignation.

A sharp gleam flickered in his eyes and his knuckles became white as fingers dug into his palm.

A surging killing intent suddenly enveloped him.

The grief, sorrow, anger, and killing intent from the Ascending Moon Old Man were too strong to miss, startling Huang Xiaolong, “Related to the Alchemist Grandmaster Association and our Thousand Worlds Sect” 

The Ascending Moon Old Man looked at Huang Xiaolong, nodding his head, “Yes,” Just this word and the old man\'s eyes became red-rimmed, his killing intent intensified, “The truth is, your Ancestral Master was murdered by someone.” 

Ancestral Master! Huang Xiaolong blanked for a moment.

His Ancestral Master, that meant the Ascending Moon Old Mans Master, the Thousand Worlds Sect Chief from a generation before the Ascending Moon Old Man He was killed by others

“Who was it” Huang Xiaolongs voice was low.

The old man did not give Huang Xiaolong an answer immediately, asking instead, “I heard you killed a Fortune Gate disciple called Fang Chu”

Huang Xiaolong was surprised at the question but nodded.

Was the matter related to the Fortune Gate, or related to that Fang Chu

The Ascending Moon Old Man inhaled deeply, “Our four galaxies Alchemist Grandmaster Association is merely a single branch of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union that is spread amongst thousands of other galaxies.”

The Alchemist Grandmaster Union!

Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered with surprise.

The four galaxies Alchemist Grandmaster Association was merely one branch of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union out of thousands!

Then this Alchemist Grandmaster Unions power was a bit too frightening.

“The bastard who killed your Ancestral Master is an Eminent Elder of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union named Sun Yi.” The Ascending Moon Old Man spoke that name through gritted teeth.

Sun Yi!

Huang Xiaolong noted this name in his mind, but he did not interrupt, giving the Ascending Moon Old Man as much time as he needed.

Calming himself, the old man continued, “This Sun Yi has another identity, he is a Grand Elder of the the Everlasting Galaxys Fortune Gate, and more so of a coincidence, that Fang Chu you killed during the tournament is his disciple.”

Huang Xiaolong was flabbergasted, such a coincidence Sun Yi was actually Fang Chus Master

“The Alchemist Grandmaster Union holds a Grand Competition every five thousand years, however, it is different from our four galaxies.

In order to take part, it is compulsory for participants to be Highgod Realm cultivators,” the Ascending Moon Old Man explained.

Hearing this, Huang Xiaolong finally began to understand why the old man waited until he had broken through to the Highgod Realm before telling him.

The Ascending Moon Old Man went on, “That year, both your Ancestral Master and Sun Yi were Elders of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union, and amongst so many Elders, your Ancestral Master and Sun Yi were the most talented ones.

In the beginning, their relationship was quite good, but later, because of a woman, their relationship deteriorated over time to the point of wanting each other dead!”

The Ascending Moon Old Mans thoughts drifted to the past.

“At one point, Sun Yi challenged your Ancestral Master to compete in that years Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition, and their collateral was each others life!” The old mans face winced as if he was in pain.

Looking at the Ascending Moon Old Mans grievous face, Huang Xiaolong knew without asking how the competition ended.

However, there must be more to this, otherwise, it couldn\'t explain the deep hatred coming from the old man right now.

The Ascending Moon Old Man took another deep breath to calm himself, before continuing, “Yes, that year, your Ancestral Master lost.” Tears were threatening to fall from his red-rimmed eyes, “Had your Ancestral Master lost to Sun Yi because his alchemy skills were lacking, there would have been no complaints.

However, at the last stage of pill condensation, your Ancestral Masters godforce suddenly became deficient!”

Huang Xiaolongs brows furrowed.

Sudden deficiency of godforce

Sudden deficiency in godforce would cut off the support to a Highgod Realm masters own internal divine fire, ending in failure as the pill wouldn\'t be able to form.

More importantly, this problem rarely happened to a Highgod Realm Alchemist Grandmaster.

The Ascending Moon Old Mans hoarse voice continued, “At that time, Masters cultivation had reached Seventh Order Highgod Realm, so how could such elementary problem arise That year, when your Ancestral Master lost, I can recall clearly how that Sun Yi flayed your Ancestral Masters flesh in public, torturing him with methods one more sinister than the other before killing him!” The Ascending Moon Old Man was hissing his words.

“Later, I looked for Sun Yi, and only asked him one question; did he do it Although he did not say what method he used to cause your Ancestral Master to suffer godforce deficiency at the most crucial moment, he admitted to it.

Sun Yi attacked and injured me, but he did not kill me.

He said he would spare my dog life, waiting for me to avenge my Master.” The old mans fingers dug deeper into his palm, “All these years, I thought I wont ever have a chance for revenge in this lifetime, but you let me see hope.”

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath, his gaze determined yet cold, “Master, rest assured, I will definitely kill Sun Yi to avenge the Ancestral Master.”

The Ascending Moon Old Man slowly nodded, “Your Ancestral Master lost to him in the Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition, thus I hope you can defeat Sun Yi in the same way.”

“Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition” Huang Xiaolong repeated.

The Ascending Moon Old Man answered, “Yes, although that Sun Yi is already the Alchemist Grandmaster Unions Eminent Elder, your current alchemy refining skills aren\'t any worse than his, but theres a severe gap between your strength.

That Sun Yi is already a Tenth Order Highgod Realm master.

Even though I know youre strong, the gap is just too big.” A heavy sigh escaped his mouth.

Although the level of ones alchemy refining was related to individual technique, ones cultivation strength was also a factor.

“Whens the next Alchemist Grandmaster Union Grand Competition” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“The next competition” The Ascending Moon Old Man was confused, then shook his head, “There are less than ten years till the coming competition, the time is too short.

No, Master is thinking that maybe you can participate in the next term.”

“Next next competition” Huang Xiaolong disagreed.

It wasn\'t possible for him to stay in the lower realm for so long.

Less than ten years Huang Xiaolongs mind raced, although he was pressed for time, if he could break through to Seventh Order Highgod Realm before that, there was a chance he could defeat Sun Yi.

Then Huang Xiaolong asked the Ascending Moon Old Man about the requirements and other details concerning the Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition.

The old man told him all he knew about it.

To enter the Unions Grand Competition, not only was it compulsory to possess a Highgod Realm cultivation, the participants must also be registered alchemists of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union.

Thus, before the competition began, Huang Xiaolong had to take the Unions alchemist assessment.

Naturally, as an Eminent Elder of the Union, Sun Yi no longer took part in the competition.

However, the first place winner could issue a challenge to any Eminent Elder.

Not to mention the fact that the rewards of every terms competition were quite lucrative, especially the first place reward.


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