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Chapter 918: Up To the Twelfth Floor

A few more days passed whilst the crowd outside accepted the fact that the person currently on the seventh floor was without a doubt Jiang Xiaosu, when all of a sudden, another figure was sent out from the Hellion Tower’s fifth floor.

Looking at the person who had just emerged, the crowd had either a dazed or stupefied look.

“Jiang Xiaosu!”

“How could it be Jiang Xiaosu!”

The square was in a furor.

The devil clan Patriarch Mo Dingtian’s brows were tightly scrunched up.

If the person on the seventh floor wasn’t Jiang Xiaosu, who could it be

The present devil clan Grand Elders and Elders were exchanging silent looks amongst themselves, showing a serious contemplative expression.

Other family patriarchs and chiefs wore the same serious expression.

By this time, a number of people were already suspicious, wondering if the person on the eleventh floor really was Devil Son Mo Su.

Some distance away, the Fortune Gate’s Grand Elder Sun Yi hesitated before whispering to Chief Wang Yu, “Chief, do you think the person on the eleventh floor could be that runt Huang Xiaolong”

Chief Wang Yu’s face turned grim in an instant, but very quickly recovered, shaking his head in disagreement, “Sun Yi, you’re overthinking things, there’s no way it could be Huang Xiaolong.

If it was Huang Xiaolong, do you think this matter could be hidden from the ancient devil clan Moreover, when we discovered that Huang Xiaolong was heading to the City of Devils, I ordered Zhang Lin to keep an eye on the city gates and the Hellion Tower disciple registration location.

But Huang Xiaolong has never shown up.”

“That’s right, Grand Elder Sun Yi.

Even though that Huang Xiaolong’s talent isn't bad, do you really think he could get all the way up to the eleventh floor” Another Fortune Gate Grand Elder, Wang Feng, disagreed with Sun Yi.

Sun Yi nodded, “Perhaps it’s just me overthinking things.”

One more month passed.

“Ei, the eighth floor is shining!”

“Someone entered the eighth floor, but who is it!”

When the Hellion Tower’s eighth floor shone, the crowd started making a ruckus.

“Maybe it’s a low-profile genius disciple of some super force, there’s always one or two that leave their sects occasionally, receiving an order from their sects to challenge the Hellion Tower in order to test their talent and improve their strength.”

“Could it be the Bodhisattva Branch A few days ago I heard the ancient devil clan lost their Devil Bead, it was said that it was stolen by someone from the Bodhisattva Branch.”

“Not necessarily, I think it’s more likely someone from the Linglong Clan, or the Forsaken Tribe, maybe even a disciple from Celestial Dragon Temple.”

All of a sudden, a disciple in the crowded exclaimed out loud, “What do you think, could it be a disciple of the Ghost Refining Sect!”

 “Ghost Refining Sect!” A disciple felt a sudden dryness in his throat, “It won’t be the Ghost Refining Sect… right After all, it's been a good ten thousand years since they’ve last appeared, rarely leaving the Path to Hell.”

The Ghost Refining Sect was concealed within the depths of the Path to Hell, literally an abhorrent sect that made people pale at the mere mention of its name.

Every time a Ghost Refining Sect’s disciple appeared, they never failed to raise a storm of carnage, leaving rivers of blood in countless galaxies.

Then again, a Ghost Refining Sect disciple rarely left the Path to Hell.

Counting the time, it had been more than ten thousand years since one had appeared in the outside world.

Again, time trickled by as the crowd pounced on another wave of discussion and speculation.

Gradually, more than a year passed.

During this time, Devil Son Mo Su had cleared the eighth floor, entering the ninth.

Huang Xiaolong was still sitting in the chaotic universe, still absorbing the star force and gray energy, comprehending the giant’s axe swinging dao.

Another half a year later, Huang Xiaolong who had been sitting still on the eleventh floor slowly opened his eyes.

The entire space shook with this slight movement. 

He breathed out a breath of foul qi which turned into countless hurricanes.

“Late Sixth Order Highgod Realm.” Huang Xiaolong’s divine sense traced the changes in himself, his current cultivation was touching the border of peak late-Sixth Order Highgod Realm.

Needless to say, after such a long period absorbing the chaos star force and shimmering gray energy, Huang Xiaolong’s True Dragon Divine Physique evolved again.

It was as if his flesh and blood had disappeared.

The chaos star force and shimmering gray energy had completely integrated with his flesh and blood, reflecting glimmering starlight.

The four divine fire spirits inside his body grew bigger again, while his three supreme godheads were more solid than ever and his godforce many times more refined and powerful.

Huang Xiaolong once again circulated his four divine fires, causing shimmering gray energy to flow out from the void.

From being as thick as an arm before, these streams of gray energy were as thick as an adult’s leg now, and this time, there were more than twenty streams of energy in one go.

Needless to say, Huang Xiaolong was ecstatic seeing this.

Based on the current speed the with which the four divine fires summoned the gray energy, even after leaving the Hellion Tower, Huang Xiaolong was confident he could breakthrough to Seventh Order Highgod Realm within ten years.

‘I wonder who that giant is.’ Huang Xiaolong looked toward the spot where the giant previously stood, thinking to himself.

Of course, by this time, the giant had disappeared long ago.

“That Devil Son Mo Su should have reached the ninth floor by now.” Huang Xiaolong muttered under his breath.

This time, cultivating and comprehending on the eleventh floor delayed a lot of Huang Xiaolong’s time, therefore, he estimated that Mo Su had probably reached the ninth floor.

Huang Xiaolong got to his feet and flew toward the end of the chaotic universe.

The twelfth floor’s entrance gradually appeared in his sight.

Huang Xiaolong watched the twelfth floor’s entrance growing bigger in his eyes.

There was the tiniest bit of apprehension in his heart.

What kind of trial was there on the twelfth floor

Without his three supreme godheads, the trial on the eleventh floor would have been the death of him.

Just the terrifying shockwaves caused by the first axe strike were enough to kill him twice over.

If another giant appeared on the twelfth floor, maybe not even his three kings of godheads could withstand the impact.

Although he had three supreme godheads, possessing an unfathomable amount of good fortune, it didn't mean that he wouldn't die.

At least, as far as Huang Xiaolong knew, no one had ever dared to claim themselves as immortal for eternity!

Upon reaching the entrance of the twelfth floor, he took several deep breaths to calm down, then sped through the opening in a streak of light.

Almost instantly, the twelfth floor of the Hellion Tower on the outside emitted a prism of resplendent light.

The resplendent rays of light soared skyward, piercing through the thick layers of devil qi looming over the City of Devils, lighting up the outer space of the City of Devils.

Everyone who saw the resplendent light was mystified.

Previously, when Huang Xiaolong entered the eleventh floor, the tower’s light reached the edges of the City of Devils, bewildering everyone, but now it had gone beyond bewilderment.

Beneath this prism of light, everything under the City of Devils lost its brilliance.

Those resplendent rays of light bloomed like petals falling from the heavens, blossom after blossom, lasting for more than ten minutes before they dimmed and gradually disappeared.

The sky then returned to its previous appearance.

“Our Devil Son has cleared the eleventh floor, no one has ever succeeded in passing it in the past!”

The Devil clan disciples screamed passionately.

Although most of them did have some doubts earlier, their feelings of certainty that the person on the eleventh floor was Mo Su still won.

“The first person since time immemorial!”

“The first person since time immemorial!”

All devil clan disciples were cheering at the top of their lungs, one wave higher than the other.

The group of devil clan Elders and Grand Elders slightly hesitated for a second before turning to congratulate Patriarch Mo Dingtian.

Mo Dingtian beamed, nodding his head.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong once again arrived at a vast space, with a great tower looming over it.

This tower actually looked the same as the Hellion Tower.


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