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Chapter 926: Sun Yi’s Shock

“What are we doing next” Sun Yi issued a sinister chuckle, “The Highgod Advancement Tournament champion failed to pass the Union’s elementary Alchemist assessment.

This kind of good news, surely we must ensure that it spreads far and wide at the fastest speed, sharing is caring after all.”

Liu Hao grinned, flattering his Master: “Master is wise!”

Precisely at this time, Alchemist Li Jiang who was in charge of Huang Xiaolong’s assessment ran into the yard, anxious and flustered.

A film of sweat was on his forehead, sliding down the sides of his face.

Only he himself knew whether it was because of the hot weather or the dread in his heart.

Both Sun Yi and Liu Hao were frowning slightly watching Li Jiang’s flustered appearance.

Li Jiang quickly saluted upon arriving in front of Sun Yi and Liu Hai, but his voice was quivering.

Liu Hao demanded directly, “That Huang Xiaolong failed already” Even though Li Jiang’s behavior was odd, Liu Hao did not put much thought into it.

Li Jiang stuttered and stammered, unable to utter a complete sentence.

Sun Yi lost patience, snapping, “Speak, how did that Huang Xiaolong do”

Li Jiang’s voice shook even more, plopping to his knees, “That Huang Xiaolong, h-he, he passed!”

“What! Passed…!” Sun Yi and Liu Hao shouted in unison, their faces filled with disbelief.

“That Huang Xiaolong was truly successful in concocting the Star Eclipse Heavenly Pill” From the bottom of his heart, Sun Yi couldn’t accept this result.

“Y-yes, yes, he refined it on the spot in the hall.” Li Jiang dared not conceal anything, replying honestly.

Sun Yi urged, “He used the ingredients we prepared”

“Yes.” Li Jiang nodded.

Sun Yi was adamant, refusing to accept, “He used that cauldron we prepared”

Li Jiang hesitated before replying, “No.”

Sun Yi was stunned by the answer, then his anger roar resounded, “You really have guts! He used his own cauldron to refine, but you still allowed him to pass!”

Dust from the hanging beam above fell from Sun Yi’s roar.

Facing Sun Yi’s angry roar, Li Jiang’s face paled but quickly explained, “No no no, Eminent Elder Sun, t-that Huang Xiaolong, he didn’t use a cauldron at all.”

Did not use a cauldron Sun Yi, who was throwing a tantrum, suddenly became dazed.

Even Liu Hao asked in disbelief, “What you are saying is that Huang Xiaolong used the ingredients we prepared and, without using any cauldron, he successfully refined the Star Eclipse Heavenly Pills on the spot”

Li Jiang nodded vigorously, “Yes, yes! Also, from the beginning till the end, he used less than two hours!”

Less than two hours!! Sun Yi and Liu Hao blanked.

“Are you sure what he refined wasn't inferior pills” It appeared as if Sun Yi was putting up one last struggle.

If what he concocted was inferior Star Eclipse Heavenly Pills, then he could still use this as an excuse to hinder Huang Xiaolong from passing the Union’s Alchemist assessment.

“Not inferior pills, but top quality pills!” Li Jiang quickly removed a jade bottle from his spatial ring, offering it to Sun Yi with both hands: “This is one of the Star Eclipse Heavenly Pills that Huang Xiaolong refined just now.”

 Sun Yi took the bottle from Li Jiang’s hands and pulled out the stopper.

Instantly, refreshing medicinal fragrance filled the hall, followed by a small pill akin to a black sun that emitted glittering starlight floating out from the bottle.

Looking at the Star Eclipse Heavenly Pill floating in the air, the last string of disbelief in Sun Yi’s heart snapped.

His expression was extremely ugly.

Looking at the Star Eclipse Heavenly Pill, Liu Hao’s face was stiff with shock, he could tell it was a fine quality top grade, close to tribulation grade divine pellet!

Medicinal pellets were graded from the bottom as low, mid, high, top, and tribulation grade.

As long as one refined a mid-grade pill or above, they were considered as having passed the Alchemist Grandmaster Union’s alchemist assessment.

It was thirty seconds later when Sun Yi sucked in a breath of air, his eyes sullen as he stared at Li Jiang, “Tell me in detail the entire sequence of Huang Xiaolong’s assessment.”

“Yes, Eminent Elder Sun.” Li Jiang concisely recounted all that took place during Huang Xiaolong’s assessment.

The more Sun Yi heard, the uglier his expression became.

It was out of his calculations that Huang Xiaolong was skilled in the Pill Refining Divine Beasts Diagram, even less that he would be able to manipulate high quality star force!

Star force not only could expel the ingredients’ impurities, but such quality of star force would also raise the herbs’ properties to the highest level possible during pill condensation.

Therefore, the ability to manipulate star force would brings unimaginable benefits and a myriad of usages to an alchemist.

The problem was, being able to manipulate star force was simply a feat hard to attain.

Perhaps, not even one person could be found amongst a hundred thousand Highgod Realm masters.

Only a person who had gained comprehension of the space law to a certain degree would be able to do so.

“You said Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation has reached Fifth Order Highgod Realm” When Li Jiang reached the part when Huang Xiaolong displayed his aura to pressure him, Sun Yi was greatly shocked.

His words blurted out, cutting off Li Jiang.

Li Jiang frankly nodded, “Yes, that is so, Eminent Elder Sun.

Furthermore, although Huang Xiaolong is only a Fifth Order Highgod Realm, his aura and momentum felt stronger than a Seventh Order Highgod Realm master!

The look in Sun Yi’s eyes turned increasingly dark.

Barely ten years had passed since the Highgod Advancement Tournament, but Huang Xiaolong already advanced to Fifth Order Highgod Realm!

This level of heaven-defying cultivation speed gave Sun Yi a cold feeling.

If Huang Xiaolong was allowed to grow further, a decade later, even he himself wouldn't have the confidence to kill him.

One hour later, Li Jiang finished his report and Sun Yi waved him away.

Watching Li Jiang’s leaving figure, Sun Yi’s gaze was colder than ice.

“Who would have thought Huang Xiaolong actually has such high skill in alchemy, perhaps even better than his Master, that Ascending Moon Old Man.” Liu Hao ventured carefully, his heart was still beating loudly from what Li Jiang had said.

Sun Yi’s low gloomy voice sounded, “It doesn’t matter even if that runt passed the alchemist assessment.

During the Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition’s preliminary and semi-final stages, I don’t believe he'll be able to pass again!” Saying this, a sharp gleam shone in Sun Yi’s eyes.

During the preliminary stage of the grand competition, every participant would be ushered into a different chamber to refine pills, and each chamber would be equipped with ingredients and a cauldron provided by the union.

At that time, Sun Yi merely needed to have the people below him secretly change several ingredients.

As skillful as Huang Xiaolong was, he wouldn't be able to complete the task.

On the other end, after Huang Xiaolong passed his alchemist assessment and obtained the Alchemist identity token, he headed straight toward the registration location to register for the upcoming grand competition.

Although the grand competition registration line also reached a great number, it was merely a registration procedure, thus the line moved along quite speedily.

Roughly half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong had completed his registration and walked a complete circle around, but did not find Wangu Yanhui, Wangu Ye, or any of the Wangu Clan’s disciples.

He then left Alchemist Grandmaster Union headquarters without dallying further.

Next on his list was to find an accommodation and cultivate as he waited for the day of the grand competition two months later.

However, learning from previous experiences, Huang Xiaolong was too lazy to go searching for an inn, he went straight towards the property trading market, throwing out over four trillion to acquire a luxury residence at the center of Divine Dan City named Sun Moon Residence.

Naturally, when Huang Xiaolong took out more than fifty thousand top divine grade spirit stones to pay for the residence, it drew shocking gasps from the other customers.

This Sun Moon Residence’s materials were many times more extravagant than the mansion he had bought in the Aeon City.

Every stone and artificial mountain inside the Sun Moo Residence were made from Nine Yang Sunstones, Moontide Crystals, and other rare, precious materials.

The residence was also in a scenic location.

It was especially beautiful at night, when the stones and crystals inside reflect the moonlight, looking like an ethereal landscape out of a dream.


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