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“Look over there! The Fortune Gates Li Lu is also skilled in the Thousand Divine Beast Diagram!”

A loud voice rang in the air, a person was seen pointing somewhere.

Huang Xiaolong was stunned hearing that and he turned over to look in Li Lus direction.

The herbs she controlled gathered into various divine beast figures that seemed alive, vivid, and exuded a greater amount of spiritual energy!

This was a sign that someone had flawless control over each herbs properties.

Although it was the same Thousand Divine Beast Diagram, it was clear that Li Lus skill was a whole level above Mo Su.

Then, two different glimmering energies, one red and one black, flowed out from the void above her.

“The fabled Yin Yang force!”

“Heavens, it the Yin Yang force!”

The Yin Yang force was graded higher than the Underworld River force.

Initially, Mo Sus ability to manipulate the Underworld River force had already shocked the crowd and other participants, who would have thought that Li Lu, who most of them had never heard of, was able to utilize an even higher leveled energy, the Yin Yang force!

Even the twelve Eminent Elders watching this from the main terrace revealed a touch of surprise in their expressions.

“Looks like this terms grand competition is a lot more interesting than the last ah.

Two participants who can use the Thousand Divine Beast Diagram have appeared, and even the two legendary Yin Yang force and Underworld River force have also appeared.

However, that Li Lus cultivation isn\'t that high, her ranking might end up being lower than Mo Sus.” An Eminent Elder sighed a little ruefully.

“That may not be the case.” Sun Yi disagreed.

“Although an alchemists cultivation plays a role during the pill condensation stage, their skill in concocting, or lack of, plays a more crucial role in determining success or failure.”

Below on the square, Wangu Yes alchemy refining skills also attracted the crowds attention.

He was also displaying the Thousand Divine Beast Diagram and was able to manipulate the Metal Jade force, which was comparable to Mo Sus Underworld River force.

“Mo Su, Li Lu, and Wangu Ye; all three are skilled in the Thousand Divine Beast Diagram, makes me wonder if that Huang Xiaolong has advanced to the same level.” Eminent Elder Wangu Biran of Wangu Clan shifted his gaze in the direction of Huang Xiaolongs refining chamber.

But Huang Xiaolong stood there without moving.

Sun Yi snickered watching this, “Whether it was during his alchemist assessment or the preliminary round, this Huang Xiaolong used the Hundred Divine Beast Diagram.

This doesn\'t mean he is hiding his true ability, I think his skills definitely haven\'t reached the level of using the Thousand Divine Beast Diagram!”

“Dont be so sure, that may not be true.” An Eminent Elder that hailed from the Dark Elf Tribe, You Wushang, couldnt resist interjecting.

While these elders were exchanging tit for tat, Huang Xiaolong began to move.

Under his fine control, the herb ingredients inside his refining chamber flew up, forming the shapes of divine beasts.

Not one more, not one less, there were exactly one hundred divine beasts.

Watching this scene, Sun Yis mocking laughter rang on the main terrace, “Eminent Elder Wangu Biran and You Wushang, see that Didnt I already say that this runt only knows the Hundred Divine Beast Diagram Therefore, when his pill forms, it can only be a rank three tribulation grade at most!”

Wangu Biran and You Wushangs foreheads furrowed deeply, but with the fact right in front of them, neither of them could refute Sun Yis words.

Inwardly, the two of them couldnt help feeling a little disappointed.

Even though Huang Xiaolong would be able to refine a rank three tribulation grade Myriad Cure Holy Pill which was astonishing in itself, he was destined to have no connection with the first place in this competition.

Perhaps he wouldn\'t even make it into the top three.

All of a sudden, Sun Yis beaming face distorted as if he had just seen a ghost, staring in disbelief in Huang Xiaolongs direction.

Noticing his expression, both Wangu Biran and You Wushang looked curiously towards Huang Xiaolong. 

The hundred divine beasts that he was controlling were beginning to subdivide.

Each divine beast turned into ten!

‘Is this a new method!

Wangu Biran and You Wushangs eyes protruded in shock, neither of them had ever heard of or seen this kind of alchemy refining method!

Not to mention, Huang Xiaolongs subdivided herb divine beasts remained vivid and spirited, exuding a powerful spiritual energy aura.

When other Eminent Elders saw this, consecutive praises sounded from their lips.

Recovering from their shock, Wangu Biran and You Wushang issued a satisfied chuckle, glancing sideways at Sun Yi.

“Eminent Elder Sun Yi, didnt you say that Huang Xiaolong cant perform the Thousand Divine Beast Diagram Care to explain what were seeing now Could it be that my eyes have become blurry with age, or is that the Thousand Divine Beast Diagram” Wangu Biran took a stab at Sun Yi.

Despite the ugly expression on his face, Sun Yi stubbornly retorted, “Even if that Huang Xiaolong is capable of using the Thousand Divine Beast Diagram, so what Who can say for sure he wont end up in the fourth place”

In the next second, terror flickered in Sun Yis eyes like he was seeing something inconceivable.

Once again, Wangu Biran and the others were stoked by Sun Yis expression, thus followed his gaze.

Some distance away on the square below, Huang Xiaolongs one thousand divine beasts began splitting, subdividing again!

“Ten, Ten, Ten Thousand Divine Beast Diagram!!” Fixing his gaze on the ten thousand beast shapes exuding whelming spiritual energy in Huang Xiaolongs chamber, Sun Yi became tongue-tied, his body subconsciously trembled. 

A few of the Eminent Elders were clutching the arms of their seat in shock.

The Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition had been organized over a hundred times since the Ten Thousand Divine Beast Diagram had last appeared!

And now, after several hundred thousand years, they were able to see it once more!

“The Ten Thousand Divine Beast Diagram!” Outside the competition square, cultivators amongst the crowd were in an uproar, trembling with excitement.

In an instant, Huang Xiaolong became the center of attention.

Mo Sus face darkened watching this.

That Huang Xiaolongs skills already reached the Ten Thousand Divine Beast Diagram!

“Even if its Ten Thousand Divine Beast Diagram, so what He can merely manipulate some lousy star force, its far from enough to win the first place.” Sun Yi forcefully suppressed the shock in his heart, insisting on his view.

Just as Sun Yis voice fell, in the space where Huang Xiaolong stood, glittering star force started to rush out from the void.

Seeing this, Sun Yis tension loosened slightly, his eyes shone: “Star force!”

“That is not our lower realms star force!” Suddenly, Mu Clans Eminent Elder Mu Li, exclaimed in amazement: “Thats Chaos Star force!”

“Chaos Star force!” Wangu Biran, You Wushang, and the rest stared at Huang Xiaolong with mouths agape.

The Chaos Star force was something they had only heard of but never witnessed.

In all truthfulness, amongst all of the unions past chiefs, there were only a rare few who were said to be able to manipulate this Chaos Star force!

Chaos Star force!

Mo Su paled considerably when he heard Mu Lis exclamation.

Li Lu and Wangu Ye were astounded.

At this time, inside Huang Xiaolongs one hundred square meters chamber, ten thousand divine beasts opened their mouths, swallowing the flowing Chaos Star force.

In a short time, those divine beasts bodies were glittering with brilliant starlight, their spiritual energy multiplied to another degree.

Up until this point, Huang Xiaolong had yet to summon any flames to refine away the impurities, but the refreshing fragrance coming from his herbs was enough to intoxicate everyone present.

After bathing his herb ingredients in Chaos Star force, the medicinal properties were brought to their peak.

Only then did Huang Xiaolong summon his four divine fires; icy-blue, crimson red, metallic white, and azure.

Four colors of flame shone bright and radiant.

Looking at the dancing flames formed from the Black Tortoise, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, and Azure Dragon Divine Fire spirits, another wave of amazement swept through the crowd, everyone was guessing what kind of flame Huang Xiaolong was using!

Under Huang Xiaolongs control, the four divine fires flew towards the ten thousand herb divine beasts, circling and weaving between them.

The divine beasts lit up with flames from the four divine fires one after another.

A burst of herbal fragrance, stronger than before yet not stifling, lingered in the air.

About two hours later, all ten thousand divine beasts were refined by the four divine fires.

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong slowly merged those different portions of essence into one.

As he began merging the herb essences, the whole square seemed to fell into a silence, everyone watched nervously with their hearts hanging in the air.


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