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The four guardians respectfully complied and retreated to the side.

The Infernal Ghost Messenger formed a seal with his hands and sent it into the mountain peak.

In less than a second, the ghost face transmission array reappeared on the slope of the mountain.

At the same time, inside the treasury, Huang Xiaolong who was joyously moving mountain after mountain of divine pellets into his spatial rings suddenly stopped.

Before entering, he left an invisible restriction on the mountain peak, therefore he immediately knew that someone came in.

“Could it be the Infernal Ghost Messenger” Huang Xiaolong was feeling nonplussed.

Other than the Ghost Refining Sect young lord, only the Sect Master and Infernal Ghost Messenger knew the method of activating the transmission array.

It wasnt likely that the Sect Master would come here looking for him personally, which meant it was the Infernal Ghost Messenger!

Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered, ‘What to do now

Should he go out now and ask what the Infernal Ghost Messenger wanted Or wait until he entered, then deal with him once and for all!

Huang Xiaolongs gaze fell on the undulating peaks piled up from colorful godheads! After the mountains of divine pellets ended, it was the beginning of glistening mountains made of godheads, a lot of them! 

Furthermore, most of these godheads were from Tenth Order Highgod Realm masters and above! Some even late-Tenth Order and peak late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm!

In the span of unknown millennia, just how many Highgod Realm masters had the Ghost Refining Sect killed in order to amass such a horrifying amount of godheads One could barely see where the mountains ended!

Perhaps their one saving grace was that a large portion of them were demonic beast clan members godheads.

Still, one could imagine the shocking number of masters that died in the hands of the Refining Ghost Sect!

With his gaze still fixed on the mountains of godhead, a fierce gleam shone in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

He concealed himself into the void, vanishing from the treasury.

On the other side, the Infernal Ghost Messenger activated the transmission array and appeared above the treasury planet.

However, when he saw the empty stretches of land, he was momentarily dazed, totally dumbfounded.

His divine sense swept around.

Did he, perhaps, transfer to the wrong place Otherwise he could not explain where the mountains of divine armors and weapons vanished.

In that moment, while the Infernal Ghost Messenger was in a daze, a powerful force slammed onto him from the back.

The Infernal Ghost Messenger snapped back to his senses, but just as he wanted to dodge, it was already too late.

The attack landed squarely on his back, knocking him out of breath while a horrifying destructive force passed through his body.

The Infernal Ghost Messenger smashed face down into the ground below, causing it to shake from the impact, then he vomited blood.

It took him a few good breaths of time before he could turn his head to look at his attacker.

“You— young lord!!!” When the Infernal Ghost Messenger saw that his attacker was actually their own sects young lord, his anger turned into confusion.

Huang Xiaolong didnt care for his reaction, manifesting one thousand arms from his back.

The Tenth Move of the Dragon God, Dragon Piercing Through Heaven and Earth!

All thousand arms struck simultaneously, causing a myriad of divine dragons to whistle through the air.

The Infernal Ghost Messengers face was tense and grim, swiftly leaping away while ghost qi rushed out from his body like an angry beast.

 Countless nefarious ghosts flew out from his punch, attempting to block Huang Xiaolongs attack.

However, even at his peak, the Infernal Ghost Messenger could hardly be considered Huang Xiaolongs match, whats more now when he had just suffered a heavy injury.

Countless ghosts were turned into smoke, while the Infernal Ghost Messenger shot toward the ground below.

“Youre not the young lord!” The Infernal Ghost Messenger struggled to his feet a moment later, fear and fury on his face as he glared at Huang Xiaolong, “Who are you Where is our young lord!”

Huang Xiaolong slowly strode toward the Infernal Ghost Messenger, speaking flatly, “Your young lord Why dont you worry about yourself first”

Because the treasury was an independent space, totally cut off from the outside world, Huang Xiaolong wasnt worried that the loud noises here would alert the people outside, but he wanted to be done with this Infernal Ghost Messenger in the shortest time.

Else, the people outside would be suspicious if things took too long.

Huang Xiaolong transformed into his primordial divine dragon form in a sway, his claw slamming down on the Infernal Ghost Messenger.

“The primordial Dragon Clan!” The Infernal Ghost Messenger exclaimed in shock.

He was about to run, but Huang Xiaolongs dragon claw already buried him into the ground before scooping him out.

Looking at the half-dead Infernal Ghost Messenger, Huang Xiaolong used the same method he did on the young lord and others, devouring his blood essence and godforce, then sealed his soul, keeping him in a coma.

After dealing with the Infernal Ghost Messenger, Huang Xiaolongs interest in the mountains of godheads was greatly reduced.

Right now, he needed to take his Master and leave the Ghost Refining Sect at the fastest speed!

‘I will return! Huang Xiaolong took one last look at the Ghost Refining Sects treasury, making a promise in his heart.

Naturally, the next time he returned, it would be to kill the Ghost Refining Sect Master and conquer the Ghost Refining Sect.

Huang Xiaolong exited through the transmission array.

“Young lord.” The four guardians waiting outside approached when they saw Huang Xiaolong, but they couldnt help asking what happened when the Infernal Ghost Messenger was nowhere to be seen.

“The Infernal Ghost Messenger is inside searching for something, I need to return and see the Sect Master first.” Huang Xiaolong explained, and left in a flicker, leaving the four guardians looking bemusedly at each other.

Back in the Ghost Refining City, Huang Xiaolong did not conceal his movements, unlike the first time.

He headed straight to the Spiriting Demon Gates Patriarchs courtyard.

After arriving at the courtyard, he didnt waste time explaining much to the old man and Fan Yuxiao, sweeping both up and executing a Greater Space Teleportation all the way to the edge of the Nightmare Forest.

The three of them quickly disappeared into the forest.

Once inside the Nightmare Forest, Huang Xiaolong no longer had any scruples, transforming into his primordial divine dragon form and flying towards the exit at lightning speed.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong rushed into the Nightmare Forest, the Ghost Refining Sect Master that had waited for the Infernal Ghost Messenger for quite a while yet still hasnt seen him return started to feel suspicious.

He took out his communication talisman and attempted to contact the two masters guarding the Spiritual Pond Palace, but received no reply from either of them.

The Sect Master suddenly jumped to his feet, immediately summoning all the Grand Elders to the hall.

“Pass down my order, lock down the entire Ghost Refining Sect, no one is allowed to leave or enter!” The Ghost Refining Sect Master decisively gave an order, then sent a group of late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm Grand Elders to check the Spiritual Pond Palace.

The Sect Master himself sped toward the mountain peak where the treasury was.

“We greet the Sect Master!” The four guardians saluted respectfully when they saw their Sect Master appear in person.

At the same time, all of them were confused, what day was today First, it was the young lord, then the Infernal Ghost Messenger, and now even the Sect Master himself.

All of them came to the treasury.

In the past, these three people rarely came here in years.

“Where is the young lord” The Ghost Refining Sect Master went straight to the point.

“The young lord Didnt the young lord just went back to see Sect Master” One of the four guardians answered, confusion in his voice.

The Ghost Refining Sect Masters face darkened instantly, the suspicion he had become stronger.

He asked again, “Wheres the Ghost Messenger”

“The young lord said that the Ghost Messenger is searching for something inside the treasury, hes still inside.” The same guardian answered.

The Ghost Refining Sect Master no longer hesitated, activating the transmission array on the mountain slope and transferring into the treasury.

The first thing he saw upon entering was the barren land, while some distance ahead was a giant pit.

In a flash, the Sect Master arrived above it, then he saw that the person lying at the bottom of the pit, already a dried corpse, was the Infernal Ghost Messenger that he could hardly recognize.

Looking at his condition, killing intent erupted in the Sect Masters eyes, “I dont care who you are, daring to impersonate my son, ransacking my Ghost Refining Sects treasury and injuring the Ghost Messenger, I will absolutely extract your soul and let you taste endless pain!”

He then brought the Infernal Ghost Messengers body out from the treasury and returned to the Ghost Refining City, ignoring the four guardians as he passed them.

However, not long after he returned to the city, he saw the group of Grand Elders he previously sent to the Spiritual Pond Lake return with a dried, half-dead young lord.

Seeing the condition of his son, the Ghost Refining Sect Master went berserk, roaring with unprecedented fury.

Even the sky seemed to darken due to the vast killing intent surging from his body.


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