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Huang Xiaolong wasnt surprised that Tie Qianyuan agreed to his request.

It goes without saying, even though Tie Qianyuan allowed him to enter the library, this didn\'t mean that Huang Xiaolong could go everywhere he liked.

For example, the third floor where their cultivation techniques were kept.

Huang Xiaolong wasn\'t allowed to step onto the third floor.

After the banquet ended, Tie Qianyuan had someone arrange a courtyard for Huang Xiaolong.

This courtyard was a short distance from the library, which was a great convenience for him.

Since it was already night time, Huang Xiaolong put off going to the library for the next day and spent the night cultivating quietly in his room.

The few hundred Bladeback Spiritual Fish that Huang Xiaolong hunted the Blood Phoenix Forest had all went into his stomach, adding his diligent effort in cultivating in this period of time.

Because of that, he was now stronger than he was in the lower realm, but it would take more time for him to reach peak early Tenth Order Highgod Realm.

At this point, the speed of his three supreme godheads in absorbing the surrounding spiritual energy had increased by three times compared to when he had just arrived.

By his estimation, if he continued absorbing spiritual energy at this rate, he would be able to advance to mid-Tenth Order in three months, while in one years time, he would be able to reach perfection stage late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm! His cultivation speed was countless times faster than in the lower realm, despite the dangers the Divine World posed for a Highgod Realm cultivator. 

Currently, Huang Xiaolong was trying to stimulate his four divine fires, yet there was no response at all, thus he was unable to absorb the shimmering gray energy for now.

The night passed quietly in cultivation.

When sunlight shone on his courtyard, Huang Xiaolong stopped and walked out from his room, heading straight to the Tie Family Fort library.

For now, he needed to understand which world surface he was on; next would be the detailed situation on the Fortune Mainland, Eternal Mainland, Dark Elf Mainland, and the Primal Chaos Mainland.

At the entrance of the library, Huang Xiaolong showed the disciple on guard the token Tie Qianyuan gave him the night before and smoothly stepped inside.

The first floor was roughly three hundred square meters, with everything in plain sight.

Lined against the four walls were over twenty shelves, filled from top to bottom with books on various subjects.

After taking a glance around, Huang Xiaolong walked toward one of the bookshelves, were books related to the Green Cloud Island and the Divine World were.

He chose a book at random and covered it with his divine sense.

Like this, he went through the books one by one.

However, there seemed to be a kind of obscure energy that dwindled ones soul force.

Even while reading them through his divine sense, Huang Xiaolongs speed was moderate.

The entire morning passed and Huang Xiaolong only managed to finish the several hundred books on the first shelf.

A large number of these books were about the territory distribution of the Green Cloud Islands prominent sects, especially detailed were the three top sects of the island. 

Only four books mentioned things outside of Green Cloud Island.

Fortunately, these four included some information about the four great mainlands.


Each of the four mainlands was so vast that it was almost immeasurable, approximately ten thousand times larger than the Green Cloud Island.

Any one of these mainlands was bigger than several tens of thousands of galaxies from the lower realm combined!

Although he had already guessed that these four mainlands Yan Hai mentioned during their conversation would be enormous in size, Huang Xiaolong couldnt help being amazed at their extent.

Furthermore, from the four books, Huang Xiaolong discovered that the most powerful sect on the Fortune Mainland was none other than the Fortune Gate! The Fortune Mainland was precisely named after the Fortune Gate itself!

This showed that the Fortune Gate had absolute control over that mainland.

At the same time, the Fortune Gate was one of the super sects of this world surface.

On the other hand, the Eternal Mainland was governed by the Wangu Clan.

Similarly, the Dark Elf Mainland was under the Dark Elf Tribe.

Whether this divine world surfaces Fortune Gate, Wangu Clan, and Dark Elf Tribe were of the same heritage as the forces in the lower realm remained unconfirmed for now, but in Huang Xiaolongs opinion, there was an eighty percent chance this was so.

This divine world surface was the very same one he had heard of many years ago, the Vientiane divine world surface! 

This also confirmed one of Huang Xiaolongs conjectures: the lower realms Black Tortoise, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Vermilion Bird Galaxies were under the rule of this Vientiane divine world surface.

Generally speaking, any person from the four galaxies would arrive at this Vientiane divine world surface after ascending.

However, these four books did not mention just how many other world surfaces like this one were in the Divine World.

On the Vientiane divine world surface, other than the four central mainlands, the archipelagos with islands like the Green Cloud Island numbered no less than a hundred thousand! All these islands were scattered around the four mainlands.

“The Fortune Gate!” Huang Xiaolongs eyes flickered.

After Li Lu ascended and learned about the Fortune Mainlands Fortune Gate, could she have gone there

As a disciple of the Fortune in the lower realm, Huang Xiaolong believed that after knowing about the Fortune Mainland, she would definitely go there. 

No doubt, with Li Lus talent, she would be considered an elite disciple even amongst the most talented of the Fortune Gates disciples.

Moreover, she was the personal disciple of the Fortune Gates Ancestor in the lower realm, she would definitely be nurtured with the full support of the Fortune Gates resources.

On top of that, the previous Fortune Gate Chief Wang Yu and Grand Elder Sun Yi who had fled before Huang Xiaolong could deal with them had probably joined the Fortune Gate of the Divine World as well!

Wang Yu and Sun Yi were two people he was resolute to kill, therefore, it was inevitable for Huang Xiaolong to travel to the Fortune Mainland.

One problem was, outside this Green Cloud Island was the Endless Sea; regardless which island one set off from, they needed to fly over this Endless Sea to reach their destination.

But, even a high-level Heavenly God could not achieve this.

Thus, one could only reach the four mainlands through transmission arrays!

On the Green Cloud Island, there were only three transmission arrays, which were monopolized by the islands three most powerful sects, the Barbarian God Sect, the Great Whale Sect, and the Elephant Genesis Sect. 

Using any one of these three transmission arrays to travel to the four mainlands, consumed a heart-wrenching amount of divine stones, for the distance was too great.

Even the three sects Chiefs were required to obtain the agreement of their sects Eminent Elders before activating the transmission array.

Huang Xiaolongs brows were tightly scrunched together as he contemplated.

It seems like going to the Fortune Gate was quite troublesome.

“Forget it, Ill first breakthrough to the Heavenly God Realm, then decide what to do.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head and stopped pondering the matter.

Here in the Divine World, Saint realm and God Realm cultivators were the low -level commoners, one could barely gain some dignity if they managed to break through to the Highgod Realm.

Even then, the low and mid-level Highgod Realm cultivators status wasn\'t very high.

The high-level Highgod Realm cultivators only fulfilled the minimum requirement to become guards in places like the Tie Family Fort, whereas a Tenth Order Highgod Realm cultivator could probably obtain a second rank captain status, or, by a stroke of luck, become a guard captain.

Advancing to the Heavenly God Realm was the first step in gaining status.

Once a person became a Heavenly God expert, the difference in their identity and status were as distinct as heaven and earth.

When arriving at any places similar to the Tie Family Fort, they could easily be invited as an important Guest Elder.

More importantly, in the Divine World, only Heavenly God experts could fly.

This was the reason why Huang Xiaolong couldnt fly nor execute any Greater Space Teleportations since he arrived here.

Still, breaking through to the Heavenly God Realm was easier said than done, the chances were less than one in ten thousand.

In the entire Tie Family Fort, the number of Heavenly Gods did not exceed the fingers on two hands.


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