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For his next destination after leaving the Tie Family Fort, Huang Xiaolong had already decided beforehand — the Blood Phoenix Forest!

Although the Blood Phoenix Forest was the kingdom of demonic beasts, with dangers lurking everywhere, there were also a lot of medicinal herbs inside!

Moreover, he could hunt demonic beasts as he collected herbs, acquiring their godheads.

In the Divine World, the godheads of demonic beasts were quite valuable.

These godheads could be sold, and with sufficient money in hand, he could purchase a residence in one of the cities on the island, as well as some divine pellets.

They could also be used for his own cultivation.

In the recent days, Huang Xiaolong had attempted to activate his Archdevil Supreme Godheads devouring power to refine the Giant Tiger Beast godhead and discovered that he could absorb the godforce contained inside it!

Although the devouring speed was much slower than before, his cultivation rose faster compared to the time he spent cultivating, which delighted Huang Xiaolong quite a bit.

Although a demonic beasts godhead contained violent demonic qi, it could be easily purified by his Infinite Buddha Supreme Godhead, thus it wasn\'t an issue for Huang Xiaolong.

Just as he was thinking of bidding farewell to the Tie Family Fort Lord tomorrow and leave, a sudden commotion sounded from outside, followed by rapid and heavy footsteps.

Huang Xiaolong looked over his shoulder and saw Tie Yang rushing into the library with a dozen guards, surrounding his courtyard in a tight circle.

Huang Xiaolong roughly glanced at the guards around his yard, unperturbed, but his gaze turned cold when it fell on Tie Yangs body.

He was waiting to see what tricks he was up to now.

Tie Yang watched Huang Xiaolong, speaking in a condescending tone, “Brat, someone broke into our library\'s third floor just now and made away with a very important cultivation technique.

I suspect youre that thief, I advise you to obediently follow us to the Punishment Hall for interrogation.”

Huang Xiaolong slowly responded, “And if I dont”

Tie Yang chuckled with a menacing gleam in his eyes that became distorted, “That suits me even better.

Since its like that, I can only order my people to escort you there!” Finished saying that, he signaled the two perfection stage late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm guard captains, “Which one of you will go and bring the brat”

One of them stepped forward with an ingratiating smile, “I am willing to be of service.”

Tie Yang nodded, “Excellent.

If he dares to resist, you can directly cripple him, its fine as long as hes still breathing.

Since he stole our Tie Family Forts cultivation technique, even if you cripple him, the Fort Lord will not blame you.” 

From Tie Yangs words, the suspicion that Huang Xiaolong stole their cultivation technique had turned into a certainty.

“Yes, Young master.” That guard captain snickered in response and strode toward Huang Xiaolong.

“Youve heard it yourself.

Since you stole an important cultivation technique from our Tie Family Fort, the Fort Lord will not blame me even if I cripple you.

An early Tenth Order Highgod Realm, its futile to put up any resistance with just that much strength.” The guard captain flashed a mocking smile, and in the next second, his fist was swinging at Huang Xiaolong.

Godforce surged as his fist seemed to cut through space.

Faint red flames burst out from his fist, forming the image of a tigers head.

This was the Tie Family Forts Tiger Flame Punch.

In fact, this technique was ranked quite high in their collection, only guard captains and above had the privilege to practice it.

When executed at full force, a fist could shatter a mountain and split the sea, knocking down everything in its path.

The guard captain struck out with a heavy fist; as long as his attack landed on Huang Xiaolong, even if he lived, he would only have less than half a life left.

This was what Tie Yang ordered, to cripple Huang Xiaolong.

While Tie Yang and the other guards stood there confidently, waiting to see how Huang Xiaolong would be sent flying in a sorry state, the situation took an abrupt turn.

Huang Xiaolong punched out in retaliation, his fist whistling through the air and distorting space.

The Tiger Flame Punchs momentum was shattered in an instant, and Huang Xiaolongs fist flew forth, striking the guard captain.

Before the stupefied faces of the Tie Family Forts guards and Tie Yang, their perfection stage late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm guard captain spun erratically in the air like a broken kite, crashing into one of the nearby building walls.

Several sections of wall crumbled, rendering the Tie Family Fort guards shocked agape.

“No-this, impossible!!” Tie Yang mumbled incoherently as if his tongue was knotted.

Sending a perfection stage late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm master flying with just one punch What kind of strength was that It was equivalent to a Heavenly God, a First Order Heavenly God master! Only a First Order Heavenly God master could accomplish such a feat.

An early Tenth Order Highgod Realm like Huang Xiaolong actually possessed the strength of a First Order Heavenly God!

Terror crept up Tie Yangs face.

This… was like the talent possessed by those geniuses from the Fortune Mainlands super sects.

Huang Xiaolong released his clenched fist.

Even though his punch didn\'t take the guard captains life, it was enough to shatter every bone in his body, not to mention his internal organs all shifted places and ruptured.

Being restrained by the Divine Worlds laws, the Highgod Realm cultivators physiques were far weaker compared to the Highgod Realm cultivators of the lower realm.

Hence, this guard captain was completely useless now.

Huang Xiaolong turned to Tie Yang.

Seeing Huang Xiaolongs cold gaze falling on him, Tie Yangs heart tightened.

In panic, he shrieked, “Everyone attack together, kill that bastard for me!”

At this point, he no longer cared if he had to face the Fort Lords rage after killing Huang Xiaolong.

Hearing those words, killing intent flickered in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, but just as he was about to cripple Tie Yang as well, an authoritative voice resounded in the air: “Stop this instant!”

The voice thundered, piercing the eardrums, causing the Tie Family Fort guards to immediately halt their movements.

Tie Qianyuan strode into the courtyard with Tie Mu and Tie Xinlan following behind him, while several of the forts Elders were also present, Tie Chengdong included.

After Tie Qianyuans group entered, noticing the guard captain sprawled in a pile of rubble, their eyes widened unnoticeably in shock.

Even Tie Qianyuan had misjudged Huang Xiaolongs strength.

Seeing the new arrivals, it was as if Tie Yang found his backbone again as he scrambled towards them, stopping in front of Tie Qianyuan, “Fort Lord, Father, you all arrived just in time.

This Huang Xiaolong stole a cultivation technique manual from our library; I came here to invite him to the Punishment Hall for assistance, but who knew he would be so overbearing, relying on his strength to injure Guard Captain Chu Ming!”

Tie Yang naturally concealed the fact that Guard Captain Chu Ming was about to cripple Huang Xiaolong, even less exposing that he was the one ordering him to do so.

However, Tie Yang did not notice that Tie Qianyuans group was looking at him with an odd expression.

Tie Qianyuans eyes narrowed in Tie Yangs direction, “You say Young hero Huang stole a cultivation manual from the library, what proof do you have”

Finally detecting something strange in the Fort Lords tone of voice, Tie Yang lowered his head, his voice hardly audible, “This Huang Xiaolong must be a spy sent by the neighboring countries, otherwise, after infiltrating our Tie Family Fort under false pretense, why didnt he make other requests and aimed directly at the books in our library His objective must be the secret techniques kept in the library, now that something was stolen, it must be him!”

“Enough!” Suddenly, Tie Qianyuan barked an order, cutting off Tie Yangs words.

“Bring the person over!” Tie Qianyuan added.

In a matter of seconds, some guards brought over a black-clothed middle-aged man.

Tie Qianyuan pointed at him, stating coldly to Tie Yang, “The thief is this person, we have already caught him.”

Tie Yang looked dumbly at the  black-clothed middle-aged man, insisting, “Fort Lord, even if this person is the thief, we cannot be certain that Huang Xiaolong isn\'t an accomplice!”


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