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Chapter 1724

From now on, there was only one left.

One more win and the Overgeared World would win.

The merchants with quick calculations planned to greatly expand the scale of their investment in the empire.

It was because it was on the verge of proving that the Overgeared Guild could protect the supremacy of the surface on their own.

A force formed by players—moreover, it was the force of Grid, who valued players.

This was inherently creating a high-value market.

If he could stop the invasion of the gods and prove his ability to safely defend the surface, he would be reborn as a market with infinite possibilities.

“Was it this much…”

Meanwhile, the rankers were repeatedly murmuring to themselves.

It was an era where the realm of transcendence was well known.

The goal of the present day high rankers was to break through their limits and transcend the human realm.

Some people felt confident that it wasnt far away.

It meant that people had regained their lost ambitions.

Yet today, they realized that even the realm of transcendence was divided into levels.

They also witnessed several times the Absolute realm that was beyond transcendence.

The apostles of Grid against the gods—it was a very shocking event for the rankers, who hoped to be on equal footing with the apostles one day and to be used seriously by Grid.

This meant that their regained ambition had faded again.

“Are they feeling demoralized now Pathetic guys.”

Asuke read the source of the turmoil and snorted.

How many times had she felt this level of frustration It was only like this now, but it was funny to see them despairing every time.

In the first place, the problem was that they couldnt grasp the subject and became excited.

They wouldnt have been so excited if they were always aware of who they were challenging.

‘Grid is the sun.

He was infinitely brilliant, but hard to get close to.

The closer one got, the more painful it was.

They would realize that the gap was beyond what they had prepared for.

Asuka finished defining Grid and stood up.

She was above a high spire.

It was a famous place where she could see the spectators and stage all over the city at a glance.

“There is no need to watch the rest of the showdown.

Lets go back.”

The remaining apostles were Sariel and Zik.

They were people who didnt interest Asuka.

Sariel was an archangel who dealt with divine power, while Zik handled ancient runes.

She wouldnt be able to learn it even if she watched for a hundred days.

“Yes, Young Lady.” Teddy Bear carried out her orders.

He had the opinion that it would be better to see the result of the confrontation, but he followed silently.

It was because he saw the corners of Asukas mouth twitch.

He noticed that in the middle of watching the showdown, her hands were itching due to some inspiration.



Most of the reactions of those who witnessed Sariel were similar.

They sighed.

It was because her, or his, appearance was so beautiful and noble.

The gentle expression and deep eyes alone created a sense of holiness.

A halo of light, pure white wings, divine power, etc.

It wasnt difficult to accept her as a sacred being who was difficult to approach even if the elements symbolizing angels were hidden without being revealed.

“It might sound like a pretense, but Im glad you are doing well,”the god who came onto the stage said.

Dara—he was a god who ruled over the constellations.

He was the most recognizable one among the gods who descended after Zeratul.

It was because monks and astronomers in some areas had found and worshiped Daras faint myth.

‘Sariel, the noblest angel.

They were words he couldnt release from his mouth.

It was because everyone was watching.

He understood how much every word from a god meant here.

Hadnt he witnessed the gods being eaten by the Overgeared Gods scripture (epic) earlier However, he really wanted to convey something.

“Im sorry.”

Please forgive me for having to stand idly by.

The stars in the sky moved.

Rather than making magically created star forms like Euphemina, the real stars in the universe were moving.

In response to Daras will, a constellation that never existed before was created.

It was the constellation of a warrior holding a sword and a shield.

It copied Daras movements in real time and used Zeratuls swordsmanship.

The sword wielded by the warrior of the endlessly huge universe had to exert its influence on the ground.

However, this wasnt Daras power.

Dara knew the nature of this holy war and naturally sealed the effect of the power.

“Lets start,”Daras heart was deeply depressed as he spoke with a determined face.

The reason why he learned swordsmanship from Zeratul was because he felt the need to become stronger.

Why did he feel the need It was because he never wanted to stand idly by again as an angel went through something unfair like Sariel.

It was Sariel who loved Asgard more than anyone else, and who guarded order by understanding the will of Goddess better than anyone else.

However, she was expelled when she exposed the sins of the gods.

The gods who created Sariel and assigned the role ended up denying Sariel.

It was terribly ugly.

Even so, Dara and many other gods had no choice but to stand idly by.

It was because they were weak.

They didnt have divinity or force to put forward, so there was no weight in their words.

At that time, many gods had the same thoughts as Dara.

Lets get better.

In order to help the higher gods no longer look ugly, we must have the power to oppose them.

From that time on, some gods tried to improve in their own ways.

Among them, Dara chose to train his martial ability.

‘I didnt know I would have to use the power Ive built up for you to defeat you.

It was bittersweet and sad.

Dara was overcome with emotion.

It was necessary to defeat Sariel in order to prevent the birth of the second or third Sariel.

It was ironic, but it couldnt be helped.

Dara was determined to show off his martial arts and be worshiped by everyone.

The reason why he moved the constellations that he couldnt even use was a means to prove his greatness.

Contrary to his pure intentions, he was very thorough.

It meant he wasnt a good opponent.

Grid noticed it as well.

‘He is in third place.

Dairine, the boy god who defeated Mir, and Kadlow, who had lost part of his divinity to Braham—the next strongest god after them was Dara.

It was right to say that it was actually hard for Sariel to handle him.

‘It is okay, Sariel.

It was as he said to Mir earlier.

Wins or losses didnt matter.

The thing I prioritize above all else is your own values.

Let go of the pressure to win and use it as an opportunity for growth.Think of it as meeting a valuable enemy…

The ground shook as Grid was making his wish.

Six pairs of wings—Sariels Wings of Justice and Slaughter were changing in a strange way.

Each of the pure white feathers that made up her wings became as hard and sharp as a blade.

Michael, the third ranked archangel who died to Grid—the function built into the wings that were originally his was manifested.

It was literally in the form of slaughter.

“Ugh…” Sariel gritted her teeth and wrapped her arms around her chest.

She had a pained expression.

It was more of an expression of trying to suppress something.

Grids face hardened.

‘Demonic energy…

Daras apology and kindness were selfish.

It was just an act to relieve Dara of his own guilt.

It actually pierced the wounds that Sariel had buried deep in her heart and revealed the darkness that was barely suppressed.

She lost control of her demonic energy and it started to run rampant.


Dara noticed the unexpected event and reached out urgently.

All he could do was care for her to make sure that Sariel didnt reach the point of no return.

At this moment, he wasnt conscious of the human and heavenly gazes.

He was sincere.

However, Sariel refused it.

The wounds she suffered in the past were too great.

If sins could be washed away with words of apology, then why did she have to be expelled from heaven and endure a terrible amount of pain

Her subconscious angered her and her latent demonic energy grew.

The divinity that resembled Grids divinity turned ultramarine and her brilliant gold hair was dyed red.

Her closed eyes, filled with tears of blood, opened again.

“Dara, God of Constellations, you are also a sinner.”

The dark gray eyes reflected Dara.

It was in a distorted shape because the color of her eyes were murky.

“You knew about the sins of the gods but ignored them.

Then you stood idly by as I fell into a predicament after I questioned the sins of the gods.”

“What was I supposed to do when I had no strength” Daras voice trembled slightly.

The power of Sariel, the Angel of Justice—he felt like he was dissected in every detail and his secrets exposed by herWicked Eye. It was terribly embarrassing and unpleasant.

“Being powerless isnt an excuse.

The gods wouldnt have escaped being punished if each one of you had said something at the time and helped me.

Dara, you know what is in your heart, right”

It was a great sin to stand idly by.

Goddess Rebecca herself proved it.

Sariel tried to think as rationally as possible and criticized Dara, but—


Her awareness lasted up to here.

Her consciousness was completely cut off as the repressed demonic energy exploded and triggered her Wicked Eye.

Her power started to run wild.

It was a power she had suppressed ever since becoming Grids apostle.

Furthermore, the power she showed, after absorbing Michaels power thanks to Grid, was beyond Grids imagination.


Feathers scattered in the aftermath of Sariels charge.

Some of them soared high into the sky and stimulated Grids artificial senses.

It seemed as if the feathers wouldnt have just grazed his cheeks and caused bleeding if he reacted one step late.

Contrary to the bewildered and mesmerized Grid—

‘Is this how it will go

Lauel was about to die of happiness.

He clenched his fists tightly and managed to suppress his cheers.

Ever since Sariel used her power, this match had been nullified.

It was a huge stroke of luck at a time when it was hard to be convinced of Sariels victory.

There was no reason for the gods to question it.

Currently, Sariel had lost her sense of reason and used her power due to herdemonic energy running wild. Additionally, the culprits who caused her demonic energy were the heavenly gods.

Even the heavens would have to understand it.

There was no abstention.

From the moment Sariel spread her Wings of Slaughter and charged forward, Dara responded with his power.

Perhaps he felt a great threat so he reflexively moved his constellations.

The giant sword wielded by the huge warrior of the universe fell toward the stage and the confrontation became a mess.


A scream seemed to come from the sky.

It was Zeratuls scream.

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